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If you are looking for world class SEO services at affordable prices, ThatWare is the best SEO Company in Australia to back up on. We offer world-class quality SEO Services in Australia through a strong team of qualified and experienced professionals. If you browse through all the SEO Companies in Australia, we differentiate ourselves through Artificial Intelligence based SEO services and many more features for your satisfaction, ROI and profit.

Amongst all the SEO Consultants in Australia, we are the ones who embrace western strategies of delivery with pocket friendly rates. You might have an amazing website online, however that might not support your marketing mix if you do not have enough traffic and lead conversion. That is where ThatWare, SEO agency in Australia, comes into picture. More than a SEO enhancing company, ThatWare is a marketing agency in Australia which would support your marketing sidekick for a result driven growth. We are SEO experts in Australia and adopt tested methods and strategies to increase your return on investment.


Our services are a combination of a holistic approach which involves major deep research concepts. Our expertise in SEO services which is based on high technology AI, makes us stand out amongst all other SEO firms in Australia. ThatWare has different packages for different scale of requirements. Additionally,we do have custom-made packages depending on clients and requirements. This flexibility makes us absolutely client friendly as an organization and also opens up more scope to extend our services.


  • Local SEO:

    We understand how important is your presence locally in the global market. Of course we need to take care of your local visibility and hence we take steps to increase your brand awareness and get more customers for better conversion. You can easily reach out to your local market through our geo-targeted on-page and off-page optimization services.

  • PPC advertising:

    For improved return on investment and increased visibility, reach out to us and let us help you make most of your budget. Our team of experts utilize their experience and knowledge to develop, manage and design your advertisements for improved performance and better lead conversions.

  • Web design:

    We provide informative inputs to help you design an outstanding website. This is done with a deep understanding of the market and your competitors with great design and functionality. Our services are absolutely affordable and provide an attractive website to represent your brand as its the face of your organization. Our aim is to provide quality and professional services at optimum prices.

  • Social Media Marketing:

    Social media is the future of the corporate. It has a power equivalent to word of mouth advertising. Our social media marketing services allow you to engage and target the relevant population on social network and add value to your virtual presence. You can expect better engagement and conversion if you avail our services.

  • Online Reputation Management:

    Word of mouth and reviews can either build your brand or refurbish it. It’s very important to keep a track of your customer reviews if you wish to establish your brand in the industry. Online reputation management carefully manages and controls all your social media presence.

  • SEO Consultation:

    Each organisation is different and their needs are unique. We offer expert and custom made SEO services to suit all requirements of your website. We are backed with a strong team of experts who are qualified and have experience in working with clients. This helps us in maintain good client relationships that last long and of course you can expect flourishing in highly competitive markets.



  • Low cost marketing tool:

    Your website is the face of your virtual presence and of course your greatest investment to reach millions of people at one shot. Now that you wish to explore the digital media through internet, SEO is all about intellect and elbow-grease.

    The comparative ROI is huge in SEO because it is so cost effective. It forms a great foundation for all your future marketing efforts. It would hence invariably drive traffic to your outstanding website.

  • Greatly increases website traffic:

    Our authentic SEO services will drive more traffic to our website that leads to conversion. Our team constantly makes efforts in optimizing your website, that’s when SEO benefits start producing results.

  • Visibility in your niche:

    You have unique customers when you target a specific population through our specialized geographically oriented services. You can hence treat them the way they deserve. Our services help you choose the best elements for the right customer. This helps you utilize the best opportunity to maximize value in your niche.

  • Great way to start collecting data:

    Internet is an ever dynamic and evolving space. Due to this our team of experts work hard to leverage data to stay competitive. But data only comes from activity in your target market. Our basic tools provide us great insights about your website traffic. Once we have a custom made strategy in place for you, we can start measuring the results.We further work together with clients to discover which elements of their website works best for them.

  • Long term results:

    With our great service and efforts to maintain cordial client relationships, you can expect long term relationship with us. Also, you would need to optimize your website as time goes. But traffic will soon become common on your website over time and both people and search engines would know how people prefer to get there. Your SEO benefits would include opportunities for better conversion of leads and brand loyal customers. You can further expect your current database of customers to open doors for other potential customers through references and word of mouth.

  • Great credibility and prestige:

    We work around increasing your brand awareness. The higher you rank, the more legitimate your image would be in the eyes of prospective customers. Also our services would help you with recognition from the google algorithm front. The content we place on your website would get linked on third-party websites which also promotes credibility of your brand.

  • Better usability:

    Our efforts would also revolve around improving site architecture through our experts. This would further contribute to better ranking and improve the usability of your website. With the crisp content we deliver and of course technically, you can expect search engines to rank your website higher as it would be providing accurate and most relevant information to users.

  • Great brand awareness:

    Our SEO services definitely increase traffic on your website which leads to brand awareness. The higher your website ranking, the more awareness spreads and the more impressions you would receive. Impressions would not always result in immediate benefits but SEO benefits go beyond immediately driving revenue. Members from your traffic who remember your brand would drive future purchase decisions. Hence brand awareness is just another leverage to embrace SEO considering how costly advertising can be.

  • Expect a platform for inbound marketing:

    Inbound marketing is a very popular concept and has fetched results for various organizations across industries. In short, it’s about helping customers naturally arrive at a purchase. By offering a free service and strategizing it, you can naturally expect to convert leads into sales who arrive at your website with an objective of purchasing.

  • Become the subject of your audience’s research:

    Majority of consumers have become digital savvy and reach out to read online about the product or service before they make a purchase. They go through reviews and testimonials of your clientele. Further they might purchase offline through your store or through any of the online platforms. We help you company become their only first destination. We take of sensitive information like what kind of information do you provide when they arrive at your website? Etc. Consumers seek help for their pain points rather than marketing.

    They seek solutions to their problems. Hence, we also add an element of inbound strategy. Ultimately we understand that a good SEO is about natural selection. Search engines aim to list websites that are more solution oriented. Hence our goal is to provide the right solution to your target audience through careful information analysis and experience.



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Services Provided : Advanced SEO

The business marketing seo model which have been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, the below are the statistics which were obtained:

  • 1.5 $MILLION
    In Sales
  • 600,000
    Organic Session
  • Over 50,000