SEO Services In Gurgaon

SEO Services In Gurgaon


    Thatware offers the best seo services in Gurgaon. It allows any online business to get the recognition it matters. It creates the desired buzz inside the enterprise and inside the marketplace. Customers start knowing your online business, thus helping with brand outreach. Eventually, your sales boom, and you emerge as an appealing choice for ads and leads from website rankings like Google and Yahoo. Contact us today to take your online business to a whole new level by filling in the details below!

    Seo services Gurgaon
    Seo company Gurgaon

    Here’s why Thatware is the right choice for your website

    1. Trusted Brand: We are referred to as the best seo company and service providers in Gurgaon; we deliver quality SEO optimization services. A dramatic development in your search engine role will verify our results’ effect. We seek appropriate keywords to shape your brand to create the search only to your customers and potential clients. Thatware is not just an agency but also a brand reputed within the SEO industry itself. Our quality is heavily crafted for business owners who want to improve their online traffic and sales!

    2. Team of experts: As the best seo services company in Gurgaon, we practice the correct strategies for improving your online presence. You are assured you will be shown on the first page of the search result. While we set up search engine optimization for your brand, we extend to look at the constantly changing search engine algorithms growing it viable on your emblem to be the top all the time. Thatware contains professional SEO experts having decades of experience. The organization contains various manpower from various departments and everyone is responsible for combined strategies effective in the right areas!

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    3. Technology: ThatWare, a seo agency in Gurgaon, uses the latest SEO strategies to enable your visibility on all platforms. Our courses run on single URLs on all platforms, are price-effective and most crucial, and search engine optimization friendly. Our team uses sophisticated technology such as advanced SEO techniques, data-driven technology, semantic engineering, and more. Search engine optimization is getting complex and highly advanced with every single passing day. That being said, now one needs to use a strategic approach rather than being general. And this is one of the USPs that our organization keeps helping every single business owner to enjoy the best technology space for SEO.

    4. Better Customer Support: The customer support of our company in Gurgaon is one of its own identities. We have an award-winning support team. The team is highly responsive and caters to all the replies and revisions within quick business hours. If I elaborate on the statement in more depth, it would be quite wise to state that our customer support representatives are active 24 x 7 and they try to solve every matter being more proactive rather than reactive.

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    5. Productive SOP: The system operating procedure of our SEO company in Gurgaon is highly professional. Starting from the onboarding of the campaign towards the delivering of the deliverables and executing all the tasks. Our organization goes a long way in maintaining a rigid operation procedure regarding execution. The organization is equipped with highly trained quality analysts who will be working from time to time to make sure there are fewer data leakages and fewer errors when performing or executing a series of SEO marketing tasks.

    6. Weekly analysis: Thatware will serve its SEO customers in Gurgaon with weekly reporting every Thursday. On the weekly analyses, growth opportunities and growth areas will be clearly monitored and further recommendations will be clearly outlined. This will allow the customers to enjoy progress and compare the week versus a week.

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    7. Competitive strategies: One of the beautiful strategies which will help any business to win over the gaps is indulging in competitive SEO strategies in Gurgaon. Using the competitive strategies in SEO it would make any business highly competitive and dominate their own niche with respective keywords. The team is highly trained to use advanced competitor and data-driven strategies

    8. Algorithm audits: Please be noted that Google changes almost 3 algorithms every single day and Thatware keeps up to date with all the challenging algorithms and whenever we note some erroneous operations within the website, it is fixed within the next immediate business hours.

    9. Custom Support: The support team of Thatware is very customized. SEO experts within the team give customer support regarding the campaign and when it comes to seo execution of the campaign. That being said, if any customer requirements pop up in the middle of any operations then the team does it hassle-free by being more proactive.

    10. Budget effective: Thatware Provides budget effective and cost-effective services and solutions. Most of our seo services are based on competitive pricing. And can be easily affordable even by small business owners. And the technology space which is delivered is way up to the mark when it comes to the competition in the marketplace. That being said the organization is equipped with several packages. And deliverables ranging from start-ups all the way up to multinational corporations. Hence, everyone can utilize various structure-based support or seo services within their budget control.

    11. Professional management: The management of our company is highly professional. As earlier said stated, from the execution to handling the deliverables and managing all the key performance indicators everything is managed in a professional way from day one itself.

    Benefits Which One Can Enjoy From The Best Seo Company in Gurgaon

    1. Top keywords ranking: Improving the ranking of the keywords or one of the first benefits which our company provides for any online business is to improve the ranking of competitive keywords. The higher the keyword rankings, the higher would be the chances for traffic acquisition which can lead to more leads and then followed by direct conversions. The strategies and methodologies which are followed by our organization in Gurgaon not only help in improving top ranking on the keywords. But it also helps to increase visibility on competitive and expensive keywords as well.

    2. Organic traffic acquisition: Based on the above point, with the help of improving the keyword rankings, the traffic acquisition will also improve. And this is our second benefit which one can enjoy from the SEO services from our company in Gurgaon. In other words, this will be helping in improving the organic traffic followed by other traffics such as direct and referral as well. For any online business to be successful the amount of traffic is highly important. The more the traffic, the more would be the chances of getting a conversion or a lead.

    3. Search visibility: We will also ensure high search visibility on the majority of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. High search visibility will make sure that a campaign is getting more organic traffic and more exposure when it comes to synonym variations of keywords. This is equally important in an online business or SEO as this can satisfy the intent level and can help in improving user satisfaction and overall SEO performance as well!

    4. Brand awareness: We also would be helping in improving brand awareness and branding signals. Our superior technology in SEO would be helping to acquire more brand awareness for your business in Gurgaon. As a matter of fact, we have seen that people enjoying over 50 percent more brand visibility when people who work with us for approximately three months.

    5. Sales funnel: Last but not the least, with the help of our services we can also streamline the sales funnel process. As a matter of fact, the return on investment would be more justified and the value spend on our services would be equally proportional to the amount of the returns obtained.

    Become a part of our growing community within the SEO industry!

    Yes, you heard that right! Thatware is a growing community having thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Believe in us and we will do magic in your online presence. For better understanding, we have divided our company propaganda into several chapters which will help you to understand more about our company!

    Chapter 1: What sets us apart?

    We are an advanced SEO company and we enhance SEO with advanced technology such as semantic engineering, artificial intelligence, data science, advanced search engineering, and much more.

    We have been a dominant player in this industry and even we rank for much of the comparative terms within the space. If you search for any of the below keywords our site ranks on top across 94 different countries

    “Advanced SEO company”

    “Advanced SEO firm”

    “Advanced SEO agency”

    “Seo services NZ”

    “Seo services Canada”

    “SEO Services Gurgaon”

    SEO services in Gurgaon

    “SEO company in Gurgaon”

    “SEO agency in Gurgaon”

    “SEO firm in Gurgaon”

    And much more…

    We have a strong profile and good branding. We have been a corporate partner for many Fortune companies across the world. Alongside, I (the director of Thatware) represents as an official digital marketing partner for many technological organizations as well such as IITs, DU and etc.

    Hence, one of the major things which set us apart is the type of orientation and technology which we use in the SEO field. We do not follow the usual bread and butter and cookie cutting strategy rather we follow a more strategic and customized approach!

    Our company profile: 

    We already have been outsourcing partner for many SEO agencies such as:

    1. RStech Au = Here we manage 25 campaigns for the agency in-house from A to Z operations of digital marketing ranging from SEO to web-design

    2. = Here we manage 35 campaigns from all perspectives of full-fledged SEO and advanced marketing operations.

    3. Repositions = Here we manage 12 campaigns for Web design and reputation management along with 360 degrees in digital marketing

    4. Arrowdigital = Here we have managed 8 campaigns for on-page SEO and link building

    5. = This is a famous investment group from Malta they operate 51 casino websites across Europe and we are the Head of digital marketing for their company

    6. = This is a famous outsourcing B2B platform and we handle 11 campaigns under them for full fledge digital marketing services. 

    and much more. . .

    And HENCE WE ARE OFTEN REFERRED AS “Agency of the Agencies”

    Chapter 2: Our Identity & Recognition’s

    We hold many recognitions and international achievements in terms of SEO. For instance, clutch refers to us as the #1 SEO company in the middle east and the Mediterranean. Apart from that we also hold an achievement on the Asian business award, Asian technological leadership award, and much more.

    Our founder has also written some of the famous books for a lot of the universities and among which one of the books named as “Advanced SEO secrets step-by-step guide” Is the best selling book across tier 1 countries such as Canada, UK, and Australia.

    Even we have a knowledge graph on the same in Google as under:

    Last but not least we have even represented India in an international business award based on 73,000 nominations across 70 countries and we have secured a bronze for India in terms of best start of the year. See the link for further proof of statement and reference.

    You can also view our “Media Kit” from the footer of our website!

    Chapter 3: Some Major Case studies

    We have attached two case studies, apart from that here are some of the links to the further case studies. We also have some of the AI-based case studies, please follow the link herewith:

    Chapter 4: Our Invention’s

    We are also building the world’s first AI-based SEO tool which is planned to be launched in Mid Feb 2021, here’s the link

    The above tool will also be protected by our own patent. One of the whitepapers is as below:

    Chapter 5: Types of SEO services which we offer 

    Here are the types of SEO services which we offer along with a small brief:

    1. Start-up SEO package:   This package is suitable for businesses with a small budget and who wants to perform the basics of SEO

    2. Advanced SEO package: This package contains all the advanced SEO activities with a high level of industrial white-labeled practices.

    3. AI-Based SEO Package: This package contains AI-driven SEO blended with semantic engineering. 

    4. Advanced Link Building Package: As the name suggests, this package only offers link acquisition and backlinks with a blend of advanced strategies. 

    5. One-time SEO: this package is only for fixing all low-hanging fruits issues such as tech and on-page for One-time fix-off!

    6. Business Intelligence: this package refers to the business intelligence services which deals with data-driven techniques for performing the best competitive strategies. 

    Finally, we have our main package known as:

    7. Fully Managed SEO Services: this package is the master of all the above packages. The services provided here involves all the services enlisted above along with dedicated resources and full project management support with daily updates and reporting facilities. This service also contains some outside box services as an add-on such as 

    Google penalty recovery:

    Conversion rate optimization:

    Local SEO:

    Content and social media as well!

    Chapter 6: Final Closure and Quotation process!

    Once again we truly appreciate your time in reading our landing page. We are the expert in SEO agency within this sector and can easily handle a large number of campaigns. ThatWare have 5 offices and huge in-house team strength. Alongside, we will provide project management support and project management support for free with Weekly revisions for all the campaigns. Please note, all services and solutions of Thatware are customized hence we evaluate all campaigns before coming with a quote!

    Reach out to us today! Don’t worry consultation and audits are for free. Try us, you have got nothing to lose?