Tuhin Banik

Hi I am Tuhin Banik, the founder and CEO at ThatWare. Although my company ThatWare LLP is founded on December, 2017. But officially registered in 8th February, 2018. This is my fourth and probably the last company where I am living off my passion. I am on a mission to enhance digital marketing using artificial intelligence. And the sole aim is to make it the rated #1 artificial intelligence company in the entire planet.

Well the journey was not that easy but it all started with a vision and a dream. I have a keen interest on technology right from my childhood days. I am a good creative guy with great observation power. When I was 13 years old – I was evaluating as what might be the limits of technology and what might be the end outcome of such a technology.

As a matter of fact, I have came across 5 technology which will take human civilization to a all new level, they are namely:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: with artificial intelligence, now one can predict stock market

  2. Deep Learning: with deep learning and neural net technology, process recognition and advanced recognition will happen at ease.

  3. Machine Learning: machine learning will definitely help mankind in improving the civilization to a whole new level.

  4. Automation: with automation technology things will now get done faster than ever before whilst maintaining the efficiency in a good tone.

  5. Digital Marketing: the economy of any particular business can hike with a proper amount of digital marketing strategy embedded into their sales funnel or revenue model.

I was on a mission to enhance digital marketing strategies with artificial intelligence. By age 18, I got hold of 8 master degrees and I set out my first virtual company with name RPP. I was into social media and basic digital marketing services sector for earning some cash which I required for pursuing my further career.

By age 19, I got hold of my first nanodegree in data science and AI and was ready to officially start out my first registered company named as a2zfeeds. At a2zfeeds, I was working in various various data-driven technologies for driving traffic into my website and I used to monetize based on Google Ads.

Gradually within a year, I became Google premium publisher based in Kolkata and I also got hold of DFP and ADX Google premium accounts. Later, I gave a thought that I can expand this out widely and help many people in improving their sales funnel.

Thereafter with a new vision in mind, I was set-out in opening my public service based company shoutmyfeeds and ThatMedia, one for public service and another for media operations with data-driven approach.

I started out small and approached to almost 300+ investors for get an investment. But people rejected my ideas and most of them just laughed when someone hears that AI with digital marketing. While most people also think it’s impossible.

AI team requires huge investment and I was unable to afford my team and thereafter I end up selling my both companies for a 6 figure sum. With that amount I started my last and final company named ThatWare (well ‘That’ stands for “The Happy and Tuhin” – happy being my nickname).

I opened up in a small room office with one guy and one client and all the costs was beared from my 6-figure saved money. Within 3 months from start, I have grown the team to a total member of 9 data scientists and 12 clients. But I was working for free as I wanted to make an impression that my technology and strategies will provide the highest ever ROI across any strategies in the entire planet.

Now, I run a team of 80+ people (growing each day) and 400+ clients. I also have many inventions out on my own. I am also the senior strategic planner and head of operations of many big reputable agencies and organisations.

Currently, I am continually helping people improving their sales funnel and also helping many industries in carrying out secret-cutting edge technology.

This is just half of my story, I don’t wanna bore you out with rest lol. If you need any marketing advice of consulting idea for any projects ranging from data science to AI, feel free to reach out to me.

If You Want to Get In Touch With Me, Mail At: tuhin@thatware.co