Welcome to ThatWare, LLP. By using our website (https://thatware.co) you must agree and comply with our below-listed terms of service. The owner and the representatives of ThatWare will be referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”. And any visitor or user to our website will be referred to as “you”.

Privacy Policy

  • ThatWare LLP, an entity of ” Tuhin Banik and holdings”.
  • All of the contents provided within the premises of ThatWare are for general purposes only.
  • The contents or information provided within ThatWare shouldn’t be circulated, distributed or copied without any prior permission from the authorities of ThatWare, LLP.
  • We never initiate any kind of transactions within our website. If we take any type of payments, then it totally depends upon the mutual agreement between the client and ThatWare; which is carried out during the onboarding procedure. And payments are collected via third-party platforms such as Paypal, Payoneer, Swift BC, Western Union and much more.
  • As ThatWare is an Artificial Intelligence company with a mission to make as many inventions as possible totally open-sourced. Therefore, you shall not make bad use of the invention in any way around. ThatWare is not responsible for any kind of malware practices if performed outside the premise of ThatWare and also without the consent from the authorities of our company.
  • The codes which are used for invention purposes are made publicly available and thereafter, they shouldn’t be used without prior permission from ThatWare.
  • ThatWare will not be responsible or liable for the use of any information provided through the website. Use the things at your own risk.
  • ThatWare, LLP never indulges in any black-hat techniques or black-hat strategies. Whatever we do are totally white-labelled.
  • You are also prohibited in modifying or spinning our information or contents and ThatWare will take necessary legal actions if found copying or stealing our contents.
  • The website of ThatWare contains many external or third party links, thereafter, ThatWare LLP is not responsible for the privacy policy of the third-party websites or external websites.
  • We never sell any type of backlinks and therefore if you are likely to contact ThatWare LLP for selling backlinks then we hereby inform you that we never sell or buy backlinks.
  • All the graphics and images present on our website are our sole copyright images. Therefore, you have no right to copy or use our images without any prior permission or agreement.
  • We use standard registered SSL certificates for encrypting your data and information. And thereafter, we are not responsible for any malicious practices held for your device or your internet connection.
  • You are not allowed to spread spam or hatred messages within our comment sections. If found spamming or spreading any type of hatred messages, then we reserve the right to block you from commenting.
  • If any disputes arise then you are subject to the laws by the Government of West Bengal and also ThatWare, LLP will not bear any attorney fees for the third party.
  • All of the payments are collected outside the premises of our website. We use many payment methods such as Payoneer, PayPal, Swift BIC, Direct Bank Deposit and etc.
  • You will be provided with a valid invoice copy for the services which you might opt for. Also, our invoices can be of two types either personal or in the name of the company.
  • No representatives from our website will ever ask for any type of up-front fees or hidden charges.
  • We have an in-house team and we have good resources and thereafter, we never outsource any project with any third party company. All the projects are performed and operated by the in-house team and all the reports are also generated by our in-house SEO team.
  • All the project handlings will be done by the marketing officer and the respective executives. If you want to meet or speak with our CEO then you must contact him directly at tuhin@thatware.co
  • ThatWare values time and thereafter all the reports will be submitted before the due date or on the agreed date. If by any chance some projects might take more than the expected due date, then you will be notified at least 3 days prior.
  • We never force anyone for using any of our strategies which are present in our blog section. We just present our strategies but it’s solely up to the users on whether they will implement them or not. ThatWare is not responsible if something wrong happens if you make the implementation process by yourself.
  • If someone wants to invite the CEO for making a guest appearance or stage consulting, then all the accommodations need to be provided by the bearer party.
  • If at any time you are dissatisfied with our services, then you can leave them out at any moment without the aid of any formal procedures or notice periods.
  • We reserve the right to ban any particular IP if we found someone is spamming from that particular IP.
  • We reserve the right to take legal actions based on Indian Jurisdiction if someone is found to be misbehaving with any of our representatives.
  • We strongly advise filling out our onboarding Questionnaire form before starting any particular project. This will enable us to serve you better.
  • Before giving us any credentials, we request you for sending us an NDA copy; we will seal & sign and revert. Only after that, we will ask for any type of credentials.
  • The terms of service might change from time to time without any prior notice. The decisions are solely based on the authorities of the website.
  • The service prices are subject to change as per the requirements or demand based on the challenges of the campaign.
  • The shop section within the website provides product deliverable as per the order and cart fulfilment.

We might require the website credentials and server details for doing technical fixes. Please note that we will ensure proper back-up before any implementation

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