Become Our Reseller Partner

Become Our Reseller Partner

Reseller Partnership Agreement & Terms of Service of THATWARE

  1. THATWARE is a legal entity of ‘THATWARE LLP’ HQ’d in Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 711227. The Company identification number is AAQ-0064 and company tax identification number is CGJPB6316H and the trade license number is GSTIN19CGJPB6316H1ZF. Hereby, in this contract, ‘THATWARE’ will be referred to as ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’. And our partner will be referred to as ‘reseller partner’. THATWARE is also registered with MSME: UDYAM-WB-08-000602

  2. The purpose of this agreement is to provide a clearer understanding of all terms and benefits of being a reseller partner of the services owned by THATWARE.

  3. As per the Reseller partnership agreement, we provide the rights to our re-seller partners to use our ‘Brand Name’, ‘Logo’, ‘Case Studies’, ‘Name of Clients’, ‘Testimonials’, ‘Services endorsements’, ‘Products endorsements’ for using as per will for grabbing prospects and client base.

  4. As per this agreement, all the commercials will be managed by the ‘reseller partner’ and THATWARE will collect 70% of the Gross collection by end of each month. THATWARE provides complete rights and regulations to manage the funds, commercials and finances within the captive of our ‘reseller partner’.

  5. With the above point being said, please note THATWARE will only collect 70% of the price as collect from the client. In other words, reseller’s can enjoy 30% month-on-month recurring profits as long as the client continues.

  6. All the deliverable’s of the services, reports, task’s, meetings, and etc. work as per the services covered by THATWARE will be the responsibility of THATWARE itself. In other words, all-inclusive services from A to Z will be managed by us.

  7. The duty of our ‘reseller partner’ would be to manage the funds, commercials, money collected from the clients.

  8. Our ‘reseller partner’ can promote our services at their will and there is no such obligation on it as such. However, it’s a request from us to make sure all the promotional activities are 100% ethical. No Spam promotions would be tolerated!

  9. THATWARE provides a lot of services, please see here for the complete list of services as offered by THATWARE . Our ‘Reseller partners are granted full permission to promote any services which fall within

  10. There are no barriers to any language or niche. THATWARE can work with any language English, Japanese, German, etc. and also THATWARE can work on any industry vertical whether it is CBD, Adult, Poker, Casino, Gambling, B2B, e-commerce, and much more.

  11. Our ‘reseller partners are granted full permission to Quote the clients as per their will. It’s an earnest request to maintain full transparency with THATWARE. We have no hard and fast rule on the quotes. Hence, it can be provided as per ease by our ‘Reseller Partners.

  12. Before onboarding, a client THATWARE will ask for a list of details from the clients which the client must provide for the smooth functioning of the project. These details would include things such as Website Logins, Host details, competitor’s name, Google analytics access, and etc.

  13. Before onboarding, a client THATWARE will notify the number of updates the client will receive in a Month as applicable.

  14. Whenever a project will commence, THATWARE will add the entire project in BASECAMP.COM which will be used as a project management medium. Read here for more information:

  15. THATWARE will provide 100% transparency on the full journey and it’s also expected to keep the same from our ‘Reseller Partners’. Please keep in mind, we are providing full flexibility on the payments to be collected and managed by our ‘reseller partners. Hence, trust and honesty will be the key!

  16. At any point, if either of the party is to be discontinued from the partnership a written application needs to be sent or provided at least 31 days prior to closure and any pending dues need to be settled (if any).

  17. THATWARE puts no obligations to the currency in which the ‘Reseller Partners’ will manage the payments. It can be in USD, Euro, INR, SGD, AUD, GBP, and etc.

  18. The methods for re-payment from our “Reseller Partner’s” will be accepted in either of the forms such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Transfer Wise.

  19. No taxes or VAT’s will be added by THATWARE. All taxes will be Bourne by THATWARE itself.