Business Intelligence & Consultation Services


    Thatware enables you to take strategic decisions by offering BI solutions. We are amongst the top business intelligence consulting firms because we understand sales funnel stages, increase conversion rate and conduct competitive analysis through our tested competitor analysis model. We understand what business intelligence and sales funnel optimization is.

    Amongst other business intelligence consulting firms, we differentiate ourselves on the basis of service delivery and quality of Business Intelligence Strategy. A business intelligence consultant would be assigned to you when we onboard you and from there he would take you through basics like what is conversion rate optimization and how is it used to improve conversion rate.

    The new era of digitalization revolves around data and it has become the most valuable commodity for organizations. With the increasing number of data sources, it’s imperative to partner with professional business intelligence consulting services to ensure you imbibe competitor analysis in SEO. It is also important to not get lost in data hence we recommend parenting with us.

    business intelligence in SEO

    We make sure our consultants translate information available on the internet into solutions for real business problems. Thatware also conducts a deep SEO competitive analysis and recommends clients to add competitor analysis in their business plan. A competitor analysis expert is also assigned to you when you sign up with us, who takes you through basics like how to perform competitor analysis, why is competitor analysis important etc.

    Amongst all other competitor analysis companies and competitor analysis websites, Thatware stands out as a competitor analysis top agency because of its conversion optimization services. Our conversion optimization expert team is extremely refined in delivering quality results through website conversion optimization. As a conversion rate optimization agency, we help you get rid of all data silos and harmonize your results.


    Business Intelligence

    • Automation:

      Thatware extends its services to fully automate your process through technical backup. We free you from tiresome data collection and manipulation tasks so that you can focus more on what’s important.

    • Ready data:

      Our team works with unorganized and messy raw data from all sources and channelizes it to automatically generate benefits for your business. We use updated technological methods for cleaning, collection and analysis so that you don’t lose quality.

    • Integrated:

      Our services are harmonized and put all your data in sync logically. With knowledge of integrations with over 500 platforms, ThatWare’s team works to deliver success.

    • Stay updated:

      Our team keeps you in the loop of every change, minor or major, that happens related to business intelligence. This also means we deliver updated technology solutions for your business.

    • Fast service:

      We don’t cost you months-long for implementation. Your data would be flowing in minutes. Any change is easily managed by our experts with the lowest turnaround time.

    • Customer support:

      Our customer support experts are always available for help and issue solving whether technical or non-technical.

    • Action-oriented:

      The focus of us working around with your data is so that you can handle major organizational objectives and not deviate your attention with support tasks that require expert skills. We do not let you waste your time hence making you more action-oriented.

    • Transparency:

      Thatware ensures you get all information about what’s happening with your investment. To keep you posted, we conduct accurate and timely reporting on the results. It can often have a big impact on your business.

    • Valuable business insights:

      Our team keeps updating you with inputs about your performance and areas to work upon. We also take care of your competitors through our services, which helps you maintain your position in the market.

    • Competitive analysis:

      We have the ability to manage and manipulate a large amount of data, which itself is a competitive edge itself. We perform budgeting, planning, and forecasting which are incredibly powerful ways to keep your ranking up.

    • Improved data quality:

      With our BI support services, companies can aggregate data for a fuller picture of controlling their business.

    • Identify market trends:

      Be the first mover and enjoy its advantages. Our market analysis is quite deep which leads to identifying new movements in the target market. We are successful in leveraging external market data with internal data to detect where are you lacking.

    • Improved operational efficiency:

      We unify multiple data sources which help our clients in time-saving. You can focus on our reports to stay updated. Hence your operational efficiency improves when you focus on your core activities.

    • Apt decisions:

      We help you leverage existing data to deliver information to the right stakeholders at the right time. This helps you make timely decisions.

    • Increased turnover:

      High turnover is an objective of every business. Our data backs you up because it’s extremely sorted. You can rely on our data to remove sales weaknesses, listening to customers, watching the competition and improving operations.

    • Lower margins:

      Our tools help you analyze inefficiencies and help expand margins. Our sales data support companies to develop better cost-effective strategies.

    • Establish benchmark:

      Using our services would be like backing yourself up on technically generated data which is equivalent to having an in-depth research project in progress collecting information for making decisions. Bench-marking reports provide apt and timely insights to allow owners to gain insights into their business. With our predictive analytics capabilities, you can explore your benchmarks and proactively get ahead of the competition.

    • Performance and Output Management:

      We help you track your goals numerically. By providing inputs on data-based goals such as sales targets and delivery time, we track progress on a daily basis. With our intuitive visual analytics capabilities, professionals can track goal fulfilment.

    • Zero guesswork:

      Our professionals help you create a data structure to encourage data-driven decision-making. We communicate the plan to you which is not a guess but a carefully analyzed suggestion.



    • Creating strong foundations now

      Increasing brand awareness online and embracing the digital world is quite a comprehensive process. When we onboard a client, we start working with putting the digital basics in place and laying a foundation for future operations. We try and understand your current state and identify workable places for inculcating our strategies.

    • Improving your digital capability for the long term

      Post our basic checks and understanding of you deeply, we move on to develop a longer-term picture and goal for your organization and direct our efforts towards sustainable growth. This where we would need specific data inputs in terms of your expectations for creating a robust strategy. This would lead you to gain a competitive advantage through leading your brand online to growing your customer base and online sales, we work with your team to develop a strategic growth chart to take you where you wish to go.

    • Setting you up for sustainable success

      Thatware believes in maintaining a lasting relationship with our clients through the delivery of quality services. We wish to contribute to the continued growth of your organization. However, we do not aim at making clients dependent on us-we aim at improving your internal capability so that you can work by yourself independently. We hope that by working with us, you not only gain growth in terms of your goals but also add valuable internal knowledge which would help you sustain in future.

    • Tap the uncovered insights from your key competitors

      Our intelligent business intelligence services will make the right move by uncovering potential insights based on high-level competitive insights. Moreover, Thatware leaves no stone unturned to win over the gaps by strategizing effective competitive strengths which will fit your business.




    per month

    • Competitor Gap analysis (upto 2 competitor’s)
    • Competitor Backlinking strategy (Upto 2 competitors)
    • SWOT Analysis (upto 2 competitor’s)
    • Detailed Competitor Keyword insights (upto 2 competitor’s)
    • Branded vs. Non branded search term analysis (2 competitor’s)
    • Detailed Competitor Keyword insights with traffic (upto 2 competitor’s)
    • Intersect analysis ( 2 competitor’s)
    • Simulation Model on Business Funnel ( 2 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on CRO ( 2 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on Profit Tuning Funnel ( 2 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on Customer Journey( 2 Pages )



    per month

    • Competitor Gap analysis (upto 6 competitor’s)
    • Competitor Backlinking strategy (Upto 6 competitors)
    • SWOT Analysis (upto 6 competitor’s)
    • Detailed Competitor Keyword insights (upto 6 competitor’s)
    • Branded vs. Non branded search term analysis (6 competitor’s)
    • Detailed Competitor Keyword insights with traffic (upto 6 competitor’s)
    • Intersect analysis ( 6 competitor’s)
    • Simulation Model on Business Funnel ( 5 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on CRO ( 5 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on Business Funnel ( 5 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on Customer Journey( 5 Pages )



    per month

    • Competitor Gap analysis (upto 12 competitor’s)
    • Competitor Backlinking strategy (Upto 12 competitors)
    • SWOT Analysis (upto 12 competitor’s)
    • Detailed Competitor Keyword insights (upto 12 competitor’s)
    • Branded vs. Non branded search term analysis (12 competitor’s)
    • Detailed Competitor Keyword insights with traffic (upto 12 competitor’s)
    • Intersect analysis ( 12 competitor’s)
    • Simulation Model on Business Funnel ( 10 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on CRO ( 10 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on Business Funnel ( 10 Pages )
    • Simulation Model on Customer Journey( 10 Pages )



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      Competitor analysis for a website is a service that aims at identifying your competitors online after careful market analysis of the digital space. It includes a study of what their strategies, strengths and weaknesses are.

      Business intelligence is a combination of technology, applications and practices for the objective of collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information to support better decision making.

      business intelligence analyst is someone who is an expert in analyzing data used by organizations to generate insights. He supports decision making through data-driven reports. He understands how data can be used for maximum utility.

      It is the process of improving conversions on the landing page of websites through optimization. It is an ongoing and long-term process of learning and optimizing technically.

      A sales funnel strategy is a technique of analyzing each step of purchase by breaking down the customer journey from “awareness” to “purchase” stage.



      Services Provided: Advanced SEO

      The business marketing seo model which has been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, below are the statistics which were obtained:

      • 1.5 $MILLION
        In Sales
      • 600,000
        Organic Session
      • Over 50,000