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At ThatWare, we as a team work extremely hard in helping common people, small business owners, middle-sized businesses and fortune companies to prosper with their online business and sales funnel. We provide customized digital marketing strategies and solutions to every businesses and niche irrespective of the competition. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest digital marketing trends.

Our solutions and strategies are completely different from top seo companies across the world. Our sole mission is to maximize the return on invest and hike sales funnel whilst maintaining an exponential growth on business capital turnover.

We are unlike other best seo agencies in the world as because we don’t just try to sell a service or a seo package. Instead, we provide customized smart search solutions with advanced techniques.

We are quite lazy to wait for several months or years to see some growth or progress. So, we believe in quick turnovers and one doesn’t need to wait for several months or years to see some good progress or gain. We make progress happen from Day 1 itself. This is the level of the commitment and dedication with which we are working at ThatWare. Our uniqueness is our strength.

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Our main vision is to help peoples and businesses who want to take their online presence to a whole new level. And it has been one of our many thoughts from day one itself. We believe in putting business needs first, and this is why we continuously create various resources, strategies, plan of action and researches to help ease the challenges of internet marketing. We also work hard and put countless days into our efforts in making online marketing delightful.

Our sole vision is to enhance the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing using cutting edge technologies such as NLP, AI, data science, deep learning, and much more. We want to revolutionize the entire digital marketing industry with the help of cutting edge search engineering practices.

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2015 The Invention

On 2015, our founder Tuhin Banik, first came up with an idea of blending SEO with artificial intelligence which could be the future of digital marketing.

2016 Launch of a virtual company & Google Partner

With the invention of AI driven search technology, our founder formed the first virtual company named as A2Zfeeds. After a quick span of 6 months, Google rewarded the venture as one of the promising premium partner in digital marketing space.

2017 Demand Rises

With the advent of newer search technology, it slowly began to expand overseas and many bigger online marketing companies started to adopt or buy / rent the strategies. By that time, our founder was considered amongst the top rated influencer and search strategist for many fortune companies.

2018 Media Interaction & Formation of THATWARE & Rapid Expansion

With the increasing demand for advanced SEO and this technology of AI in search, Tuhin Banik launched THATWARE legally. Headquartered in Kolkata, India. In 6 months, it was also launched in 2 other states Hyderabad and Mumbai. Also, a lot of media interactions was being prevailed by this time.

2019 In Forbes, Economic Times and Many Others

In 2019, THATWARE was recognized in Forbes 2 times in a row along with many other leading newspapers as well such as economic times, times of India, Pioneer, Fox news and much more. It has also been awarded as the most fastest growing company in middle east by ceomagazine.

2020 Achievement for the Country, Patents Filed, Clutch Leader and UK Launch

THATWARE bragged Bronze as the leading technological company in the world by Stevie Awards (US). Also, a vertical has been opened in UK under the entity name of SEO Ranking Agency UK LTD. Furthermore, 10 patents have also been filed. Lastly, Clutch have recognized Thatware as Ranked 1 company as SEO service provider in India.

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