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On Thatware, we are committed to help you in taking your online business into a whole new level. That being said, we always start our journey by understanding your business needs and goals. Whenever, someone signs-up for a contract we send them our official SEO questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us in better understanding of the campaign.

Upon receiving the filled questionnaire our team kick starts the process. The team then starts the on-boarding process by adding the campaign in a project management tool. We use “Basecamp” for instance.

Inside the project management tool, we then add all the necessary team members who are likely to be associated with the campaign. Along with that. We will also add the number of team members from the client-end side. Furthermore, we than also start populating the basecamp with the number of task list and deliverables for the month along with all information feeds within it.

We than share the month-wise plan for n number of months as per the contract and also some projections and strategy for the campaign. We make sure our committed deliverables are 90% accurate and our strategies and transparent.

We then start our work as per the task list assigned catering to the services taken during the contract sign-up. Our team values each and every task which all are shared on Basecamp. Furthermore, strict deadlines are followed.

Once a task is accomplished it is then updated to the client using a preferred means of communication. 70% of the time we use basecamp. However, we also use email, slack, skype and webmail’s too!

We also deliver weekly status report every Friday followed by a con-call with the team leaders or the project manager as applicable. In some cases, our founder also joins to make sure everything is perfect and in order.

Every bi-week we keep a track of how the campaign is proceeding in a proper direction based on competitors and gap analysis. We make sure we are on top of everything. This step is an important step as it allows us to make sure we are progressing well with our goal.

During the end of a month, we first share all the monthly SEO reports and a detailed call for minimum of 20 – 30 min to showcase everything. We also make sure we achieve the targets as applicable. After that, we move down to the next month’s task with immediate effect. Please note, we don’t wait for payment to be completed to get work started out!

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