Off-Page SEO Pricing Option

Off-Page SEO Pricing Option

** All pricings are in USD / Month and all the deliverable’s are monthly based (30 days period)

500 USD750 USD950 USD1250 USD1550 USD1950 USD2550 USD
2 Guest post4 Guest post7 Guest post10 Guest post10 Guest post15 Guest post15 Guest post
4 PBN7 PBN30 PBN30 PBN50 PBN100 PBN100 PBN
28 forum links50 forum links50 forum links60 forum links80 forum links150 forum links150 forum links
75 DA web2.0120 DA 70 web2.0181 DA 70 web2.0230 DA 70 web2.0330 DA 70 web2.0500 DA 70 web2.0500 DA 70 web2.0
17 mix links30 Web 2.0 Profile30 DA 9030 DA 9080 DA 90130 DA 90130 DA 90
7 EDU/GOV20 EDU/GOVProfile WEB 2.0Profile WEB 2.0Profile WEB 2.0Profile WEB 2.0Profile WEB 2.0
Google Stacking and Advanced Link Building

Deliverable’s495 6509501450
Number of Keywords204080160
Number of Target URL’s10204080
Bookmarks Submission204080160
Image Submission5101530
Infographic Submission24812
PPT Submission24812
PDF Submission24812
Podcast Submission1248
Video Submission1248
Citation NAPs International7122540
Citation NAPs National / Local361220
Article Submission24812
EDU BacklinksN/A61220
EDU WEB 3.0N/A4610
Contextual Backlinks5101530
Mixed Backlinks10203040
Competitor Gap Analysis Based LinksN/A61220
LMB CreationN/A4610
Link WheelN/A234
Link ClusterN/A234
Advanced Link PatternsN/A234
Link IndexerN/AN/AN/AYes
High DA / PA Private sitesN/A2410
High Powered WEB 3.0 BlogsN/AN/A410
Authority BacklinksN/AN/A27
offpage seo pricing

FAQ’s for the Offpage SEO Pricing Plan

1. What is required to get started?

We just need an email ID with the password which can be used by our team for doing all of the backlink submissions. Along with that, we also need an introductory call to understand the business or the product!

2. Should the payment be made up-front and how the amount would be collected?

Yes, should be made up-front since we invest the amount fully on our resources from day one. The payment can be made using PayPal or a wire transfer.

3. How would I be assured that the quality will not be compromised?

All of the content and the images would be preapproved before going for any kind of submissions. Hence, we will be providing full transparency on the quality!

4. Do I need to share any logins?

No, no website logins are required!

5. How do I know which keywords to target?

A bookmark submission is a type of backlink acquisition technique where a website is submitted on bookmarking category websites. These kinds of submission are good for increasing the link juice.

6. What is a Bookmark Submission?

Proper images and infographics would be prepared by our designing team and then they would be used for acquiring a backlink.

7. What are Image and Info-graphic Submissions?

As the name suggests, PPT & PDF submission are part of presentation based submission which is very useful for acquiring a backlink. They also helps in increasing the link equity of a website.

8. What are PPT and PDF Submissions?

Podcast is a speech recording or a voice note which mostly describes the services or products of a business. It can also describe the nature of the business as well. They can be used for acquiring good amount of backlinks. They also helps in improving brand awareness as well.

9. What is Podcast Submission?

A video submission can be a short video or an explainer video which can be done as a part of a service or product brochure. A video submission can be used for acquiring good amount of backlinks and they can also help in increasing trust signals.

10. What is a Video Submission?

Citations are classified or business listing submissions that can help a website in acquiring referral based backlink’s. These can be performed on international websites or local platforms.

11. What are Citations International and Local?

Citations are classified or business listing submissions that can help a website in acquiring a referral-based backlink. These can be performed on international websites or local platforms.

12. What is an Article Submission?

Just as the name suggests, article submission is a part of blog submission that is normally done on a third party website. In this process, a blog is used for acquiring a backlink. This technique helps in acquiring good keyword visibility and ranking.

13. What are EDU backlinks?

EDU backlinks are education-based links that are acquired from .edu TLDs. This helps in increasing the authority of a campaign.

14. What is a Syndication?

The syndication is a type of backlink acquisition technique that helps in yielding story telling type of linking assets.

15. What are EDU WEB 3.0 Submission’s?

These are similar to .edu submission. The only difference lies with the fact that the backlinks are acquired from a longer form of a blog.

16. What are Mixed and Contextual Backlinks?

These are miscellaneous back-linking techniques that helps in increasing authority signals and referring domains.

17. What are Gap based Competitor Links?

This is an advanced mechanism where technology is used for acquiring backlinks that are based on competitors.

18. What are LMB Creations?

This is a type of profile creation that dedicates the nature of a business. It helps in increasing brand visibility.

19. What is Link Wheel and Link Cluster?

These are advanced protocols where chained modules are used as a linking strategy.

20. What are advanced Link Patterns?

Thatware provides some exclusive advanced link building measures. These are professionally designed for structuring linkable assets.

21. What’s the benefit of using a Link Indexer?

A Link indexer helps in the faster index of a particular backlink. An indexed backlink will help to scale up the ranking potential of a website.

22. What is a High DA/PA private website?

Private websites are limited in addition websites which have high domain authority and page writing. They can help in increasing the overall authority of website.

23. What are high powered WEB 3.0 blogs?

These are higher authority blog submission websites that can help in passing high amount of link Juice.

24. What are Authority Backlinks?

Authority back links are normally backlinks comprising of DA90+

25. Are there any guidelines for doing a backlink?

Yes, there is a whole lot of white-labelled guidelines by the search engines for acquiring a backlink. You can refer to this link: Link Building Guide to further understand the process!

26. What’s the benefit of doing a backlink and why it’s important?

Backlinks are still considered as one of the most important parts of a ranking signal in the world of SEO. This is very important as this differentiates a campaign from a good performing campaign and a bad performing campaign. The higher the authority of the backlinks, the greater will be the chances of search exposure!

27. How will I be reported on the off-page SEO work?

Our team would be reporting you every week on a Google sheet. Further details will be shared at the time of onboarding.

28. I have more queries!

If you have more queries, you can reach out to

Every single email will be answered within 24 hours SLA!