360 Degree SEO Package with WorkFlow

360 Degree SEO Package with WorkFlow

What is a 360 Degree SEO Plan?

A 360 degree SEO-plan is an SEO plan which comprises a standard SEO workflow and a sophisticated SEO process. It is designed by keeping the following details in mind:

360 degree seo package
  • Budget Effective
  • Competitive advantages
  • Highest stack of technology being used
  • Advanced technicalities
  • Customized SEO solutions
  • Long-term SEO strategy
  • Recurring SEO tactics

With the above point being said, it can be concluded that a standard SEO plan can be treated as a 360 degree SEO offering if it solves most of the challenges when working in an SEO marketing strategy. It gives long-term and sustainable benefits. Below we have provided the graphical visualization of the WorkFlow that is used in a standard 360 degrees SEO model.

360 Degree SEO WorkFlow

Pricing Plans

  1. 250 USD/Mo for 15 keywords
  2. 350 USD/Mo for 25 keywords
  3. 450 USD/Mo for 35 keywords
  4. 550 USD/Mo for 45 Keywords
  5. 600 USD/Mo for 60 keywords
  6. 900 USD/ Mo for 90 keywords
  7. 1400 USD/Mo for 140 keywords
  8. 1800 USD / Mo for 180 keywords
  9. 2400 USD /Mo for 240 Keywords
  10. 3600 USD / Mo for 310 Keywords
  11. 4500 USD/Mo for 450 Keywords + Extra contents + Extra Backlinks

Bonus Tip:

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