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1. How many days I need to wait to see visible results for my campaign?

Ideally an average client of ours wait for a minimum of 2.5 months to 4 months to see visual results which are measurable. However, we at Thatware ensure that we make progress happening from Week 1 itself. And all of our results are 100% measurable from trusted sources.

2. What are the things you will do to improve the performance of my website?

During our on-boarding phase, we first evaluate and understand what are the end-outcome’s of the campaign. Based on our initial R&D, we will prepare a customized strategy which we will be sharing during our on-boarding phase.

3. What is AI based SEO and how it is different from normal SEO & CORA?

AI based SEO is all about semantic engineering and how to make the best utilisation of user’s intent to show accurate and curated contents infront of the viewers. Furthermore, CORA is limited to certain aspects of SEO but our AI processes are much more advanced and are blended with fine engineering from the fields of natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval, data science, machine learning, and much more.

4. What is Advanced SEO and how it is different from normal SEO?

Online user’s are increasing on a daily basis and as a matter of fact, more and more websites and online businesses are coming in search. Thus, with normal SEO it’s difficult to make a proper impact of the search results as for dominance one need to use cutting-edge technology for SEO.

5. What are the payment terms and conditions? Do you have any hidden charges? What if I have a lesser budget?

We are 101% transparent company and due to which we take payments only after 10 days of work start. These 10 days will allow you to build a trust on our abilities and skills. In other words, we start work without really taking any payment up-front unless there is a trust built in a time frame of 10 days.

Furthermore, for large campaigns. We even take part payments so as to reduce the burden from customer’s end. Payments are collected using Wire, PayPal, Swift, NAOC etc.

We are always committed to our services and care for every projects which we handle. Due to which, we never stop or pause any project if there happening to be a pay delay or anyone faces a financial issue. We keep running the campaign for at least 45 days. And there are no hidden charges at all!

6. What are the different types of link building which you will perform?

We normally perform wide range of link building activities based on the packages which you will choose. However, our special link building items includes special features such as edu backlinks, authority backlinks, advanced link building and competitor backlink’s acquisition.

7. Who actually does the work?

Thatware have 5 physical offices across 5 different location’s across the globe such as India, UK, Switzerland, Melbourne and USA. As per 2020 June, the family of Thatware consists of 115 people in team strength. Thus, all the work’s are being carried out “in-house” with our professional team working round the clock to make things happen. WE NEVER OUTSOURCE OUR WORK! Rather various bigger agencies outsrources their work from us.

8. Much of your seo's are based on theory! Do you have any proof or reference?

All of our SEO strategies are based on serious research across latest Google core updates and patents. Furthermore, our strategies are full-proof as all strategies are formulates after through research and proof-able concepts & sources.

9. Are the strategies custom-based or generic?

We always provide customized strategies and game-plan.

10. If I see that there in an error in a report, what should I do?

Whenever we send any report or work update. It gets checked and filtered from any technical errors and marks. Be rest assured, we have full perfection in our work processes.

11. Do you use software and tools? Are they paid or free one's?

We use high end paid tools as a part of our process. Some of them are SEMrush, CORA, POP, ahrefs, Majestic, MOZ, Screaming Frog, and much more.

12. What is all about Thatware's exclusive services?

Thatware’s exclusive services are the 9 main services which we provide as a value added service for our customers. Once can view the services from our service section.

13. Do you offer customized SEO or digital marketing packages?

Yes, we go above and beyond our usual package range and we also provide customized SEO or digital marketing packages. Feel free to discuss more at

14. My keyword ranking and performance result's are delayed from the promised date of impact. What shall I do?

Whenever there is a major core algorithm change in search engines then the expected results might delay from few days to few weeks. However, in either case our team will notify prior to the circumstance.

15. What if the performance guarantees are not met?

We will not take any payment until we met the performance guarantees. For example: we have got a contract of 1000$ for retainer of 3 months (1000$ * 3) and the promised deliverable is 50% of keywords on Page 1. Now, suppose we are on third month and we still have not reached our target. Then we will not charge 1000$ monthly retainer unless we have achieved the goal.

16. Do I need to share the logins of my website and how will you maintain the confidentiality?

Yes, you need to share website logins, server details and all GA, GSC and GTM access in-order to have our team perform efficiently for the campaign. Please note, before on-boarding any client we provide a service agreement which contains NDA and thus we will never disclose the credentials. Also, we take a proper back-up before any technical or physical changes. Furthermore, we also review any changes before implementation.

17. How can we ensure proper reporting and updates from Thatware team?

We strictly use Basecamp as our project management tool and all the “To-Dos” and project updates will be delivered on Basecamp as per our promised frequency at the time of contract. This would ensure we will not loose any track and deadlines.

18. How can we trust Thatware and why should we trust Thatware?

We have huge references and live portfolio’s which one can view from our case-studies page. Furthermore, we can provide endless references and real-time testimonials to back-up our professionalism towards our work.

19. We have serious concerns about the quality of the work. What shall we do?

Thatware never compromises on the quality of work. We are a brand and we are on a mission to take SEO into a whole new level.

20. What if Thatware team misses any deadline?

In unavoidable circumstances, for some reason or the other if any deadline is missed. The team will let you know at least 15 days prior. Also, additional work will be compensated to make up the missed deadline.

21. Is there a way to raise complaints or speak to the founder?

Yes, you can contact the Founder anytime at He responds to each and every mail within 24 hours and is active 7 days a week.


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