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    Welcome to ThatWare, the most common destination for SEO Agency South Africa. Our team uses the simplest and safest methods to provide risk free, technology driven services to improve website ranking and increased website traffic. This makes us the most dependable SEO Services in Cape Town.

    The four key factors driving our organization are:

    • Result driven Approach:

      ThatWare is backed up by individuals who bring in rich years of experience and understanding of the digital market. It is a top boutique SEO services company in South Africa. We specialize in advanced search engine optimization, web design, online marketing, reputation management, and more. These services are based on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Our organization is the first to combine artificial Intelligence with Search Engine Optimization strategies. We also provide our clients with an in-depth competitor analysis to help them stay updated and forward in the market.

      Our contribution to strategic brand building through enhancing online presence as compared to other SEO agencies in South Africa is outstanding because of our data-driven approach. We have proven track records regarding Google PPC and Search Engine Optimization. We have been in social media management for the past couple of years and have won the hearts of our clients with increased online brand image. ThatWare is well known in the digital marketing industry because it leads advertising in South Africa amongst other SEO companies with the help of its client support and reputation of brand development.

    • One Stop Solution for notable clients in South Africa:

      The African market is quite dynamic and complex. However, we have been successful in creating our niche in the same by extending quality delivery and services. Multi-National firms are the heartbeat of the South African economy and we at ThatWare have mastered the art of growing their presence online and increasing their market share in a difficult South African market environment. This is the #1 reason why listed organizations trust ThatWare with their organic growth strategy.

    • Why we do what we do:

      The ThatWare team is driven by passion and persistence. We get our knowledge quest fulfilled through our service delivery. That’s our biggest kick from marketing when we see your clients’ business grow and give them a detailed roadmap to achieve the same in the future. With us, it’s all about data and numbers. So we do not cloud judgment with words, rather we base it on our result-driven approach so that you can rely on us for a longer time to stay updated in the market. One of our core KPI’s is to take the market share on our client’s behalf to prescribed levels and overcome any threats to it at affordable pricing. This helps us maintain our market image as the best SEO company in Cape Town.

    • Organic SEO:

      SEO is our core product. As one of the leading organizations in the African market, we have learnt that organic traffic converts 6x more than paid advertising. Hence this research has led us to aim for a steady stream of leads and sales for every client through advanced search engine optimization and a highly converting website.

    Top reasons why you need to partner with ThatWare for your online presence:

    Internet marketing and presence on social media is the new era of fast development. It is one of the leading and strongest marketing platforms which helps reach millions of people in one shot. Our research and statistics team conclude that marketing on social media leads to a 100% higher rate of closures as compared to any other marketing tool or method. Irrespective of which product or service you provide, if you are delivering value and providing solutions to customers, our internet marketing services will definitely get you to spread the word quickly.

    • Create your target market:

      The Internet is a huge platform with a maximum population conducting searches through search engines. It is a platform for people all around the world to connect and makes the world so small. However, it is also a platform used for information. Thatware utilizes this opportunity to bring to you informed customers in the form of prospective leads for conversion. We make sure your target market is geographically defined and any incorrect information does not mislead your audience. We advertise and work on your ranking on your behalf so that high rankings help boost credibility and trust for your brand image.

      We utilize the fact that the internet is completely based on “pull marketing,” where customers browse looking for solutions through their searches on platforms like Google and other search engines. Pull marketing strategy helps us attract convertible leads to your website, these leads are already looking for your products or services in the form of solutions to their problems on the internet. Once they land on your website and understand your product or service, they would make a purchase decision.

    • Build Brand Image:

      The population around the world spends at least 2/3rd of their day in browsing and social media. We just need to tap the right places to get lead inflow. Therefore, you can be 100% certain that if your various social media profiles are active, people will notice your products or service and, moreover, purchase it. Thatware works around the fact that humans are visual and with customer attribution, we generate leads to land up on your website through high ranking.

    • Resolve problems instantly:

      Thatware team works with the concept of the lowest turnaround time in service delivery with zero compromises on quality. Once we list your business online and hunt for leads on social media, we also conduct a deep analysis of your target market. This leads us to understand and analyze reviews and feedbacks of customers who have already used your service or product. 90% of clients and customers go through your reviews online before making a purchase decision. We let you know immediately if there is a loophole to be sealed. This gives you the opportunity to provide great customer service and win hearts of your clients. Also, this would lead you to gain referrals.

    • Build customer loyalty:

      Research and studies have shown that organizations with active internet and social media presence have more loyal customers. Building up a client base is lengthy and requires you to be mettle. ThatWare ensures all your internet presence is regularly optimized so that your clients and users can rely on you and do not sink into doubt when they compare you with other market players.

    • Stay in competition:

      The world of digital marketing is absolutely dynamic and complex. However, ThatWare makes it simple through its handholding process while client onboarding. 98% of brands utilize social media for advertisements and promotion. Hence we strongly recommend clients to stay updated with the market in terms of digital marketing and do not let their share of the pie slip because of lack of knowledge regarding the digital marketing space.

    • Stay on the top of News:

      Our expert SEO services make you the center of attraction on search engines through rankings and optimization based on artificial intelligence. We inculcate social media in our package which is the center of all news. By getting involved in social media and news relevant to your products and services, we help you invite people to look at your organization and hence generate potential clients.

    • Increase Sales:

      99% of the population conducts a search engine research before they make a purchase decision. When people need a product or service, they search online, including looking for comments and reviews on social media accounts. Thatware helps you stay active and visible on various social media platforms and increases the chances of generating new leads and sales for your business.

    • Market penetration:

      Thatware understands the digital market in-depth both globally and locally. We help our clients create profiles on various social media platforms and give them a chance to scroll through customer expectations or queries. Our backend team analyzes your target market to come up with feedback and suggestions from your customers. Sometimes,there are untapped needs hidden in searches and feedbacks. This helps you launch a whole new tangent of products or services into a completely new market altogether.You can also engage with your customers internally through your team. Speak to our consultants to know more.

    • Drive new clients onto your website:

      We help you make your website and internet presence quite attractive loaded with images and correct information to depict the value of your brand. Our rankings would help new clients locate you on social media and on search engines.

    • Increased ROI:

      By making use of our services, you increase your presence on social media and explore other advertising tools. No doubt that this would lead you to generate higher Returns on Investments and of course grow your clientele base.

    • Brand Awareness:

      Thatware contributes in building your brand image online to a great extent. Whether it comes to winning new customers or product differentiation, we are all set for you. Our laser specific content delivery and quality services make people informed.This increases your brand awareness exponentially.

    • Build relationships:

      Thatware believes in sustaining your position in the market through great relationships. In the digital world as well, the better the quality of your product or service, the better would be the relationship with your client. Hence concentrating on building a reputation through our reputation management service becomes mandatory for clients to achieve desired customer feedbacks.


    1. What Does an SEO Company Do?

    An SEO company specializes in improving a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). They employ various strategies and techniques to optimize your website, increase organic traffic, and drive qualified leads. From keyword research and on-page optimization to off-page link building and content marketing, an SEO company is well-equipped to boost your online presence and help you outrank your competitors.

    2. Why Should You Hire an SEO Company in Cape Town?

    Cape Town, known for its vibrant business landscape and thriving digital ecosystem, offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and connect with their target audience. However, standing out in the crowded online marketplace can be challenging without expert guidance. Hiring an SEO company in Cape Town can give you a competitive edge by tailoring SEO strategies specifically for the local market. They understand the intricacies of Cape Town’s unique SEO landscape, including the preferences and search patterns of its residents.

    3. Understanding Cape Town’s Unique SEO Landscape

    Cape Town is a diverse city with a vibrant mix of cultures, industries, and interests. When it comes to SEO, understanding the local market is essential for success. An SEO company in Cape Town possesses invaluable insights into the city’s demographic profiles, search trends, and local competitors. By leveraging this knowledge, they can craft targeted SEO campaigns that resonate with the Cape Town audience and increase your chances of reaching the right customers.



      Fill out the contact form to reach out to our SEO experts in our company. If you want to enquire about affordable seo packages and any other customized needs. Please get in touch, we value and respond to each and every request which come across us.

      Why Choose ThatWare?

      Here is how we set ourselves apart from the rest of the agencies in the market:

      • Experience:

        We have considerable experience in how to create a successful strategy. Choosing and paying a company to do your SEO means that you are paying for experience that the company has. We have spent years developing our skills through training and formal education. This makes us sure that the approach we adopt for our clients is absolutely unparalleled in the market. We discover the right strategies to fit into your budget and deliver the same with speed.

      • Professionally trained staff:

        Thatware has a very diverse team of professionals working all across the globe. We have various personalities working together. However, their differences melt down to a single point of conversion-PASSION. We are all driven by passion and love of what we do. SEO is a specialized skill in the digital market place. While many people claim that they can do SEO, it’s not that simple. Many agencies promise you results with extremely low prices and will tempt you to invest in a good bargain.

        However, a distinct lack of experience can lead you to huge loss and cost eventually. Thatware has the right staff who constantly get trained on the job. We are not a team of generalists. Each member is skilled and informed in their field. If you are looking for reliable results with budget friendly packages, look no further than ThatWare.

      • Quality:

        The most important facets of SEO is link and content. We work with our clients to create quality, well-planned links. Good quality content costs us time to research and develop. It takes effort to make it interesting and lucrative to help generate informed customers. We make sure these contents are SEO optimized as well. We post only best quality links, relevant to your website and your industry. This is done on an ongoing basis to keep you updated in the market. It takes plenty of skills and expertise to create stunning content and links. The team at ThatWare are professionals who have been known for this quality work.

      • We can handle any issues:

        It takes years of experience and knowledge to reach where we are currently. Our experiences have made us mature. It has given us solutions to problems in the digital marketing space and we are mettle. The very best SEO professionals are not able to pin point problems. Our experience works well here and be assured, our team can identify and fill in loopholes.

      Look no further than ThatWare! We deliver quality work,openly,honestly and transparently.



      Services Provided: Advanced SEO

      The business marketing seo model which has been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, below are the statistics which were obtained:

      • 1.5 $MILLION
        In Sales
      • 600,000
        Organic Session
      • Over 50,000