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    Thatware is your go-to SEO agency for search engine optimization consulting and internet marketing! Today, more than 50 % of website traffic is driven by organic search results, google ranking and on-page SEO, which is why more businesses take a look into our SEO packages. If you’re acquainted with what is managed seo services or new to it, we will give you all the knowledge you need to start investing in our local SEO services because we are the best SEO and web analytics agency that uses updated SEO tools to deliver SEO optimization, On-page SEO analysis, E-commerce SEO, small business SEO, WordPress SEO and much more.


    • We provide affordable SEO services.
    • Conduct comprehensive SEO site audits.
    • Adopt best SEO practices for delivering SEO services.
    • Adopt best on page SEO practices.
    • Have a robust on page SEO process.
    • Deliver custom SEO website.
    • Have unparalleled on page SEO techniques
    • Have a qualified team of SEO experts providing efficient SEO service.
    • Well versed with On page SEO factors


    Getting professional SEO management means recruiting support from outside to allow you to get the best ranking on search engines. These services are committed to ensuring that your website not only receives traffic but also quality traffic that will build your business. A good SEO company today is the best friend of any firm. This is because they took their time to study the world of SEO and know the right solutions to use to deliver marketing analytics service providers with good results.

    Outsourcing SEO services has many advantages:

    1. We give you good value for money

    It can be very costly to have a dedicated SEO team in-house, particularly for startups. You will not have to pay for holidays or bonuses when it comes to managed SEO as would be the case for a typical employee. Such programs are contractually provided and are a safer choice than hiring a salaried employee.

    2. Deliver a steady job

    SEO equals consistency, and if you have a workforce who could not work dedicatedly, you could not achieve your result. You can be assured of a successful outcome when you rely on Thatware’s professional SEO management team. We offer relentlessly and offer you the best outcome.

    3. Deliver High ROI

    You need to focus on your relationship with search engines such as Google, which according to the latest statistics is the leading search engine so far. Our controlled SEO services will provide a strong and continuous traffic flow to your website at a very reasonable cost and support your sales.

    4.  Help you stay focused

    Any business, whether it is a startup or not, needs attention and does not need to worry about its digital marketing strategy. Getting a competent SEO manager will help you remain focused on your company. If you stay focused on running your company, you will be able to provide quality services to your customer throughout.

    5. We have the right Commercial Tools

    The professional SEO service provider has the right instruments for the digital environment. There are numerous online tools that SEO professionals use to get the best results. Such devices can be harmful to some. SEO is continually evolving and there are new instruments in the market and we are using these resources to handle accounts.

    6. Professional

    We stay up-to-date on industry trends and working with us means you can remain up-to-date on those trends. We are well-trained in the SEO and digital marketing world. Since we sell different packages and products and you can select one that best fits your needs. It will always keep your SEO needs up-to-date and new, ensuring you remain important throughout. We also market ourselves as SEO consultants for WordPress because we explore new avenues.

    7. Reliable

    On-page SEO service is very hard if you don’t understand what is on-page SEO optimization. That’s when you need the support of SEO consultant companies like us who chalk out an SEO plan for you. Even the best SEO consultant companies fail if they are not good with on-page SEO optimization and on-site SEO. Hence along with being an affordable SEO company, it’s also important to be technically sound.

    Many SEO website consultants and SEO consulting companies do not know the basics of internal and external links which matters when it comes to SEO results. If you don’t have a clear understanding of both of these, you can’t manage them. Hence if you do not educate yourself about what is SEO consultant and what are their duties, even top SEO consultants get a chance to fool you.

    8. We help your website add value

    When you have a website that works, that means you’ve spent your money on it. You need to partner with agencies to handle SEO services so you can produce successful results. It’s not enough to get a website to make your website known, you’ll need quality SEO content to improve your website ratings. We will cater to you and target the right audience.

    9. Help you beat the competition

    It is quite fair to assume that our SEO services are used by all thriving businesses. You need SEO as your marketing tool number one, to keep up with your competition. Having a strong SEO strategy for your business is the best way to do that. Hence partnering with a professional SEO web analytics firm handling all SEO stuff for you becomes inevitable. If it’s used by your rivals, then you need it too.



    Per Month

    • All small package inclusive’s from “One-Time SEO”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “Branding”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “Business Intelligence”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “Reseller SEO”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “Advanced SEO”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “Advanced Link Building”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “AI SEO”
    • All small package inclusive’s from “Advanced Digital marketing”
    • 1.5 Dedicated Resorurce
    • Weekly Reporting Frequency
    • Custom project management tool
    • 2 Custom Support a Month
    • Custom strategy from varied resources
    • Upto 200 hours of dedicated work a month
    • Guaranteed results
    • 2 meetings a month with Team leaders
    • Responsiveness 48 hours at maximum
    • Endless revision’s
    • Atleast 1 new SEO innovation addition per Month
    • Atleast 1 new sales strategy per Month
    • On-demand work SLA by 5 days



    per month

    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “One-Time SEO”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “Branding”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “Business Intelligence”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “Reseller SEO”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “Advanced SEO”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “Advanced Link Building”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “AI SEO”
    • All Medium package inclusive’s from “Advanced Digital marketing”
    • 3 Dedicated Resorurce
    • 3 Days Reporting Frequency
    • Custom project management tool
    • 5 Custom Support a Month
    • Custom strategy from varied resources
    • Upto 450 hours of dedicated work a month
    • Guaranteed results
    • 4 meetings a month with Team leaders
    • Responsiveness 24 hours at maximum
    • Endless revision’s
    • Atleast 2 new SEO innovation addition per Month
    • Atleast 2 new sales strategy per Month
    • On-demand work SLA by 4 days



    per month

    • All large package inclusive’s from “One-Time SEO”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “Branding”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “Business Intelligence”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “Reseller SEO”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “Advanced SEO”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “Advanced Link Building”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “AI SEO”
    • All large package inclusive’s from “Advanced Digital marketing”
    • 5 Dedicated Resorurce
    • Daily Reporting Frequency
    • Custom project management tool
    • Endless Custom Support a Month
    • Custom strategy from Dedicated strategiest
    • Upto 700 hours of dedicated work a month
    • Guaranteed results
    • 4 meetings a month with Team leaders + 2 meetings with Founder
    • Responsiveness 6 – 12 hours at maximum
    • Endless revision’s
    • Atleast 5 new SEO innovation addition per Month
    • Atleast 5 new sales strategy per Month
    • On-demand work SLA by 2 days



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      SEO, also known as search engine optimization, enhances your visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs), Bing etc. It uses an array of tactics and techniques to improve the exposure which can contribute to improved traffic on the website.

      SEO does not produce success immediately as compared with other digital marketing tactics, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. SEO will take several months to produce tests. Sometimes though, these findings are worth the wait.

      As an estimate, our consumers have gained over $1.5 billion from our strategies. We have used SEO to produce more than 4.5 million leads, 1.8 million phone calls, and 9 million purchases for our clients – all in past few years.

      Managed SEO Services provides detailed SEO activities in a more comprehensive way! In a nutshell, managed services are the inclusion of all the SEO activities which generally exists. The services can range from basics of SEO to ultra-high level SEO!

      SEO management may refer to the management of your SEO strategy by your organization or department or partner agencies. Your company or department creates, directs, and modifies your approach as part of the SEO management to optimize your success and meet your marketing, revenue, and business objectives. If you are partnering with an agency, your business may sign a contract with a local SEO company or a digital marketing agency that provides full service.

      Since many internal marketing departments take on multiple responsibilities and have no background in SEO, investing in professional SEO management services is common for businesses. For e.g., a recent study showed that 55 per cent of businesses are working with an SEO organization.

      If your corporate associates are with an organization or running your project in-house, understanding what SEO management entails is important. That way, you can build a basis for a competitive strategy that will drive revenue for your business.

      If you want to build a good SEO campaign, then SEO management needs to succeed. Also if you are working with an established SEO firm, knowledge regarding how SEO management functions are helpful.

      The four measures that underpin good SEO management are:

      1. Update research

      Companies excelling at SEO have a thorough understanding of their audience. They have done the research and understand from their business, product, or service what their target market wants. Those companies also know their target audience’s common questions and problems. If you want SEO management to be successful, you need to understand your target market at this level.

      Invest your time in your target market research, and answer the following questions:

      • What problems does my service or product solve for users?
      • What problems do I have with other providers in my target market?
      • Which demographic characteristics define my target public?
      • Where is my target market going when it’s having problems or questions?

      Even if you’ve developed marketing people for your target audience, it’s helping you reassess your past research. Over time, customers will adjust. Using outdated marketing people can cause your SEO strategy to flop, which doesn’t help either you or your business.
      Once you’ve studied your target, you can take the next step to get your campaign launched.

      Analyze Rival

      An analysis of the competitors may provide considerable insight, which is why it is a key part of SEO management. If you’re working with an SEO organization or heading the project in-house, make the strategy part of a strategic review.

      For the study of competitors, it is important to look at the following categories of competitors:

      Direct competitors:

      These are offline and online businesses that you compete with. You likely already have to reference a list of direct competitors. Now, you want to look at their online presence in SEO and their investment.

      Indirect competitors:

      There are firms in search results that you deal with. Two manufacturing companies, for example, can compete for the search term, “local manufacturing companies,” although they manufacture different products.
      You want to determine the SEO strategy of the organization, as part of your competitor analysis. You may find in some cases that a direct competitor lacks an SEO strategy. This is where indirect competitors can support as most owe SEO their high search results ranking.

      Read about the SEO strategy for a client by analyzing the following:

      • Backlink profile
      • Domain age
      • Traffic interest
      • Targeted keywords
      • Optimization activities

      This step represents a challenge for many businesses. If you’re new to SEO, it introduces several aspects of Technical SEO, which is where an SEO agency’s expertise becomes worthwhile. You can easily determine the status of your direct and indirect rivals using the service team’s experience. Additionally, we have access to a variety of resources to streamline this process. In contrast, the team can be constrained by in-house SEO management (and budgets from departments). These limitations will have a direct effect on your competitor analyses’ efficiency and results which can affect your SEO strategy.

      Website optimization

      With your target market and top competitors researched, your company can start the search optimization process for your website. That process can take time, so take realistic checkpoints or goals to approach this task.

      For example, if you have 25 pages on your site, the optimization of all those pages in a month is probably not feasible for your team. You have additional management responsibilities, though some companies solve this problem by taking advantage of SEO copywriting services on the website.

      This service, provided by some agencies, delivers on-brand copy customized for SEO to your company. Even if your organization is using this service, it’s important to note that it still takes time for the results. However, publishing your optimized content earlier can help you see those results.

      Plan on using your intended keyword in a few cases, if you optimize your content internally:

      • Title tag :

      The search results display a title tag. It’s your page’s title, which will attract readers which inspires them to click on your website. You can also use your targeted keyword on your title tag.

      • Meta description:

      In the search results, a meta summary appears too. It is your page overview and builds on its title to inspire people to visit your site. Your meta description should also include your targeted and related keywords, just like your title tag.

      • Headings:

      Show your headings on your website, separating the content into ordered parts. You will use your keywords all over your headings for the best results. However, in some situations, you might not be using it for readability purposes.

      • Pictures:

      Helpful photos will appear on a website for users. Images will boost the page’s readability, plus a reader’s comprehension of complex subjects. If it makes sense, the keyword should be used by the image filename, as well as the image alt text.

      • Content:

      The content of your website provides readers with what they are looking for, whether it be answers to product queries or service overviews. Inside your paragraphs, the use of your keywords for readability is of course important.

      Your team must follow the best practices of SEO when optimizing your content. For example, this means avoiding keyword stuffing and other black-hat tactics which may prevent your company from ranking at the top of the search results.

      Monthly reports

      SEO uses data as do other digital marketing techniques. You can assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your SEO Strategy using data from your website. Plus, when it comes to the next step, you will identify places for change and make data-driven decisions.

      If you’re working with an SEO organization, you should expect your dedicated account manager to report monthly. You may want to monitor your SEO strategy every week in some cases which you can do with our team.

      Even if you decide to bring your SEO management in-house, you want to set a routine schedule to check and measure the performance of your strategy. A monthly or weekly basis is common for the industry, which is why many businesses adopt this plan.

      Start looking at the changes in the following areas as part of your monthly reporting:

      • traffic
      • search results rankings
      • Backlinks
      • Conversions

      To track your progress, you can use resources like Google Analytics, the Google Search App, and Ahrefs. Depending on your company, monitoring the full results of your SEO strategy can be challenging. You can solve the problem with qualified SEO management. Some companies have a proprietary software suite for marketing, which includes a call monitoring tool. This tool allows you to track your website-generated calls, making monitoring of your SEO results easy.



      Services Provided: Advanced SEO

      The business marketing seo model which has been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, below are the statistics which were obtained:

      • 1.5 $MILLION
        In Sales
      • 600,000
        Organic Session
      • Over 50,000