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    Buckle up to optimize your online presence professionally. ThatWare is successful in delivering top-quality SEO Services in Europe. If you are looking for better user experience and acquiring traffic to your website, ThatWare is the Best SEO company in Europe. Hence you can rely onus. We do not expect you to rely on words and promotion, get first-hand information through our client testimonials who authenticate ThatWare as a reliable SEO company in Europe. SEO is the core of our existence and revenue.Hence we have cultivated our passion through ThatWare whose mission is to enhance SEO using AI.

    Amongst all the European SEO agencies, we have differentiated ourselves in the following ways:

    • Investment

      We invest our time and efforts in understanding priorities of our clients and their requirements so that we can build around it to deliver our services. We believe this is the most crucial step for onboarding clients as it would form a base of our future deliveries. At ThatWare we make sure that the best team of our seo professionals develop an understanding of your requirement and prepare to deliver high quality services.

    • Managing expectations

      By this we refer to a two-way street of mutually agreeing on the requirement and service delivery front. We would help you understand the capability and bandwidth of our team and also get an understanding of your expectations from our seo services in terms of data and ROI. At this stage, we hand-hold clients through our procedures, policies, privacy, terms and conditions. Be rest assured, you are in the hands of an authentic SEO agency in Europe.

    • Planning

      Once we onboard you as a client, we plan your deliveries in line with your objective. We set delivery milestones for successful completion and implementation of our strategies. These milestones help both the parties stay on track with the services since we believe in a long term association.

    • Implementing

      The next step is we implement our strategies to generate desired results. You can feel free to get in touch with us during this stage at any point and we assure you, our team would answer any of your queries from technical to non-technical. Implementation is a very crucial step where we study your requirements and sync it in with our strategies and techniques.

    • Controlling

      In this step we generate and lay foundations of a formal control procedure of our deliveries. This not only helps you maintain the system but also stay in touch with us even post-delivery of our services. We majorly check for loopholes or bottlenecks in delivery and work on solving them to attain perfection in our service quality.

    • Training

      We invest 20% of our work time in employee training so that we do not miss any new developments in the market. So you don’t have to lose sleep over the competition.



      Fill out the contact form to reach out to our SEO experts in our company. If you want to enquire about affordable seo packages and any other customized needs. Please get in touch, we value and respond to each and every request which come across us.

      What we do

      • Keyword research

        We use technology in generating the right keywords for your service. Based on an in-depth analysis of your competitors and other market players are also involved in this procedure. This help us to stay updated of new developments and also implement them for our clients. We formally conduct a deep research of search terms and analyze them in-house. This is followed by brainstorming and inclining the same with client requirements. Each topic you provide us, is analyzed in-depth before its delivered to you. This helps us maintain quality of our services and make us an authentic seo organization to back up on.

        We analyze volumes of search technically, we try an understand how each search is segregated geographically so that we can cater to your local needs while taking care of your rankings. We conduct in-depth competitor analysis and scrutinize their online presence and sync your requirements accordingly. We also understand that relevance is of utmost priority and hence we focus on keywords which depict your brand image and also caters to the pain points or needs of searchers.For example, we help searchers with data like:

      • Which questions do you have the best answer for?
      • Which problems can you solve?
      • What needs do you fulfill?
      • What search terms will cover your business services or products?
      • What all search strings will help you improve your sales funnel?

      We hence develop our keywords strategies based on authentic research and analysis before we implement it for our clients.

      • Defining target audience

        We don’t want our clients get lost in data and in a pool of irrelevant population. Hence to develop a clear understanding of the market, we conduct an in depth research which leads us to define your target audience by aligning your services and needs of the population or demographics.

        So whether you are addressing a mass or operating a niche or as a pure B2B organization – Your potential customers are exactly the people we wish to target to give you the maximum return on your investment. The better we understand your target audience, the more directly we can cater to them. Communication becomes absolutely filtered, personal and targeted.

      • We analyze your target audience’s use of language and habits.Understanding their use of vocabulary.
      • What are customer pain-points or needs?
      • What are their interest outside public sphere?
      • Who are their role models?
      • What are their search trends and product usage?
      • Review analysis which helps us understand customer expectations.

      This not only helps us align your SEO technically, but also provides a list of customer needs and communication points for organizations through our content. We create content strategies to deliver content that exactly matches with what people want.

      • On-Page SEO

        We take care of everything that’s happening on your website itself. That’s what we refer to as On-Page SEO. Optimization plays a major role here and we sync in all the relevant on-page seo aspects of a website. This is a mandatory step to success and key to good ranking.

        We make sure there are no programming errors from our side because we understand the catastrophic effects of such errors on the overall result. We undertake a variety of factors into account before optimization of your website and make sure its judged relevant by search engines for your target audience.

      • Technology

        Great technology and user friendliness are inter-related. A website must be so well programmed that it does not have any technology glitches and also load quickly. The right markup must be used to edit the content semantically. The server must run error-free, send the right answer codes and be “neat” by which we mean there shouldn’t be any spam websites or any website that harms your privacy or brand image which gets connected to yours.

        Any redirect functions should be correctly imbibed. We undertake the responsibility to optimize all the relevant aspects from meta-tags, markups to navigation and information architecture. Technical optimization may form a minor part of our service package but it plays a very major role in delivering desired results and Generating ROI. Hence it must be planned and implemented correctly. AI based seo is amongst our core value added proposition.

      • Content

        We all understand the importance of relevant content and how it impacts delivery of services, understanding customers and fair communication. However not every organization is successful in exploring the content space in a just manner. Search engines prefer content they think users are impressed and satisfied with. With content and text, it’s not just about uniqueness, but a lot about keywords, length and primarily about how it addresses to pain points of readers.

        A good content has a balanced approach towards your target audience,its grammatically correct, and covers relevant topics associated to the main topic logically. Good text is infused with pictures, videos or infographics. It is read, shared, discussed and forms basis of further research. We offer everything, from the creation of optimized text for your website or guest contributions and link buildings. We support you in creating a conducive and holistic online presence with our services.

      • Off-Page SEO

        This is everything that’s happening off your website.In simple words, if a link on another website points to yours, Google sees this as a vote. Whoever gets the most votes, is ranked number 1 in search. However, no one has ever been able to figure out Google functions but for sure it’s not democratically and not every vote or link is equal. There are some votes which are negative for your website, they damage it. A good link building strategy is something we provide and it’s important for long term success.

      • Link building

        As we mentioned there are variety of off page factors that Google takes into account. Also, nobody knows what these factors are. However, our experience and research shows its related to number of links and linking domains, authority and topical relevance of these domains, anchor text, references without links, social signals, deep links and much more.

        We develop link building strategies and much more where we focus on clear communication with your target audience. Good links aren’t bought, added or bartered, they are earned. So basically everything has to interact holistically, content creation, marketing, PR, analysis and creativity. Good links can involve a lot of effort, but in the long term it’s the only way to stand out in the market.

      • Branding

        Off page SEO gets far more extended than just link building. Search engines take a lot of factors into account which happens off your website. Here comes the concept of brand authority. Areas like how well have you made your name in the market, how strong is the name and what it stands for, is your brand associated with a product needs to be catered to. Simply put, Google prefers brand and is concerned with your brand image. A lot of business can stand out in competition by making sure that their name is always associated with most important key words which searchers look for.



      Services Provided: Advanced SEO

      The business marketing seo model which has been performed for the above campaign is the advanced model. In other words, we have performed the top-notch search strategies with the right blend of semantics, data science, advanced link building and NLP. As an end outcome, below are the statistics which were obtained:

      • 1.5 $MILLION
        In Sales
      • 600,000
        Organic Session
      • Over 50,000