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Advanced Digital Marketing

Thatware is your go-to advanced digital marketing agency for the digital marketing services requirements of your company and to maximize the ROI. We adopt advanced digital marketing strategies through our internet marketing professionals.


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Our digital marketing agency has a team of digital marketing professionals and in-house seo experts or seo developers. Being a premier SEO agency, we are well versed with the latest google algorithm, search engine algorithms, search ranking factors, Google penalties, google recovery and other internet terminology. Our expert marketing professionals help you understand the advanced services we have and all you need to know for now are the benefits that you get from the proper utilization of our online marketing consultancy.

Listed are 17 benefits that will certainly help you execute the right judgment for your business:

1. Get comfortable with the Valuable Data and Analytics

With our digital marketing services, you can retain a notion of the precise number of people who have regarded your website’s homepage in real-time. With google analytics, you can trace stats and evidence about your marketing website.

Our consultants will allow you to understand –

A. The capacity of people attending your business page
B. Their geographic area
C. Sex, age and concerns of the visitors
D. How much duration they are paying on your site
E. The origin of traffic from several gadgets
F. Website bounce rates
G. How much the business has evolved over time

By exhibiting a deterioration of all of this traffic data, this opinion enables you to prioritize the marketing channels. Mind-blowing strategy to be honest!
Our real-time data analysis prepares you with a reasonable knowledge of the potency of your marketing tactics. With entry to this data, you can also optimize your marketing budget by donating to well-performing marketing movements.

2. Content Performance and Lead Generation

Visualize you have built a product pamphlet and provided it to people as offline bulk. Does it seem to be pertinent sufficiently? The crisis is that you have no argument on how many people have taken off through that or, in the horrible scenarios, how many people tossed it into the bin. Once you establish impactful optical content, start expanding it on social media. Over such networks, buyers would be prepared to understand products and services through influencers and peers.

The extra engagement you get; the more Google considers your subject to be eligible. And in turn, it will increase your SEO rankings with comfort. Through digital marketing, you can assess exactly how several people regarded your marketing content. Afterwards, you can obtain the contact circumstances of those who download it by utilizing forms. Further, you are also producing equipped leads when people download them. With a strong lead nurturing strategy, you can create satisfactory awareness and affinity for your name.

3. Enhanced Conversion Rates

Renovating a customer online is not a big undertaking. All you require to do is just formulate your marketing strategy and employing one. Targeted traffic gives larger opportunities for conversion. Unlike other categories of advertisement, digital marketing lets you retain a two-way discussion with customers and guides. Through digital marketing, you can reach out to your consumers at any time. Rather than worrying them with numerous phone calls, surpassing customers online appears to be a nicer idea. Just deliver an email and allow them to formulate a purchase and understand more about your organization. From such interchanges, significant leads can be developed, which would ultimately bring a boost in modification rates.

4. More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Our advanced digital marketing services allow you to save your wealth to a considerable extent. This has the probable to rebuild expensive advertising channels such as TV, radio and many more digital media. With email marketing mechanization, you can increase your heads. Therefore, it will enable you to pre-load content and plan it for casting the content at crucial times.

5. Bigger Revenues

It is a prominent truth that bigger conversion rates can be produced by useful digital marketing methods. Thus, it will provide quantities of profitable advantages for your business in terms of better than the rest and also will generate higher revenues.

We keep certain points in mind while advertising your brand:

A. Retain a nice layout that allows easy navigation
B. Utilize the digital platform
C. Comprehend customer purchase patterns
D. Propose the right idea that fulfils the wants of your customers
E. Practice multiple digital marketing channels to collect valuable data

With reasonable revenue growth expectancy, minor and medium enterprises will give birth to better opportunities for broadening their very workforce.

6. Bigger ROI from Your Campaigns

We optimize conversion rates to attain maximum Return on Investment or as the acronym goes as ROI, for companies. With smarter branding and reasonable revenues, digital marketing can bring a nicer ROI than conventional marketing. With our beneficial tracking and monitoring techniques, outcomes can be assessed. It assists the organizations to put up with essential measures as quickly as possible. With digital marketing, you can produce a smooth tide of targeted traffic that gives converted into sales and leads. And, the extra your business produces this way of traffic, the sooner you can celebrate your ROI.

7. Race with Larger Corporations

Does digital marketing look as unfamiliar as a binary code to you? Do not upset yourself if you are handling even with a tiny industry. The significance of digital marketing also fabricates in the truth that it allows you to fight for head to head with large brands and huge companies. From a tiny vendor to a huge powerhouse, our digital marketing gives accessible and beneficial marketing tactics. Small brands can steer traffic both locally grown and even across the nation by reaching out to their marked consumers.

8. Get ready for the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” is an accepted ecosystem of affiliated devices – smartphones, tablets and several other appliances. We hence enable people to interact with each other through the planet of the web. Our advanced digital marketing services will ease your job towards this eventuality. It will pervade through every facet of people’s lives. Your business survival policy requires you to be prepared with this interconnected grid. It will give you an admission window to reach out to a targeted audience belonging to this online grid.

9. Receive Consumer’s trust and Build Brand Reputation

Our advanced digital Marketing leverages on social media signals, social proof and acknowledgements availed from Bonafede consumers. The more valid these public signals are, the more the trust rate will be, and it can produce from targeted audiences. People would believe data about a specific brand if the data arrives from people they know. And once you meet their goals, your brand stature will go viral. Ultimately, it will unlock fresh doors of chances for attaining bigger markets.

10. Assure Online Business Survival

Several people may arrive and go, but a targeted limited will certainly make an investment. If you can target the good kind of civilization who are going to be your possible customers, the best outcomes will surely arrive. We enforce smart tactics, like article writing and social media, so that you can disseminate with the target audience. It will enable you to increase valuable feedback and insights. With these, you can strategize and assure the survival of your job.

11. Understand All About Your Opponents

As they announce famously– Keep your friends near and your enemies closer. Our Social media active analysis is a crucial part of your digital marketing crusade. When you are committing to digital marketing, you can inquire the specialists to look into your competitor’s online policies. It will enable you to provide any feasible opportunities in no time. You can see what they are performing to increase the upper hand and attain more customers. Therefore, you can comprehend marketing chances and increase a strong competitive goal.

12. Actual Time Results

Dissimilar to conventional techniques, you can discern in real-time what is functioning and what is not fit for your online business with our services.

Over online marketing, you can understand about:

a. the volume of visitors to your site
b. the boost in the number of its subscribers
c. peak trading times
d. conversion rates
e. Increase/drop in website traffic
f. bounce rate

And this can be accomplished just with the tinge of a switch. Such findings can provide you with a detailed idea through which you can select the essential steps to enhance your results. Get in touch with our consultants for more information!

13. Enhance Your Outreach

Heretofore our advanced digital marketing services put up with a place online, it is available to the entire audience. Whereas conventional marketing restricts you to a special geographic area, its new counterpart can enable you to interact with the consumers quite effortlessly. On the additional hand, it appears like retaining your storefront free all day long. And with our digital marketing experts, you can react to emails shortly on your platforms. It does not withstand long for increasing publicity to improve the odds and appreciate the advantages of digital marketing for your job at its best.

Concluding with, that if you are not yet manipulating the ability of digital marketing for your business, you are losing a lot of shining chances. Your prospective customers are procrastinating for you in the digital world. Now that you understand how digital marketing can assist your business, create the move without any wait.

14. Using the Cutting Edge Technology

We have the leading industrial digital marketing experts who not only help you in succeeding with your campaign but also get you the upper age by blending the right amount of technology when compared with the peer competitors. The technology space is listed below but not limited to:

– Understanding user behaviour
– Using Semantic search
– Using AI
– Using marketing automation
– Using win-win strategies
– Advanced SWOT strategies
– Stronger analytics than ever before

15. Checking Compliances as per Latest Algorithmic Updates

It’s no doubt that social media platforms and search engines change a lot of algorithm updates throughout the year. It becomes utmost necessary to make sure that any given campaign is compliant with the changing algorithmic updates. Our team of experts always remains pro-active. This help to make sure that the campaigns do not suffer a big-time with the changing algorithmic updates and they remain consistent with the same. Some of the things we should do are listed as under:

– Understanding futuristic algorithmic changes

– Making sure that a given campaign is ready for any change

– Preventing penalty before it’s too late

16. Monitoring Real-Time User behaviour

Understanding user behaviour can provide a significant improvement for any digital marketing campaign. If good user intent is maintained on a campaign then the results and the return on investment obtained can be much higher. That being said, our team of experts always monitors and maintain good user behaviour and also studies real-time data. This helps with the following:

– Make sure that the bounce rate of the campaign is not hampered

– Making sure the user signals are not hampered

– Making sure a website is compliant as per the user behaviour and the intent level matching is up to the mark

17. Winning Over the Gaps

One of the key ingredient to dominate a particular niche is to win over the competition which we name as “winning over the gaps”. The benefits are listed as under:

– Focusing on the gaps can help in increasing the dominating effect on a particular niche

– Focusing on the competition can yield better visibility when compared against the gaps



per month

  • Penalty Recovery Check-up and issue fix for 5 pages
  • Google algorithm update check-up and issue fix for 5 pages
  • Thatware’s Holistic SEO Check-up and issue fix for 10 pages
  • Thatware’s Page Wise Check-up and issue fix for 10 Pages
  • Sales Funnel Strategy for 3 Pages
  • CRO for 3 pages
  • PPC Strategy for 3 Keywords
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Media Audit and issue fix
  • Social Media Management for 1 Platforms
  • Exclusive Link building for 20 Pages
  • Competitive Strategies Based on 3 competitor’s
  • Inbound narketing support
  • Custom Marketing Support
  • AB testing for 1 variant



per month

  • Penalty Recovery Check-up and issue fix for 10 pages
  • Google algorithm update check-up and issue fix for 10 pages
  • Thatware’s Holistic SEO Check-up and issue fix for 20 pages
  • Thatware’s Page Wise Check-up and issue fix for 20 Pages
  • Sales Funnel Strategy for 6 Pages
  • CRO for 6 pages
  • PPC Strategy for 6 Keywords
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Media Audit and issue fix
  • Social Media Management for 3 Platforms
  • Exclusive Link building for 30 Pages
  • Competitive Strategies Based on 6 competitor’s
  • Inbound narketing support
  • Custom Marketing Support
  • AB testing for 2 variant



per month

  • Penalty Recovery Check-up and issue fix for 15 pages
  • Google algorithm update check-up and issue fix for 15 pages
  • Thatware’s Holistic SEO Check-up and issue fix for 30 pages
  • Thatware’s Page Wise Check-up and issue fix for 30 Pages
  • Sales Funnel Strategy for 6 Pages
  • CRO for 6 pages
  • PPC Strategy for 6 Keywords
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Media Audit and issue fix
  • Social Media Management for 5 Platforms
  • Exclusive Link building for 50 Pages
  • Competitive Strategies Based on 9 competitor’s
  • Inbound narketing support
  • Custom Marketing Support
  • AB testing for 4 variant



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It was back in the early 2000s when it was first well known and acknowledged as a term since then digital marketing has certainly been everywhere for a long time proving to be an integral part of the business. Advanced Digital Marketing itself can be a vast concept to cover over a small article.

Digital marketing simply is advertising distributed through digital channels. Digital channels such as social platforms, mobile applications, email, web pages, search engines, websites, or any new digital media channel. Or let’s look at a simpler version: Digital marketing is any kind of marketing properties or services that includes electronic gadgets. This is exactly the reason it has existed around for decades since the existence of electronics and why it does not certainly have anything to achieve from content marketing, Google ads, social apps or retargeting.

Digital marketing can be performed online AND offline. Honestly, both ways matter for achieving a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Each industry today banks vastly on digital marketing to reach out to consumers and clients. The various enterprises like healthcare were never influenced by the prosperity on the internet but inevitably might have also been brushed by this improvement in the last decade.

The very reason why detailed digital marketing lesson from reputed institutes for better courier prospects is so promising. It boosts your opportunity of working in India and abroad. The abilities one learns today from these institutions will ascertain useful for a lifetime.

This goes back way long. Approximately a century-long, to be precise. Guglielmo Marconi is the name behind everything that is imaginable in today’s world mechanics. In early 1896, he was the first to ever illustrate a ”public transmission of wireless signals”. He, later on, went on to invent the radio. Shortly after his demonstration about radio in England, Morse signals delivered through open water. And, while it would take another 10 years for the radio to reach the public widespread name, it sure did not need the creators long enough to understand they could utilize it to trade stuff.

The initial live broadcast was aired from an opera performance at the Met and you want to guess what people did after this? They purchased show tickets which succeeded a couple of house full shows. And this led to the birth of Digital marketing strategy and the future it was determined. Now a common misconception in the world is that digital marketing is just concerning modern apps like Facebook or (now) conventional blog posting but you will be surprised to see me not mentioning any of it. That is primarily because digital marketing has absolutely zero relation with solely the internet.

Digital marketing is also commonly referred to as ‘online marketing, ‘internet’ or ‘web marketing’ and many more such terms just pop up. The phrase digital marketing has thrived in vogue over time. In the USA, online marketing is nonetheless a prominent term. In Italy, digital marketing is related to web marketing. International digital marketing has evolved the most widespread term, particularly succeeding the year 2013.

Digital media development was rated at 4.5 trillion online ads served yearly with digital media resulting in approximately 48% growth in 2010. A boosting fraction of advertising stems from businesses assigning Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) to adapt advertisement for internet users, but OBA puts forward the interest of customer privacy and data security before anything.



Services Provided: Advanced SEO

The business marketing seo model which has been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, below are the statistics which were obtained:

  • 1.5 $MILLION
    In Sales
  • 600,000
    Organic Session
  • Over 50,000