Enterprise SEO Pricing

Enterprise SEO Pricing

** The pricings are in USD / Month and the deliverables are monthly based

Benefit’s$1,000 USD$2,000 USD$4,000 USD$6,000 USD$8,000 USD$10,000 USD$15,000 USD$20,000 USD$30,000 USD$50,000 USD
Number of keywords to target255580140200280370450520800 – 1000
Product / Cat / Service Pages Optimization255580140200280370450520800 – 1000
Weekly Performance Reports Yes = 1 ReportYes = 1 ReportYes = 1 ReportYes = 2 reportsYes = 2 reportsYes = 3 reportsYes = 4 reportsYes = 5 reportsYes = 6 reportsYes = 8 reports
SEMrush Fixes Upto 100 PagesUpto 200 PagesUpto 300 PagesUpto 400 PagesUpto 500 PagesUpto 600 PagesUpto 700 PagesUpto 1000 PagesUpto 5000 PagesUpto 20000 Pages
Architectural FixesNoIinternal links In-links + Internal linksSilo + In-links + Internal links Silo + In-links + Internal linksSilo + In-links + Internal links + Data-driven gephiSilo + In-links + Internal links + Data-driven gephiSilo + In-links + Internal links + Data-driven gephi + YMYLSilo + In-links + Internal links + Data-driven gephi + YMYL + POPSilo + In-links + Internal links + Data-driven gephi + YMYL + CORA + POP
Screaming Frog FixesUpto 100 PagesUpto 200 PagesUpto 300 PagesUpto 400 PagesUpto 500 PagesUpto 600 PagesUpto 700 PagesUpto 1000 PagesUpto 5000 PagesUpto 20000 Pages
Gtmetrix FixesG score onlyG Score + Y Slow Score G Score + Yslow + Water fall fixesEntire Gtmetrix Across 3 test locationsEntire Gtmetrix Across 4 test locationsEntire Gtmetrix Across 5 test locationsEntire Gtmetrix Across 6 test locationsEntire Gtmetrix Across 7 test locationsEntire Gtmetrix Across 8 test locationsEntire Gtmetrix Across 10 test locations
PSI Fixes Mobile + DesktopDesktop onlyDesktop onlyDesktop onlyDesktop onlyDesktop + MobileDesktop + MobileDesktop + MobileDesktop + MobileDesktop + MobileDesktop + Mobile
TTFB Fixes NONONOYesYesYesYesYesYes + 1st view FixesComplete Fixes
Pingdom FixesNOYesYesYesYes and all modulesYes and all modulesYes and all modulesYes and all modulesYes and all modulesYes and all modules and Advanced Level Speed Fixes
Complete On-page SEO https://thatware.co/on-page-audit/4 segments8 Segments12 Segments15 Segments18 Segments23 Segments28 Segments35 Segments45 Segments80 Segments
ThatWare’s Advanced SEO Exclusive https://thatware.co/advanced-seoUpto 2 Modules out of 73Upto 5 Modules out of 73Upto 8 Modules out of 73Upto 12 Modules out of 73Upto 18 Modules out of 73Upto 23 Modules out of 73Upto 28 Modules out of 73Upto 35 Modules out of 73Upto 50 Modules out of 73All Segments
AI Based SEO Exclusive https://thatware.co/semantic-seo/Upto 1Upto 3Upto 5Upto 8Upto 12Upto 18Upto 23Upto 35Upto 40Upto 60
ThatWare’s Advanced Link Building Exclusive https://thatware.co/advanced-link-buildingUpto 1Upto 3Upto 5Upto 8Upto 12Upto 18Upto 23Upto 35Upto 40Upto 60
High DA Backlinks4010025045080015002100280040007000
High DF Backlinks10254080120180250320400600
NAPs Building1025406080120160210270400
GMB OptimisationNONOYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes + 3 Pack
Algorithm UpdatesNoNo1 / Month3 / Month5 / Month8 / Month10 / Month12 / Month15 / MonthAs many updates on a Month
Content Optimisation Upto 2 main pagesUpto 4 main pagesUpto 8 main pagesUpto 12 main pagesUpto 16 main pagesUpto 22 main pagesUpto 27 main pagesUpto 35 main pagesUpto 42 main pagesUpto 60 main pages
Graphic submissions (Image / Info-graphic )361015203545607595
PPT Submission361015203545607595
PDF Submission361015203545607595
Podcast Submission123571015202530
WEB 2.0 Content Submission (1500 words+)1 / week2 / week3 / week5 / Week8 / Week12 / Week16 / Week20 / Week25 / Week40 / Week
Competitor BacklinksNONONONO51017223050
Social PostingNONONO1 / Week2 / Week3 / Week4 / Week5 / Week8 / Week12 / Week
Search Console OptimisationNOOnly Mobility issuesBasic Coverage issues + Mobility IssuesBasic Coverage issues + Mobility Issues + Excluded FixesBasic Coverage issues + Mobility Issues + Excluded Fixes + Removals optimizationBasic Coverage issues + Mobility Issues + Excluded Fixes + Removals optimization + Product fixesBasic Coverage issues + Mobility Issues + Excluded Fixes + Removals optimization + Product fixes + Mobility + SitemapBasic Coverage issues + Mobility Issues + Excluded Fixes + Removals optimization + Product fixes + Mobility + Sitemap + CoverageBasic Coverage issues + Mobility Issues + Excluded Fixes + Removals optimization + Product fixes + Mobility + Sitemap + Coverage + Page ExperienceEverything
Structured Data Implementation : NormalUpto 3 main pagesUpto 6 main pagesUpto 10 main pagesUpto 15 main pagesUpto 20 main pagesUpto 40 main pagesUpto 60 main pagesUpto 80 main pagesUpto 120 main pagesUpto 150 main pages
Structured Data Implementation : AdvancedUpto 3 main pagesUpto 6 main pagesUpto 10 main pagesUpto 15 main pagesUpto 20 main pagesUpto 40 main pagesUpto 60 main pagesUpto 80 main pagesUpto 120 main pagesUpto 150 main pages
Press Releases of our choice NONONONOTwo 5 +7 +10 +15 +25+
Penalty RecoveryNONONONONONOManual Penalty OnlyManual Penalty OnlyManual Penalty OnlyAll Kinds of Penalty
Edu SubmissionsNONONO581215202550
High TLD LinksNONONO581215202550
Link WheelNONONO12345610
SENuke TNGNONONO12345610
Tiered LinksNONONO12345610
Keyword Drop AnalysisNONONONONONOYes + Quick Recovery within 15 daysYes + Quick Recovery within 5 daysYes + Quick Recovery within 3 daysYes + Quick Recovery within 2 days
Real Time SupportNONONOSLA 5 daysSLA 4 daysSLA 3 daysSLA 2 daysSLA 1 daySLA 12 hourSLA 6 hour
Gap Analysis Practices Upto 2 competitor’s Upto 3 competitor’s Upto 5 competitor’s Upto 8 competitor’s Upto 12 competitor’s Upto 15 competitor’s Upto 18 competitor’s Upto 22 competitor’s Upto 25 competitor’s Upto40 competitor’s

FAQ’s About Enterprise SEO Pricing Model

enterprise seo packages

1. Number of keywords to target

Keywords are ideas and topics that define the subject matter of your article. Keywords are search terms that a website owner or SEO expert will employ to optimise a website in order to rank at the top of Google’s results for specific keywords.

2. Product / Cat / Service Pages Optimization

The best online stores reach customers through organic search results because of key enterprise SEO strategy configurations and tactics. These ecommerce optimization tactics work together to give your site higher rankings, offer a positive user experience, and boost your conversion rate.

3. Weekly Performance Reports 

A weekly status report is a summary of all work completed during the previous week and how each activity contributes to the completion of a task or project, or how each activity moves the team closer to their goals. It’s also useful for the manager to keep track of his team’s performance and improvement.

4. SEMrush Fixes 

The SEMrush Fixes focus on optimising the errors in On-Page SEO Checker lists that comprise all of your campaign’s landing pages with the ideas Semrush suggests. This report lets you update the landing pages or keywords in your campaign, review your ideas, and send tasks to Trello.

5. Architectural Fixes

Site architecture is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s one of those things that you’d prefer to get right the first time. Whether your site is in need of a few modifications or a complete makeover, it’s worth taking a close look at the information architecture. We assist in the correction of these issues through architectural fixes.

6. Screaming Frog Fixes

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler that helps you improve onsite SEO, by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues. With Screaming Frog Fixes, we help rectify those errors.

7. Gtmetrix Fixes

It’s a free tool that uses Google Page Speed and YSlow to assess the speed of your page. GTmetrix then assigns scores to your pages and makes recommendations for how to improve them.

8. PSI Fixes Mobile + Desktop

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) assesses a page’s performance on mobile and desktop devices and makes recommendations for how it might be improved. PSI gives information about a page from both the lab and the field.

9. TTFB Fixes 

The time it takes a browser to establish a connection with a server and begin downloading the contents of a web page is referred to as TTFB. As a result, the higher your TTFB, the better your performance will be.

10. Pingdom Fixes

Pingdom gives you fast access to information about your website’s availability and performance, allowing you to outsmart the competition with a superior end-user experience. We keep track of these findings and correct any problems that arise as a result.

11. Complete On-page SEO https://thatware.co/on-page-audit/

An on-page audit report is a kind of report that assists us in ensuring that a website is fixed page-by-page according to landing pages. In other words, this report assures that page-by-page adjustments are made and that each page follows white-labeled SEO best practises.

12. ThatWare’s Advanced SEO Exclusive  https://thatware.co/advanced-seo/

Thatware is your go-to advanced digital marketing agency for the digital marketing services requirements of your company and to maximize the ROI. We adopt advanced digital marketing strategies through our internet marketing professionals.

13. AI-Based SEO Exclusive https://thatware.co/semantic-seo/

Want to increase revenue significantly for your agency by offering artificial intelligence search engine optimization services? You’re in luck because Thatware is an AI-based SEO agency with our best advice on how to go about digital marketing!

14. Gap Analysis Practices 

A gap analysis is an investigation and evaluation of your current performance with the goal of identifying the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be. To give the best solutions, we follow best practises.

15. ThatWare’s Advanced Link Building Exclusive  https://thatware.co/link-building-services/

Improve search engine rankings with our affordable and customized advanced link building packages that are framed in line with your varied business needs. We make sure that our packages help you achieve lasting results for your online business. So, if you want to get access to quality link building solutions at discounted rates, you are at the right place.

16. High DA Backlinks

Get manually built, highly authority backlinks from sites ranging from DA 40 to DA 90+, with traffic levels of 1,000 up to 100,000+ per month. Get the most authoritative backlinks on the market to fuel top rankings in the most competitive markets on the planet!

17. High DF Backlinks

Now Get Quality Dofollow Backlinks Packages To Boost Your SEO It’s Your Time To Be On 1st Page of Google. It is one of the Safest – Quickest – The Most Affordable Technique to obtain first page rankings.

18. NAPs Building

Developing an unified appearance for your business name, address, and phone number is an amazingly simple approach to assist search engines identify your organisation (NAP). Your NAP should be consistent across your website, any off-page company listings, and any social media accounts. We establish the optimal NAPs for all of your services using our knowledge.

19. GMB Optimisation

An optimized GMB page helps Google understand more about your business: who you are, what services/products you sell, where you’re located at, and what your website is (so they can crawl it for more info). The more Google knows about you, the more types of searches your GMB listing can appear in.

20. Algorithm Updates

Search engine algorithm updates are periodic improvements made to the procedures, or algorithms, used to rank websites in natural search results. Our SEO processes follow the latest algorithm updates made by Google.

21. Content Optimisation

 Content optimization is the process of making sure content is written in a way that it can reach the largest possible target audience. The process of optimizing content should include making sure associated keywords are present, adding meta and title tags, and relevant links.

22. Graphic submissions (Image / Info-graphic )

Graphic submission is the most recent and most effective technique used for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization through social media. Infographics are basically type of graphical representation depicting some information or integrated with data.

23. PPT Submission

The submission of a PowerPoint presentation is an inbound marketing strategy for generating referral traffic. PPTs on reputable sites like Slideshare rank well for keywords and appear first in searches because they are high authority sites.

24. PDF Submission

PDF submission is an off-page SEO tactic that is one of the most powerful backlinking strategies. It aids in the submission of PDFs to numerous sites in order to maximise the visibility of your website. The PDF documents can be adjusted so that they appear higher in search engine results.

25. Podcast Submission

Podcast submission is an effective SEO technique that is used to increase website traffic and also create quality links. Podcasting is one of the latest trends and techniques of delivering your podcast feed through online media.

26. WEB 2.0 Content Submission (1500 words+)

Web 2.0 submission is the way or technique to share your content through hub-pages, Squidoo, blog sites. And share your website on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This technique will help you to gain more traffic to your site. By using the Web 2.0 submission, you can bring the contextual links to your site.

27. Competitor Backlinks

Performing a competitor backlink analysis, you review websites that are in your industry and/or share an audience similar to yours. During this research, you assess your competitor’s website performance, number of backlinks, and overall online authority.

28. Social Posting

Social posting means, the procedure for saving URLs or websites important links on a social platform. The idea behind is that they are normally used to save for personal use but it can be shared with someone to bringing more traffic on your website or blog.

29. Search Console Optimization

Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

30. Structured Data Implementation : Normal

Any set of data on a webpage that is arranged and formatted in a specific way is referred to as structured data. Structured data is arranged and tagged with specific groupings of text in the case of SEO so that search engines can grasp the context of the content and return accurate results to searchers.

31. Structured Data Implementation : Advanced

Within the world of SEO, structured data is the markup that helps search engines understand how to interpret and display the content. Structured data is one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your website content and increase the sustainability of your SEO as Google implements regular updates to the SERP environment. 

32. Press Releases of our choice 

Writing a press release about a company’s new events, products, or services and submitting it to PR sites is known as press release submission. It is an off-page SEO approach that aids in the promotion of your events, products, or services on the internet in order to increase your site’s SEO.

33. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for evaluating data and delivering actionable information to leaders, managers, and employees to help them make better business decisions. Organizations collect data from internal and external IT systems, prepare it for analysis, run queries against it, and create data visualisations, BI dashboards, and reports to make the analytics results available to business users for operational decision-making and strategic planning as part of the BI process.

34. Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence, also known as corporate intelligence, is the capacity to obtain, evaluate, and apply information on competitors, consumers, and other market elements to help a company gain a competitive advantage.

35. Gap Strategies

Strategic gap analysis is a business management methodology that involves determining the difference between the best possible outcome and the actual outcome of a business venture. It also gives suggestions for how to close the gap.

36. SWOT Strategies

SWOT analysis is a planning methodology that helps organizations build a strategic plan to meet goals, improve operations and keep the business relevant. During SWOT analysis, we help to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (the four factors SWOT stands for) pertaining to your organizational growth, products and services, business objectives and market competition.

37. Skyscraper Technique

Finding popular content, improving the copy, and obtaining backlinks both naturally and after reaching out to the relevant individuals are all part of the skyscraper strategy. The more backlinks your site has, the more authority it gains, which implies the page has a better probability of appearing in SERPs.

38. Daily Updates (Mon – Fri)

We provide daily updates regarding the day to day work surrounding the various technical SEO, On-page and Off-page works. The frequency of the daily reports vary according to the clients requirements.

39. Reputation Management

The influence and control of a person’s or a group’s reputation is referred to as reputation management. Originally a public relations word, search results have become an integral aspect of an individual’s or group’s reputation as the internet and social media, as well as reputation management firms, have grown in popularity.

40. Penalty Recovery

Our Penalty Recovery service aims to determine what went wrong and then correct it. So you get your website traffic – and your business – back to normal, if not better, than before the attack.

41. Edu Submissions

Edu backlinks are links related to educational institutions. Backlinks from free educational websites can help you get more visibility on search engines. The core benefit of .edu sites is to help you build quality backlinks and thus also helps to drive traffic to your website and increase SERP ranking.

42. High TLD Links

A TLD or Top Level Domain is used to help identify the website that it belongs to. For example, this could be its purpose, geographical area where the website originates from, or the organization that owns it. We focus on submitting links to high TLDs.

43. Link Wheel

Creating multiple new blogs or microsites on a particular niche topic and linking them together one way in a circular pattern is called Link Wheel. It is one of the best and most efficient way of building tiered links in the most powerful way to increase webpage ranking.

44. SENuke TNG

Senuke is one of many SEO tools that we are using in order to gain high quality backlinks in a short amount of time. The strategy of using this tool is the key to getting your keyword phrases ranked on top of search engines.

45. Tiered Links

Tiered link building is about creating backlinks for your backlinks. The main goal is to increase the amount of link juice passed from your backlink profile to your main website.

46. Keyword Drop Analysis

We do a thorough analysis of your keywords and generate reports regarding the reasons for a particular keyword to fall down below its previous rank and accordingly find out the best possible ways to push its rank back to its position of even higher.

47. Pro-active analysis

The good news is that what works for SEO also correlates with offering a nice user experience (UX) for visitors to your website. As a result, SEO-friendly changes result in a better site for the individuals you’re trying to reach.

48. Real-Time Support

Real-time support and Customer service should be efficient, easy, and should match the communication medium your prospects want to engage from. Real-time support matters for us and for the prospect because this is one-way information and learning takes place.

49. SAAS Based Operations on SEO Automations

SaaS Operations (also known as SaaSOps) refers to the operational processes relating to how Software as a Service (SaaS) is discovered, purchased, managed and cancelled in a business. As SaaSOps professionals, we are responsible for the end-to-end journey of the software inside an organisation, from budgeting and approval to leaver/joiner processes, risk management and compliance, employee enablement and automation of administration.

Bonus Point

Enterprise level SEO services have added benefits when compared to traditional SEO practices. Check here for further information: https://thatware.co/enterprise-vs-360-degree-seo-packages/