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ThatWare has its presence at the forefront of search engine optimization when it comes to extending your presence in the digital world and social media. We undertake bundles of service including, but not limited to,social media marketing, digital marketing, web designing, reputation management. ThatWare extends SEO services in Canada through a team of qualified professionals backed with years of experience. We are amongst the top SEO consultants in Canada and differentiate ourselves through the delivery of quality services. We are a result-oriented SEO Company in Canada.

This Toronto SEO agency is formed with individuals from diverse backgrounds like technology, marketing and design, this helps us stay ahead of the curve. What sets us apart from other SEO consultants,Canada,is our quantifiable and sustainable SEO services that really work.

We offer the below services:

  • SEO:

    Our SEO services, Canada, would develop sustainable strategies to bring more phone calls, convert leads and increase brand visibility. This would help you attain a detailed report through our powerful, effective and transparent SEO Canada services.

  • PPC services:

    We understand the fierce competition for staying in the front-page, PPC advertising gives you a direct pass to visibility on page 1 of Google. This helps you target your advertisements to the exact population who would serve as future prospects. This places your organization ahead of competition in the market.

    Investing in PPC produces faster and efficient results in terms of leads and traffic but only if it’s done right. This SEO agency, Canada, is staffed with PPC Experts who know how to tweak the vital sales matrix and show growth. We believe in sustainable growth, this leads us to constantly analyze and refine your campaigns to generate maximum results within your budget.

  • Web design services:

    We provide custom website design and solutions in Canada. At ThatWare, we not only help in increasing your ranking in search engines, but it’s also coupled with expert design and delivering fully customized websites which would lead to convert traffic into sales. Our experts of the web-design team focus on your specific needs during every stage of the process.

  • Social media services:

    ThatWare doesn’t make empty and far-fetched claims. We base our services on data which makes it robust and stable. It requires a dedicated ,long term effort to customize solutions to specific client needs. Our social media services are fully personalized and we flawlessly integrate your brand identity into your target market. This would not only help you maintain positive customer relations but also grow your business.

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How do we contribute to your growth?

ThatWare believes in striving for success and its team is driven with passion.

What can you expect from us is listed below:

  • Better user experience:

    Providing your target audience with relevant promotional information to convert your traffic into sales is our objective. We make sure you don’t lose sleep over this aspect and provide you with user friendly solutions which are both mobile and desktop friendly. A good user experience leads to higher clicks and hence benefiting your conversion rate. This is what search engines are looking for to rank you higher.

  • Primary source of leads:

    Our inbound strategies are most effective and successful source of leads amongst business to business (B2B), Business to customer (B2C) and nonprofit organizations. We take care of all aspects like Search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, referrals and others. We make sure no other player in the market gets your share of pie.

  • Higher close rates:

    Historically and through experience, we have observed that approximately 14.6% close rates are achieved from SEO services, compared to 1.7% close leads from outbound leads. We have also observed in our clients that reaching out to customers through cold calling or outbound leads do not result in conversions. Whereas in SEO, which is more customer driven, they make the search for your products or services, it results in higher conversion. This is because they have a purpose to purchase in mind and that is what we work upon.

  • Higher conversion rates:

    Good ranking is the key to success. A good ranking of your website or online presence can guarantee higher conversion rates because it attracts crowd. We make sure your target market is defined well and they become more aware of your brand image. We regularly aim optimization so that you maintain your rank and more customers become familiar with your services or products. This would make them easily close deals with you.

  • Better cost management:

    Researchers have reported that inbound leads cause cost reduction by 61% as compared to outbound leads. SEO lowers advertising costs. ThatWare makes it a point to ensure you have top ranking of your website so that there is no need for you to pay per click or advertise your page.

    You would continue to stay above the rest of search results due to our optimization as far as users click your search links. Inbound lead generation has minimal costs involved. Whereas outbound lead generation adds up to overheads in terms of cold calls and client visits. Hence SEO leads to better cost management. ThatWare hence concentrates on improving organic traffic and ranking of your website.
  • Encourage local users to visit your store:

    Every customer has mostly become tech-savvy and hence conducts a research on the internet to check reviews of your products and services. After conducting a local research and finding your website ranked high, due to Thatware’s optimization and SEO services, on search engines, there are high chances they would visit your offline store to check out services and products physically. Previous research states that about 81% of customers research online before going to the physical store and making a local purchase.

  • Build brand credibility:

    Thatware’s SEO rankings helps you maintain your top position in search engines due to which you become the top player in the industry and this shows how popular you are and how many users have researched you. On the other hand, you can expect customers to doubt your brand if your listing shows low on search engines. They might feel you don’t have enough budget to sustain your online presence. Hence we strongly recommend exploring SEO services.

  • Establish brand awareness:

    Search Engine Optimization conducted by ThatWare ensures that your products and services are easily found on search engines and customers do not get lost in data. We full proof both regular and organic search. Once your ranking is maintained, users are able to access your website more. This further leads to your link to be clicked which leads users to your website.This is additional benefit of Thatware’s SEO services to increase brand awareness both locally and globally.

  • Ensure mobile-friendliness:

    Our services improve user experience because Google search has included mobile friendliness as another parameter of SEO ranking.

  • Gain a long-term marketing strategy:

    Reaching the top of search engines takes time, so does hitting the bottom. SEO is a long term strategy which takes a minimum of 6 months to maintain optimal ranking. Unless Google algorithms change or Other competitors fuel their SEO strategies, it’s quite difficult to pull you down the search rankings.

  • Gain Market share:

    ThatWare constantly strives to keep you at the top of the search list and be easily found by internet users. These users later convert into leads once they find relevant information on your optimized website. They might either make a purchase, sign up for membership or subscribe your newsletter. Bottom line, our services help you increase your conversion rate, once this happens, you further gain market share.

  • Synergy of all marketing activities:

    The success of our SEO services is a result of all of your marketing activities conducted online. We follow a holistic approach towards Search engine optimization by converging content marketing, blogging, social media marketing and web management to help you get better rankings on several search engines.

  • Increase social media followers:

    With our expert SEO services, when you appear on the first page of search engines, customer awareness increases to a great extent. More the users visit your website they are more likely to click on your social media icons and eventually follow you to stay updated regarding service and product updating, launches and offers.

  • Improved website speed:

    Your SEO rankings are also affected by the speed of your website. However, you don’t need to worry as our backend team takes care of the same. A two second load time delay of your website costs you 4.3% of sale. Hence we ensure that there is apt speed to avoid customer reduction and further promote better user experience.

  • Stay Ahead of competition:

    Growing your business online through digital marketing is an overall success of your organizational plan. This would include a bunch of our services infused with your cooperation to stay ahead of competition. Keeping up with the advancement in the digital world is the key to stay ahead of traditional marketing activities. Hence we strongly suggest that our clients explore our services to stay on track with the dynamic market.

Case Studies

heavyglare front

Sunray Optical Inc. (Heavyglare Eyewear)

Services Provided : Advanced SEO

The business marketing seo model which have been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, the below are the statistics which were obtained:

0 $million
In Sales
0 +
Organic Sessions
Over 0

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Fill out the contact form to reach out to our internet marketing experts in our company. If you want to enquire about affordable seo packages and any other customized needs. Please get in touch, we value and respond to each and every requests which come across us.

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