Everything You Need to know about Linked Domain

Everything You Need to know about Linked Domain

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, there are plenty of KPI metrics where webmasters or SEOs invest their time. This is basically in order to build up the SEO campaign’s performance in terms of link acquisition activities. In terms of advanced link metrics, some of the familiar metrics that we know are root domains, dofollow or nofollow, link traffic, link relevance, and so forth. Here in this context, we will be discussing the linked domains.

linked domain

What exactly linked domain is?

Linked domains are contrary to referring domains and indicate domains that the site in question has links to (also referred to as external links):

See below reference:

To determine the existence, one should browse through the Ahrefs tool. Then you need to go to the outgoing links segment under which you will get the desired section as shown on the above screenshot.

Sidenote: It can also be found in the Batch Analysis tool. Simply open the link below the title, and you will navigate to the section shown below:

Click on the More tab, under the submenu you can see the Batch Analysis option to get started as shown here:

On the other hand, in Moz or SEO Spyglass tool, this term is slightly changed. The functionalities are a bit different as concerned with the respective platforms.

Source: MOZ

In SEO spyglass, it looks as follows:

For in-depth analysis of your backlink profile, turn to the Backlinks and Linking Domains sections under Backlink Profile in your SEO SpyGlass project.

In both segments, you’ll see the summary widget showing the number of links (except for lost or disavowed ones), a progress graph, and a link/domain type diagram. The widget can be hidden with the button below to maximize the workspace. 

Benefits of Linked Domains

  • It builds creditibility for your entire link profile
  • LD improves the trust flow for your website
  • It often lead to the overall website authority enhancement
  • This links has longer lifespan than usual links

Hence building links in these links, not only help your site’s SEO performance also improves the overall website’s credibility.