ThatWare Privacy Policy

ThatWare, LLP respects your data privacy and is therefore committed to safeguarding your personal data and privacy within the use of this domain name ( The contributors to this website for privacy policy page will be referred to as “we” or “our”. This page intends to better protect your privacy and its a formal notice which explains how we control your online information, how we regulate data, what type of technologies we use for providing a secured online experience within our domain and server control reach, how we collect data and cookies, how we maintain user experience, how we communicate with our users.

We also develop various kinds of technologies for providing a secure and malicious free experience on our website.

ThatWare LLP will never ask for any type of payment information, billing information, credit card credentials, banking information, and personal information. The communication and regulation of the data for our clients are handled in a different way within a secured environment. If you want to learn more about how we control data regulation and information of our clients, then you might refer to our terms of service page.

What Do We Collect

ThatWare doesn’t contain any type of login or sign-up page and therefore we do not collect any personal information through any of our web pages. But we do have our free consultation page and contact us forms in our digital marketing services page and few of inner landing pages as well.

The basic personal information which we collect via our consultation page or contact us forms are secured by a genuine registered SSL certificate which encrypts all the data passed between the browser and the server in highly secured data layers which are nearly impossible to encrypt as claimed by GoDaddy SSL Certificate Terms of Service.

Other than basic contact form information, we never collect any billing information or banking credentials.

Information Which Is Automatically Collected

Our website collects some of the data and information which are autonomous and dynamic. In either way, any kind of data and personal information are not circulated, spammed or breached. Below mentioned are some of the things which we collect automatically and how we control those things.

  • IP address: - Since we use Google Global Tags for our website statistics; therefore for every unique session the session IP gets stored in our Google analytics But we neither pass these IP address nor we utilize them for any type of malpractices.

  • Cookies: - For improving our user experience, we use cookies. You may refer to the definition of cookies for a better understanding of how it works. We specifically use cookies for providing a customized user experience. If you want to learn more about how we control and take care of your cookies and how you can control it. Please refer to our terms of service.

Do We Share Your Information?

We never share your information with any vendors or third parties. We also never rent someone’s information for the sake of any marketing activities. All of the information is safeguarding in a highly secured server environment with highly secured layers of encryption.

Moreover, we never ask for any payment nor we have any payment gateway embedded into our website. Therefore, concerns regarding payment information and secret credentials never get collected. To know more about how we deal with client deals and project fees, please refer to our terms of service section.

Data Handling and Erasure

We never handle any kind of personal data or personal information within our domain name reach. Also, our cookies and cache expiration are set to default period of 8 days; which means after every 8 days the cookies and cache values are reset automatically. Thus, weekly refreshing of data takes place and any old data gets automatically erased and are not stored in our database.

Linking Policy

ThatWare may contain links (external links) to other sites. ThatWare, LLP is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites. We advise all users to be aware when they are about to visit other sites from our linking pattern. In fact, we also advise reading the privacy policy of other sites on how they handle your information and data.

Use of Mobile Device Policy

ThatWare, LLP doesn’t track your mobile device location or static IP addresses. Although, we use Google Global Tags as a part of our analytics tool and therefore the mobile traffic might be stored separately so as to differentiate between mobile vs. desktop users. Rest assured, exact geographical locations and static IP addresses are neither stored nor tracked.

Children Targeting Policy

We never target children’s for any kind of marketing activities or funneling. Moreover, our contents are 100% safe to be used by children’s without any restriction for any kind of age groups. ThatWare, LLP provides family safe content which can be consumed by people and individuals of any age group irrespective of age, caste, creed, and color.

Third Party Tracking Regulation and Policy

For making online marketing simple and providing a better user experience we use some of the third party tracking and analytical tools namely Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.

Here is the detailed specification about the individual tools which we use for our marketing activities: -

  • Google Tag Manager: - This tool is used just for managing and controlling the tags based on our site. Using this tool, it gives us exposure to create a better user experience for our visitors. This tracking tool is NOT USED for any kind of tracking of any personal data or other entities.

  • Google Analytics: - This is a purely analytical tool which is used for tracking and managing our website traffics. But it’s totally complaint with all of the web TOS and GDPR policies. Also, we never track or steal cookies.

  • Google Webmaster Tools: - This is a highly advanced tool which is used totally for the sake of managing our backend technical operation.

Right to Contact

ThatWare, LLP respect your rights and thereafter, you have the full freedom to drop a complaint or contact the authorities.

You can simply drop a mail at and your visions will be highly respected and valued.


For Physical Address, you can send a post at (HQ Address)

ThatWare LLP,

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