Yes, absolutely the consultancies provided by ThatWare LLP are totally free of cost. Also, we don't take any up-front charges. There are no hidden charges at all. ThatWare LLP is committed to provide the best free consultancy without any limits.
As mentioned, we literally provide 100% of free consultation without any hidden costs. But, we take a small fee when it comes to the services we offer.
Absolutely NO! ThatWare LLP never takes any kind of prior payments or any up-front fees until the delivery of the first month reporting. We only take payments after serving for a full month after the delivery of all the reports and KPIs.
ThatWare LLP never takes any type of hidden taxes. We only take what we commit at our on-boarding process.
Since, ThatWare provides advanced services therefore 99% of the projects are custom built. All of our services are 100% customized catering to the needs of the projects. So, the pricing model will be based on your requirement and your budget.
During our on-boarding process, our experts will help you with your requirements. ThatWare will complete all of your requirements just by utilizing 50-70% of your budget. We value your budget, being an AI company we respect your ROI.
ThatWare LLP is flexible with any type of payment methods whether it be PayPal, Payooner, Western Union, Swift BIC transfer, Bank Deposits and any other method whichever is comfortable. Also we use BYOC methods on various outsourcing platforms.
ThatWare always welcome different type of tracking methods. We even can work on your own tracking tool without any questions asked. But some of the common tracking tools which we use are namely – Hub-staff, Up-work, Redmine, Apollo, Teamwork, Time-doctor, and etc.
We believe in simplicity and we keep all of our documentations very simple. We will start by giving you a 'SEO Questionnaire' which will contain all sorts of questions which we require for the better understanding of your business. This will also help us to customize the service packages catering to your needs whilst valuing your budget.
We use various tools such as Slack, Asana, Skype, and etc. Also, we are pro-active through our emails. ThatWare is committed for giving updates and reporting in a timely manner.
Apart from the normal old school SEO, Advanced SEO is all about combining Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science along with SEO. Advance SEO also involves optimization based on natural language processing, Semantic Engineering, Modern Information Retrieval, Correlation SEO, Text Mining, and high end technical SEO. We also cover data-driven approaches and strategies.
We have expert data scientists and Artificial Intelligence experts who continuously develops and implement strategies along with the Search Engineers for making out the most advanced digital marketing strategies with the help of semantics, Information Retrieval, Python programming and R Programming.
ThatWare has invented many SAAS tools and codes which helps with the complete optimization based on natural language processing, Semantic Engineering and Modern Information Retrieval. Also, many more AI and Deep learning tools are getting created and researched for making ‘Search’ a better place.
ThatWare LLP is completely transparent and we are committed with our commitments. Thereafter, there are no hidden terms and conditions. Everything will be discussed in the on-boarding procedure.
Yes, unlike other agencies we are an AI company and our strategies are totally data-driven and we make progress happen from DAY 1 itself. Yes, we do guarantee success.
First of all it depends totally upon your requirements ranging from lead generation, traffic acquisition, hike in sales funnel, SERP exposure, brand awareness, advanced SEO sector and keyword ranking. ThatWare will provide individual KPIs and detailed reports measuring all of your requirements areas. By this way, you will be able to track and monitor all of the KPIs. Hence, you can directly measure your success.
ThatWare LLP only recruits’s creative mind and each of the team members spend years devoting themselves into research and the development of various AI processes. Also, all the team members are highly professional with positive work ethics.
The founder’s and the executives of ThatWare are Google certified and hold numerous recognition and achievements with proven track record of work.
Yes, ThatWare welcomes and rewards all talented individuals worldwide. If you come up with any new ideas then ThatWare will help you accomplish your dream. Feel free to reach out to us via our Contributor Page.
ThatWare has a vision to dominate the entire digital marketing industry with advanced strategies and techniques which ACTUALLY WORK. Also, ThatWare is committed in improving the business of people’s digitally and open free foundations for educating masses.
Yes, most of our research and top-notch secret strategies are 100% publicly made open. We believe in spreading knowledge.
For any type of inquiries please drop a mail in info@thatware.co, any of our executives will reply you within 2 hours.