Market Research Services

Market Research Services


    ThatWare takes pride in its team of dedicated experts specializing in comprehensive Market Research Services across various fields. Our expertise ranges from generating simple data tables with descriptive statistics to employing high-quality statistical techniques for in-depth data analysis. We focus on essential aspects such as field research, consumer behavior analysis, and industry research analysis, ensuring that our clients receive accurate and actionable insights.


    Market research is a cornerstone of strategic business decision-making. At ThatWare, we conduct thorough market research to help clients gain profound insights into their businesses, their customers, and their competitors. Our approach is rooted in empowering our clients with precise market knowledge and a deep financial understanding. By understanding consumer behavior, we assist businesses in developing strategies tailored to meet customer needs effectively.

    Our Market Research Services aim to unravel the complexities of the market by delving into various aspects. We analyze customer buying patterns to understand why they prefer certain products over others. This knowledge is invaluable for businesses seeking to enhance their offerings and cater to customer expectations effectively. We also evaluate existing products, ensuring they align with customer needs, and suggest improvements or modifications if necessary.

    Market Services Research, offered by ThatWare, is not just about asking questions; it’s about finding meaningful answers. We address critical questions that businesses face, aiding them in developing innovative marketing strategies, enhancing product reliability, and refining product design. By understanding the market dynamics and consumer preferences, we enable businesses to adapt and thrive in a competitive landscape.


    As one of the top market research companies, ThatWare offers comprehensive research development, implementation, and analysis through a range of services, including:

    1. Survey Design

    At ThatWare, we take pride in our expertise in crafting meticulously designed surveys tailored to your specific research objectives. Our survey design process is characterized by precision, ensuring that every aspect of your research is comprehensively covered.

    Comprehensive Research Objectives: We understand the importance of aligning surveys with your research goals. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to identify the key objectives of your study. By gaining a deep understanding of your research objectives, we ensure that the survey questions are strategically formulated to gather relevant and insightful data.

    Thorough Topic Coverage: Our survey design emphasizes thorough topic coverage. We meticulously identify the areas of interest and the scope of your research. Whether it’s consumer preferences, market trends, or product feedback, we ensure that the survey encompasses all relevant aspects. Through thoughtful question selection, we capture a wide range of insights, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

    2. Programming

    At ThatWare, we leverage advanced programming techniques to create interactive and user-friendly surveys, elevating respondent engagement to new heights.

    Innovative Survey Development: Our programming experts are adept at utilizing cutting-edge technologies to transform survey concepts into dynamic, interactive digital experiences. We employ innovative programming languages and frameworks to develop surveys that captivate respondents’ attention from start to finish. By incorporating interactive elements, such as sliders, drag-and-drop features, and multimedia content, we enhance the overall survey experience, making it visually appealing and engaging.

    User-Friendly Interfaces: We prioritize user-friendly interfaces in our survey programming. Our experts design intuitive layouts and navigation pathways, ensuring that respondents can seamlessly progress through the survey. Clear instructions, intuitive buttons, and visually appealing design elements contribute to a positive user experience. By eliminating complexities and streamlining the survey interface, we enhance respondent satisfaction and encourage active participation.

    3. Quota Management

    At ThatWare, our dedication to precision and accuracy extends to effective quota management, a crucial aspect of survey research. We meticulously manage quotas to ensure a balanced representation of diverse demographic groups, thereby providing accurate and insightful data.

    Understanding Demographic Diversity: We recognize the significance of capturing diverse perspectives within survey responses. Demographic factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, education level, and geographic location play a pivotal role in shaping opinions and behaviors. By understanding the demographic landscape, we identify relevant quotas that need to be managed to obtain a comprehensive dataset.

    Balanced Representation: Quota management involves setting specific limits or quotas for each demographic group to be surveyed. These quotas are established based on the proportionate distribution of the population. Our experts analyze demographic data to determine the appropriate quotas for various groups. By setting balanced quotas, we ensure that no single demographic category dominates the survey responses, maintaining an unbiased and representative sample.

    4. Survey Panel

    At ThatWare, we harness the power of our extensive network to facilitate targeted and precise data collection through diverse survey panels. Our approach to survey panels ensures focused engagement with specific demographics or markets, enabling comprehensive and insightful data collection.

    Expansive Network Engagement: We have cultivated a vast and diverse network of survey panel participants, encompassing individuals from various demographics, backgrounds, and geographic locations. Leveraging this extensive network, we connect with respondents who match the specific criteria defined for your research. Our engaged survey panels comprise individuals from different age groups, ethnicities, professions, and interests, allowing us to tailor surveys to meet your precise requirements.

    Targeted Data Collection: Our focus on engaging diverse survey panels allows for targeted data collection. Whether you are interested in understanding consumer preferences within a specific age group, evaluating market trends in a particular region, or gathering insights from professionals in a specific industry, our survey panels enable you to collect data from your desired target audience. This targeted approach ensures that the collected data aligns closely with your research objectives, providing valuable insights tailored to your needs.

    4. Survey Panel

    At ThatWare, we harness the power of our extensive network to facilitate targeted and precise data collection through diverse survey panels. Our approach to survey panels ensures focused engagement with specific demographics or markets, enabling comprehensive and insightful data collection.

    Expansive Network Engagement: We have cultivated a vast and diverse network of survey panel participants, encompassing individuals from various demographics, backgrounds, and geographic locations. Leveraging this extensive network, we connect with respondents who match the specific criteria defined for your research. Our engaged survey panels comprise individuals from different age groups, ethnicities, professions, and interests, allowing us to tailor surveys to meet your precise requirements.

    Targeted Data Collection: Our focus on engaging diverse survey panels allows for targeted data collection. Whether you are interested in understanding consumer preferences within a specific age group, evaluating market trends in a particular region, or gathering insights from professionals in a specific industry, our survey panels enable you to collect data from your desired target audience. This targeted approach ensures that the collected data aligns closely with your research objectives, providing valuable insights tailored to your needs.

    6. Hosting

    At ThatWare, we provide secure and reliable survey hosting services that guarantee seamless data collection experiences for respondents. Our hosting solutions are designed to ensure the effortless participation of respondents while prioritizing data security and reliability.

    Robust Security Measures

    Our hosting services employ robust security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the collected data. We utilize advanced encryption protocols and secure server configurations to safeguard survey responses from unauthorized access and data breaches. By implementing industry-standard security practices, we provide a safe environment for respondents to share their valuable insights without concerns about data privacy.

    Reliable Server Infrastructure

    We maintain a reliable server infrastructure to host surveys. Our servers are equipped with redundancy and backup systems to ensure uninterrupted survey participation, even in the event of unforeseen technical challenges. The reliability of our server infrastructure guarantees that respondents can access the survey at any time, leading to consistent data collection and minimizing disruptions.

    Seamless User Experience

    Our hosting services prioritize user experience. We create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enable respondents to participate effortlessly. Clear instructions, easy navigation, and responsive design ensure that respondents can access and complete the survey with ease, regardless of the device they use. A seamless user experience fosters active participation, encouraging respondents to provide thoughtful and detailed responses.

    Scalability and Performance Optimization

    We offer scalable hosting solutions that can accommodate varying levels of survey traffic. Whether you anticipate a large influx of respondents or require continuous data collection over an extended period, our hosting services are optimized for scalability. We monitor server performance and bandwidth usage, ensuring that the hosting environment remains responsive and efficient, even under high loads. Scalability guarantees that surveys can accommodate a growing number of participants without compromising performance.

    Real-time Monitoring and Support

    We provide real-time monitoring and support for hosted surveys. Our team monitors survey activity, server performance, and respondent interactions in real-time. In the event of any issues or technical glitches, our support team intervenes promptly to resolve concerns and ensure uninterrupted survey participation. Real-time monitoring guarantees a smooth survey experience for respondents and allows for immediate response to any potential challenges.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Data integrity is paramount in our hosting services. We implement regular data backup procedures to prevent the loss of survey responses. In the rare event of data loss due to unforeseen circumstances, our backup and recovery mechanisms enable the swift restoration of survey data. Data backup and recovery protocols provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that respondent data is protected and retrievable.

    By choosing ThatWare for survey hosting services, you can be confident in the seamless, secure, and reliable data collection process. Our hosting solutions prioritize data security, user experience, and performance, creating an environment where respondents can participate effortlessly. The combination of robust security measures, scalability, real-time monitoring, and data backup guarantees a dependable hosting infrastructure, enabling you to collect valuable insights with confidence and accuracy.

    7. Data Analysis and Statistical Services

    At ThatWare, we excel in data analysis and statistical services, employing advanced analytical tools and techniques to comprehensively analyze survey data. Our dedicated team specializes in transforming raw data into valuable insights and actionable recommendations tailored specifically to meet your business objectives.

    Comprehensive Data Processing: Upon receiving survey responses, we engage in comprehensive data processing. Our experts meticulously clean, organize, and prepare the data for analysis. We handle diverse data formats, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the dataset. By employing rigorous data processing protocols, we lay the foundation for meaningful analysis, eliminating inconsistencies and enhancing the reliability of the dataset.

    Advanced Analytical Tools: We leverage cutting-edge analytical tools and software to conduct in-depth analyses of the survey data. Our team is proficient in using statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, R, and Python, enabling us to apply sophisticated analytical techniques. From descriptive statistics to advanced inferential analyses, we harness the power of these tools to explore patterns, correlations, and trends within the data. Advanced tools enhance the depth of our analysis, allowing us to uncover valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making.

    At ThatWare, we are committed to providing reliable, accurate, and insightful market research services. Our focus on understanding market nuances and consumer behavior equips businesses with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Partner with us for your market research needs and unlock the potential for strategic growth and success.


    Our organization provides all the tools needed to develop comprehensive research. Our expert team produces and analyzes surveys to meet your Market Research Services needs from online research, web hosting, postal testing, telephone research, and CATI. Other functions include – Data analysis, advanced market research, basic market research, competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, Market practices report, Product Research, Legal and management Reports, Customer Analysis, Web Survey Analysis, Marketing Consulting, Marketing Consulting Market Entry, Product Research, Research Advertising Reports for Research and Industrial Sector, Risk Analysis Services, Marketing Analysis.

    Insights and Analytics

    In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the ability to transform consumer information and vast datasets into actionable strategies is paramount for driving market growth. At ThatWare, we excel in translating these insights into concrete systems that empower our clients to thrive in the ever-evolving market. Our success is rooted in our proficiency to delve into the depths of customer information and effectively translate that knowledge into strategic actions that fuel business expansion.

    Our team comprises over 130 dedicated professionals and analytics experts, boasting a wealth of experience totaling more than 900 years collectively. With a strong presence in 12 countries and 25 cities across the globe, our diverse and skilled workforce is committed to assisting our clients in harnessing the power of insights and analytics to gain a competitive edge.

    To cultivate a profound understanding of customers, we employ a wide array of high-quality marketing research methods. These methodologies are carefully curated to capture nuanced consumer behaviors, preferences, and market trends. By conducting rigorous research, we unearth valuable insights that serve as the foundation for informed decision-making.

    In addition to traditional research methods, we harness the potential of big data. Our experts employ advanced data analytics techniques to process vast volumes of data swiftly and efficiently. By extracting meaningful patterns and correlations from big data, we unlock hidden opportunities and reveal insights that are crucial for strategic planning.

    One of our key strengths lies in our ability to foster innovation and drive product development. By integrating insights and analytics, we identify emerging trends and unmet consumer needs. This knowledge empowers businesses to innovate, create new products, and enhance existing offerings, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and meet customer demands effectively.

    With a global presence spanning 12 countries and 25 cities, we bring a wealth of international expertise to the table. Our global perspective allows us to identify cross-cultural trends and global market shifts. Simultaneously, our focus on local insights ensures that our strategies are finely tuned to cater to specific regional preferences and market dynamics.

    marketing strategies

    At ThatWare, our commitment to excellence in insights and analytics is unwavering. We believe that transforming data into actionable intelligence is the cornerstone of strategic decision-making. By partnering with us, businesses can harness the power of insights and analytics to navigate market complexities, make informed choices, and drive sustainable growth. Our dedicated team stands ready to collaborate with clients, offering unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions that redefine the future of businesses in the digital age. We have divided our skills into two areas:

    Buyer & Shopper Insights

    At ThatWare, we recognize the transformative power of consumer information in shaping innovative strategies and driving business growth. We have honed our skills into two distinct areas: Buyer & Shopper Insights. In the realm of Buyer & Shopper Insights, our qualitative and quantitative research methods play a pivotal role in unraveling the intricacies of consumer behavior at every stage of their decision-making journey.

    Understanding Consumer Behavior: Our comprehensive research techniques delve deep into understanding why customers behave the way they do. By exploring the various touchpoints of their customer experience, we gain valuable insights into the factors that drive customer loyalty. Through our in-depth analysis, we empower businesses to comprehend customer preferences and motivations, enabling them to create targeted marketing strategies.

    Developing Effective Strategies: Armed with this wealth of information, our clients can craft new marketing and segmentation strategies that resonate with their audience. From devising compelling pricing proposals to effective product segregation, branding, and product design, we guide businesses in making informed decisions. Our insights pave the way for enhancing customer experience, ensuring that businesses can create meaningful connections with their audience.

    Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

    Harnessing the Power of Data: At ThatWare, we specialize in extracting meaningful insights from diverse data sources. By analyzing both internal and external data, we identify relevant information critical to our clients’ needs. Our expertise lies in maximizing the use of this data by deploying cutting-edge IT infrastructure. We prioritize swift delivery of customer information, often accomplishing this feat within a remarkable timeframe of fewer than 10 days.

    Building Informed Decision-Making Processes: We collaborate with key leaders and stakeholders to build internal processes and incentives that promote a culture of data-driven decision-making. Through predictive and efficient models, we simplify complex data sets, enabling our clients to make strategic choices with ease. Our objective is to establish a continuous “data industry,” fostering a corporate environment where data-driven insights are at the forefront of business strategies.

    Driving Growth with Long-term Vision: We create growth strategies that are both short-term and long-term in nature. By equipping our clients with user-friendly tools and training, we empower them to extract actionable insights from intricate data sets. Our state-of-the-art ISO-certified data center in Kolkata provides robust IT infrastructure, supported by teams proficient in various software languages.

    Our Scalability

    Customer-Lifecycle Management: Utilizing customer-related information and analytics, our clients can identify, develop, and retain high-value customers. This approach not only enhances profitability but also drives organizational changes from the C-suite onwards, ensuring a holistic approach to customer relationship management.

    Marketing Return on Investment: Our tools meticulously track customer activities throughout their decision journey, providing transparency in commercial return on investment. By optimizing marketing efficiency, clients can reallocate significant portions of their investment, either for growth initiatives or as bottom-line savings, ensuring a maximized return on investment.

    Prices, Promotions, and Assortment Performance: Our advanced marketing methods, analytics software solutions, and customer economic simulations assist clients in price analysis, promotions, and trading terms, maximizing profits from sales. Additionally, our analytical approach to assortment usage aids clients in deciding which items to retain, thereby increasing profits and fostering growth at various levels, from department and phase to micro space.

    At ThatWare, we are committed to empowering businesses with actionable insights, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the market and drive sustainable growth. Our expertise in Buyer & Shopper Insights equips businesses with the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions, optimize customer relationships, and achieve remarkable success in their endeavors.


    At ThatWare, our expertise in consumer information generation and market research services has led to significant transformations for our clients. Here are some examples of our impactful work:

    1.  Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer:

    Our consumer information generation played a pivotal role in helping a global consumer goods manufacturer revamp its product portfolio and packaging. By leveraging our insights, the manufacturer made informed decisions that led to enhanced product offerings and more appealing packaging, driving increased sales and market presence.

    2. Rapid Deployment and Custom Solutions:

    Through rapid deployment of existing solutions and custom-designed projects, we collaborated with a client to seize swift market opportunities. This partnership involved optimizing pricing and promotion strategies, integrating seamlessly into the market, and enhancing campaign effectiveness. Utilizing our proprietary tool, we developed targeted acquisition recommendations, revenue generation models, and customer retention strategies. Additionally, our dedicated start-up team provided crucial support, ensuring the implementation and success of these strategies.

    3. Client Testing Lab for Campaign Improvement:

    We established a client testing lab aimed at improving campaign performance and analytical models. By rigorously testing marketing vehicles and evaluating their effectiveness, we ensured that campaigns were finely tuned before launching in the market. We employed peer group models to assess performance, driving continuous improvement and maximizing outcomes for our clients.

    4. Integration Support for Internet Company:

    Our trend market research support system played a vital role in integrating a leading Internet company into global customer segmentation and business operations. Through our insights, the company gained better insights into customer priorities, enabling seamless coordination between marketing and product development activities. This integration resulted in enhanced market focus and strategic alignment, fostering sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

    5. Joint Research for Retail Bank:

    Following a merger, we partnered with a retail bank to conduct joint research on current customers and consumers working in major banks. This collaborative effort aimed to achieve financial objectives and improve market share. Through our in-depth research, both banks gained valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. These insights were instrumental in formulating strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize financial offerings, and strengthen market presence.

    These examples underscore our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and actionable insights. At ThatWare, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform data into meaningful strategies, empowering our clients to thrive in the competitive market landscape. Our innovative approaches and collaborative partnerships drive tangible results, ensuring the success of businesses across diverse industries.


    At ThatWare, we take pride in our featured capabilities that are designed to empower businesses with deep customer insights, effective assortment strategies, integrated marketing solutions, and comprehensive performance management. Here’s a closer look at our key capabilities:

    1. 360° Customer Perceptions:  We leverage the power of consumer data, market trends, and scientific methodologies to create a comprehensive understanding of customers. Through complex scientific methods, objective facts, and advanced statistical analysis, our Insight Solutions enable companies to gain a 360° view of their customers. By combining diverse data sources, we provide valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making and enhance customer experiences.

    2. Effective Assortment Strategies: Our Solutions section specializes in assisting retailers and consumer goods companies in developing effective assortment strategies rooted in consumer behavior data. We analyze point-of-sale data, compile third-party data, and gather online competitive data to help category managers optimize their trading performance. By understanding consumer preferences and market dynamics, we guide businesses in making informed decisions about their product offerings.

    3. Integrated Marketing Solutions: Our Marketing Solutions seamlessly integrate strategic decisions and marketing strategies overseen by Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). We focus on promoting high-quality savings and budget efficiency by enhancing Return on Investment (ROI) and delivering personalized marketing messages. By leveraging data-driven insights, we help businesses craft targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience, driving engagement and conversion rates.

    4. Performance Management: Our Performance Management capabilities involve integrating data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth. This consolidated data repository assists leaders in identifying opportunities to enhance marketing efforts at both account and product levels. By centralizing data, we provide a holistic view of marketing performance, enabling businesses to optimize their strategies and achieve measurable results.

    5. Real-time Data Analysis and Visualization: We have invested significant resources, including millions of dollars, in developing cutting-edge tools for real-time data analysis and visualization. Our tools, such as the Social Media Impact Rating (SocialGRP) and the Next-Product-to-Buy model, are designed to implement impactful marketing strategies. Additionally, we have successfully implemented end-to-end software solutions supported by a robust model to ensure seamless acceptance and tangible impact.

    6. Agile Software Development: ThatWare LLP excels in rapidly building software solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Our agile development approach allows us to respond swiftly to evolving requirements, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

    At ThatWare, our featured capabilities are not just services; they are strategic assets that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that deliver lasting impact, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the competition and achieve sustainable growth. Partner with us to experience the transformative power of data-driven insights and advanced analytics.


    At ThatWare, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the realm of research services and analysis services. Our unparalleled capabilities and commitment to delivering exceptional results set us apart as your ideal partner. Here’s why you should choose ThatWare for all your research and analysis needs:

    1. Advanced Research Methods: We employ cutting-edge research methods that provide real-time insights. With ThatWare, you can create surveys swiftly, submit them efficiently, and receive organizational results within the same week. Our advanced techniques ensure accurate and timely data collection, allowing you to make informed decisions promptly.

    2. User-Friendly Interface: Our services are designed with incredible simplicity in mind. Our drag-and-drop interface is as intuitive as daily emailing, eliminating the need for complex coding. This user-friendly approach ensures faster operation, aided by our award-winning team, making your research endeavors seamless and efficient.

    3. Unmatched Flexibility: ThatWare offers unmatched flexibility in research methodologies. Whether you need to analyze consumer behavior, assess market trends, conduct academic research, or optimize your advertising and product reviews, our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our diverse approaches cater to a wide range of research needs, all within a budget that suits your resources.

    4. Focus on Market Segmentation: We specialize in market segmentation, allowing you to track consumer behavior across different segments. By understanding the preferences and behaviors associated with each type of client, you can tailor your strategies and offerings, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    5. Comprehensive Product Development and Pricing Insights:

    Our services focus on integrating customer feedback into new products and services throughout the development cycle. By understanding customer preferences and expectations in advance, businesses can save valuable time and resources. Additionally, our expertise in competitive benchmarking helps businesses identify gaps in their products and services, driving improvements and enhancing market competitiveness.

    6. Academic Research Support: ThatWare is a leading provider of academic research data collection products, offering scholars and students a robust data capture platform. Our services facilitate seamless data collection and analysis, enabling academic researchers to focus on their studies while relying on our expertise in data management.

    7. In-Depth Understanding of Purchasing Behavior: We delve into the reasons behind customer purchases, moving beyond the question of “who is buying” to understand “why they are buying.” By exploring the behaviors influencing purchasing decisions, businesses can refine their marketing strategies and create more compelling offerings.

    8. Market Trends and Conjoint Analysis: We keep a keen eye on industry trends, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Our conjoint analysis methods help in understanding the value customers attach to different brands, enabling businesses to make informed decisions without exceeding their budget constraints.

    9. A/B Testing, Panel Management, AD Testing, and Experience Optimization: We provide comprehensive services encompassing A/B testing, panel management, AD testing, and website/mobile experience optimization. Our expert analysis allows businesses to validate hypotheses, test products, and understand customer behaviors, leading to data-driven decisions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

    10. Respondents on Demand: With ThatWare, you can access millions of respondents tailored to your survey needs. We ensure you collect feedback from the exact demographic you require for your research. Additionally, our experienced team can run your projects, guaranteeing the achievement of your research goals.

    Choose ThatWare for your research and analysis services, and experience the power of insightful data, strategic analysis, and unparalleled expertise. Our dedicated team is ready to support your research initiatives, ensuring your business achieves outstanding results in the ever-evolving market landscape.


    In the ever-evolving landscape of business, understanding market dynamics is paramount. At ThatWare, our Market Research Services offer a gateway to invaluable insights, illuminating the path for businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. Through meticulous data collection, precise questionnaire design, and advanced analytical techniques, we empower businesses to delve deep into consumer behavior, industry trends, and competitive landscapes.

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive nature of our services. From the strategic formulation of surveys to the seamless hosting experience, we prioritize accuracy, reliability, and user engagement. Our expertise extends beyond data collection – we transform raw data into actionable recommendations, guiding businesses toward strategies that resonate with their target audience.

    By choosing ThatWare, businesses embark on a journey of discovery. We unravel the intricacies of consumer preferences, decode market trends, and unlock the potential for growth. Our Market Research Services serve as a compass, guiding businesses toward opportunities, innovation, and sustainable success.

    In a world where informed decisions are the bedrock of success, ThatWare stands as a trusted partner, offering Market Research Services that illuminate the path to prosperity. Let us be your bridge to a future defined by data-driven strategies, enhanced customer experiences, and unparalleled market insights. Together, we navigate the complexities of the market, ensuring your business not only adapts but thrives in the face of change.