Market Research Services

Market Research Services


    ThatWare has a team of experts that manages Market Research Services data in various fields that include simple data tables with descriptive statistics using high-quality statistical techniques to test data. We follow a very good field, consumer behaviour analysis, industry research analysis.

    market research services

    Market research is done to understand the businesses of clients, their customers and competitors. This is done to empower clients with the accurate market knowledge and financial understanding. Market research is about understanding the consumer and developing strategies such as products and services in customer needs.

    Market services research is designed to learn about your target market. Personal details are provided in this regard. It helps to understand customer buying patterns and why they prefer your products over others. It also helps to understand your product – even if it meets customer expectations. It is also helpful to rotate the product to meet the needs of the customers. Therefore, Marketing Services attempts to answer pressing questions and help develop new marketing strategies, greater product reliability and improved product design.

    market analysis services

    Testing And Survey Tools

    AS one of the best market research companies, we also provide you with research development, implementation and analysis through the following services as Survey design, Programming, Quota management, Survey panel, Questionnaire, Hosting, Data analysis and statistical services.

    Here’s What We Do For Market Research Services

    Our organization provides all the tools needed to develop comprehensive research. Our expert team produces and analyzes surveys to meet your Market Research Services needs from online research, web hosting, postal testing, telephone research, and CATI. Other functions include – Data analysis, advanced market research, basic market research, competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, Market practices report, Product Research, Legal and Management Reports, Customer Analysis, Web Survey Analysis, Marketing Consulting, Marketing Consulting Market Entry, Product Research, Research Advertising Reports for Research and Industrial Sector, Risk Analysis Services, Marketing Analysis.

    Insights And Analytics

    Translating consumer information and big data into concrete systems that drive more market growth. The company’s ability to drive depends on the market’s further growth in the depth of its customer information and how well it translates that information into effective action. Our workplace comprises more than 130 dedicated professionals and analytics professionals – with more than 900 years of combined experience in 12 countries and 25 cities around the world – focused on helping our clients do just that.

    To develop a deeper understanding of customers, we use a wide range of high-quality marketing research methods and large data methods that create new and innovative products. We have divided our skills into two areas:

    Buyer & Shopper Insights

    Consumer information can help companies innovate, create promising growth sources (albeit not always very accurate), and develop or maintain effective products and services. ThatWare’s qualitative, quantitative search methods and techniques help our clients find out why their customers behave as they do at all stages of their decision-making journey, understand their customer experience, and deeply immerse themselves in their great customer loyalty drivers. Using this information, our clients can develop new marketing and segmentation strategies that include effective price proposals, segregation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experience.

    Our USP

    Our goal is to help our clients develop a set of practical and connectivity capabilities that reflect — and maximize the effective use of data relevant to their situation. We do this by:

    • Obtain information by analyzing multiple data sources. Identifies and releases relevant internal and external information and helps maximize the required IT infrastructure. Our market research company focus on the speed of delivering customer information quickly, sometimes in less than 10 days.
    • Building plans based on data generated. We work with key leaders and users to build internal processes and incentives and a culture that uses discretion in making informed decisions. We create predictive and efficient models, for example, focusing on large value drives. These models measure difficulty with ease of use. In setting up systems, our goal is to create a continuous “data industry”.
    • Bring about growth driven by short-term and long-term ideas. We build simple front-line tools and provide training on using them to extract plausible data from complex data sets. Our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified data centre in Kolkata provides IT infrastructure and data. Our teams are well versed in many important software languages.

    Our Scalability

    • Customer-lifecycle management. By using customer-related information and analytics, clients can find, develop, and retain customers with the highest value for profit and efficiency – and drive the necessary organizational changes from the C-suite onwards.
    • Marketing return on investment. Our tools track the activities throughout the customer decision journey to bring transparency to commercial return on investment. By increasing marketing efficiency across the board, clients can release 10 to 20 per cent of their investment to restore their growth or take it as bottom-line savings.
    • Prices and promotions. Our affiliate marketing methods, new research, analytics software solutions, and customer economic simulations help with price analysis, promotions and trading terms to maximize profits from sales.
    • Assortment Performance. Adopting an analytical approach to assortment use helps clients decide what items to keep to increase profits. Our approach has the potential for growth at many levels, from department and phase to micro space.

    Examples of our Work

    • Our consumer information generation has helped the global consumer goods manufacturer rebuild its product portfolio and packaging.
    • With the rapid deployment of existing solutions and custom-designed projects, our marketing research services have partnered with the client to seize the fastest opportunity – in terms of pricing and promotion, in the use of market integration, and the effectiveness of the campaign. We have used the proprietary tool to develop models of targeted acquisition recommendations, revenue generation, and customer retention and a start-up team to help build and support it.
    • We have built a client testing lab that seeks to improve the performance of campaigns and analytical models by testing them before going to the field. We tested marketing vehicles, monitored and evaluated performance, using peer group models to further improve outcomes.
    • Our trend market research support system has helped integrate a leading Internet company into global customer segregation and business operations, resulting in better priorities and coordination of marketing and product development activities.
    • Following the merger, we have partnered with a retail bank to conduct joint research on current customers and consumers working in major banks to achieve financial objectives and improve market share.

    Our Featured Capabilities At Thatware

    Customer information continues to grow through the power of consumers, consumers and the market. By combining complex scientific methods, objective facts, and edge statistics, Insight Solutions helps companies create their 360 ° customer perceptions.

    The solutions section helps retailers and consumer goods companies to develop effective assortment strategies based on consumer behaviour data. We use point-of-sale data, compile third-party data, and online competitive data to help category managers improve their trading performance.

    Marketing Solutions fully integrates the strategic decisions and strategies that CMOs are responsible for and helps them promote high-quality savings and budget savings by improving ROI and personalized marketing messages.

    Performance Management incorporates data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth that helps leaders identify opportunities to improve marketing at account- and product level.

    We have invested millions of dollars in making related tools that analyze and visualize data in real-time to get real insight:

    • Our new social media impact rating (SocialGRP) and our Next-Product-to-Buy model are two examples of marketing strategies designed to deliver lasting impact.
    • We have implemented several end-to-end software solutions with a strong support model to ensure acceptance and impact.
    • Thatware LLP can quickly build software solutions for our customers.

    Choose ThatWare For Best Research Services And Analysis Services

    We have strong professional-grade power

    ThatWare supports methods that define advanced research and provides real-time insight. With ThatWare, you can create the best surveys, submit them, and release organizational results in the same week.

    We offer services with incredible simplicity

    Our drag-and-drop interface is easy to use as a daily email and does not require encoding, which means you will be faster, especially with the help of our award-winning team.

    Our services come with unmatched flexibility

    Use ThatWare in endless ways. Follow up on consumer behaviour in various categories, refer your company to its competitors, do complex academic research, and do all your advertising and product reviews on the price you can pay for your research.

    We are focused on market segmentation

    Track consumer behaviour in different segments. Take specific actions based on the amount associated with each type of client.

    We focus on product development and pricing

    Integrate customer feedback on new products and services well in advance and throughout the development cycle to save time and money.

    We focus on competitive benchmarking

    Put everything in perspective by gaining an understanding of where you stand concerning your competitors. Opportunity to segment business keys and see gaps in products and services.

    We focus on academic research

    ThatWare is a leading provider of academic research data collection products, providing scholars and students with a data capture platform.

    We focus on purchasing behaviour

    Take your customers’ level of understanding beyond “who is buying” to “why they are buying”. Get involved in behaviours that influence purchasing decisions.

    We focus on market trends

    Where is your industry going? Monitor industry trends and trends to keep your company moving forward.

    We focus on conjoint analysis

    Understand the value your customers attach to the different brands of products and services offered by your business. Improve customer information without breaking your budget.

    We focus on A/B testing and experiments

    Go from “we think” to “we know” and make informed data decisions about A / B testing in all areas. Test questions, products, experiences, or features to understand the effect of change.

    We focus on panel management

    Modify email lists, site visitors, members of your social media groups, and others as your research panels. A well-prepared and dedicated panel increased response rates and conversion times for any research you do.

    We focus on AD Testing

    How does ad content affect the way customers view your product and/or encourage purchase? Answer these questions and more by conducting in-depth ads for important customer sections online and directing.

    We focus on website and mobile experience optimization

    Understand how customers interact with your market research services, desktop and mobile experience and improve based on customer feedback.

    We are respondents on demand

    Buy access to millions of respondents to collect feedback from the exact people you need in your survey. We can also run your project to ensure you achieve your goals.