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    In the vast digital landscape, Google holds a dominant position as the leading search engine. Websites that rank highly on Google’s search results pages enjoy increased visibility, traffic, and potential customers. However, there are instances where websites experience a drop in rankings due to a Google penalty. These penalties can have a devastating impact on a website’s organic search performance and visibility. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Google penalty recovery and provide valuable insights to help you bounce back from ranking setbacks.

    It’s no doubt that search engine helps a lot with traffic acquisition and brand awareness. But if one doesn’t comply with the terms of service and policy of giant search engines like Google and Bing. Then, you might face the nightmare of your life. Yes, you heard that correct! If you don’t follow webmaster guidelines, then you will end up getting a penalty.

    Are you wondering what might be the circumstance to your business and website if you face a Google penalty? Well, a lot can hamper once you officially face a Google algorithm change or a google penalty within your website. Some of the common losses are mentioned as under:

    • It can significantly drop your website traffic or visitors. Thus, as an end result, it will badly affect your business.

    • A lesser amount of traffic will also lead to fewer conversions and thus it will bring down your sales funnel or revenue inventory value.
    • If your website is not in a complaint with the latest algorithm changes then it will also decrease your brand visibility or SERP appearance.
    • If you are hit by a penalty then it will give an edge to your competitors and in the process, you might lose potential clients or customers.
    • In the worst case, you also might end up getting a serious restriction on search engines and thus it will have an overall bad effect on your business.
    • It can also hamper your online reputation and thus the credibility of one’s business might get hampered.



    Feeling scared right? Well, it’s better to act before it’s too late. Before knowing out the recovery steps and processes, one should recognize how a penalty might occur. To be honest, the exact reason behind a penalty can be due to multiple factors (some known and some unknown). Today we will cover 60 reasons which can lead to a Google penalty:

    1. Buying or Selling Links: if you are intending to buy or sell links for improving your website’s backlink score then this is definitely a BAD IDEA. This can lead to serious penalty and violation of webmaster guidelines.

    2. Exchanging Links: many people are found to exchange links within various websites for improving the link juice. The sad reality is that exchanging links doesn’t work out anymore and might result in a serious penalty.

    3. Duplicate and Plagiarized Content: stealing content from someone else’s website will lead to a serious penalty and also as per Panda update it might create a permanent ban on your website.

    4. H1 Tag Abuse: one should not use more than one H1 tag on a particular landing page. Unnecessary usage of the H1 tag will cause abuse and might lead to the penalty.

    5. Irrelevant Links to Your Site: links should make proper sense when pointing to your website. Linking to an irrelevant site will lower your relevance factor and will lead to a drop in traffic.

    6. Links from Bad Neighbors: links should never be acquired from sites with a high spam score.

    7. Poor Topical Trust Flow or Relevance: every time you are building a link or pointing a link towards your website, it should be relevant to your niche. If it’s irrelevant then it will lower the topical trust flow score and it might lead to spam.

    8. Keyword Stuffing: pages should never be keyword stuffed. Using an excessive amount of keyword will definitely lower down your traffic rates. The density of keyword should never cross 1.5%

    9. Excessive Broken Links: Broken links will cause the rise of 4xx errors and thereafter it will not only affect the search rankings but will also result in a penalty.

    10. Writing Content for Search Engines: one should write content solely for users and visitors. Most people often end up writing contents for search engines. But that should not be the case.

    11. Content Without Semantics or User Intent: a landing page must satisfy the user intent behind the content. Content that will not result in proper intent satisfaction might lead to rank drops.

    12. Hidden Text’s: no text or content should be hidden. It is a bad practice.

    13. Software Generated Content: content should be manually written and it must have a natural essence. Software generated content will likely harm your website as per the latest Google algorithm update.

    14. Hidden Links: same as hidden text, links should also not be hidden. Hidden links are a bad seo practice and will result in rank drops.

    15. Anchor Text Abuse: one should not overuse the anchors within a particular landing page. Anchor text should have a natural flow and having excessive unnatural anchors will lead to a penalty of a website.

    16. Exact Match Keyword Abuse: one should not use the exact match keyword very frequently for optimizing a particular landing page.

    17. Poor Language Declaration: if any website is multilingual then a proper hreflang tag should be used for specifying proper language declaration.

    18. Malware: website should be free from any Malware practice or Malware threats. Malware can create unwanted disappearance from the search index.

    19. Website’s Found Indulged in Suspicious Activities: no online businesses or websites should be indulged in to any kind of suspicious activities. The result can be serious penalty issues.

    20. Insecurity or Less Secured Environment: the website should be built around a highly secured environment and also the webmaster should provide complete security over the information of the users.

    21. Frequent Server Issues: unwanted server issues might result in 5xx errors. This can significantly drop down the SERP visibility.

    22. Exact Match Domain (EMD): if you are aiming for ranking a specific keyword and plan towards buying a domain name with the same name as that of your keyword. Then it will result in an EMD act. This will result in a penalty.

    23. Spamming: make sure there is no spam within your website.

    24. Link Farm: don’t get indulged in any kind of link farm or link networks. People think that link farms help with faster backlink acquisition but practically speaking it will lead to total destruction.

    25. Using Private Blogging Networks (PBN): PBN should not be used in any case. It is considered a black hat SEO practice.

    26. Poor Syndication: syndication is a good technique but if handled in a wrong or uncontrolled way then it can lead to duplicate issues.

    27. Excessive Ads: as per the Google Fred algorithm update, excessive ads might lower your website rankings.

    28. Poor Load Speed: as per penguin recovery services, the page should have good load speed. The poor page loading speed will result in penguin 3.0 and 4.0 update and might decrease the SERP visibility.

    29. Bad Technical SEO Score: technical score should be always perfect. A website with lots of technical seo issues will eventually yield low SERP visibility.

    30. Improper Sitemaps: websites with improper sitemaps and sitemap issues will lead to poor index in search results.

    31. Poor On-page: the website will poor on-page setup will result in poor visibility.

    32. Metadata Abuse: website metadata should have a natural touch, overusing metadata with rich keywords will result in a penalty.

    33. Structured Data Abuse: structured data should be free of errors. Enriching structured data with keyword-stuffed data will likely lead to a penalty.

    34. Rich Snippet Abuse: rich snippet should contain a genuine count of the reviews. Manipulating the rich snippet with false data might result in a decline of zero value.

    35. Paid Comments: user comments should be natural and paid commenting is not allowed as per webmaster terms of service.

    36. Check on Referring Domains: referring domain count should be good.

    37. Check on Referring IPs: referring IP count should be good.

    38. Link Building Automation: automation is good but for building links no automation should be used.

    39. Poor SEO Strategy: if a poor seo strategy is deployed then multiple issues can pop up.

    40. The hijacking of Content: One should not hijack or steal contents from other websites. This is a serious penalty issue.

    41. Webmaster Reports: Google search console should be free of errors and it should be optimized properly.

    42. Cloaking: if you show different a piece of content to users and a different piece of content to the crawler then it will lead to a circumstance known as cloaking. This is a black hat SEO practice.

    43. Robots Errors: the robot file should be free of errors. Any disturbances in the robot file will lead to malfunction of the crawling within your website.

    44. Rendering Errors: rendering issues should be kept as low as possible. Excessive rendering issues will lead to a low index rate.

    45. JavaScript Errors: JS errors should be kept as low as possible.

    46. Phishing: this is a blackhat seo practice and it will lead to a permanent ban on your website.

    47. Fake Testimonials: the website must contain genuine testimonials and fake testimonials will lead to a serious problem.

    48. Fake Entity Match-up: all the entities which will be used within a particular website should be valid.

    49. Low-Quality Landing Pages: landing pages should be of good quality.

    50. Poor Internal Linking Architecture: the internal linking architecture and website structure should be proper.

    51. Poor Silo Architecture: if someone has silo architecture, then it will help with ranking improvements.

    52. Over Optimization: optimizing a particular website is good but over-optimizing something is bad.

    53. Poor Redirects: redirects should be handled in a controlled way. Bad redirects might lead to ranking issues.

    54. Up-to-date with SERP Algorithms: one should also remain up-to-date with the latest search algorithms. This will ensure that the website traffic and rankings are well up to the mark.

    55. Low Credibility: as per google medic update a website should have better credibility.

    56. Low Trust Score: a web page must have a high trust score. A low trust score will lead to bad SERP visibility.

    57. Author Tag Abuse: a website must use a valid and genuine author tag. Misleading will result in webmaster terms of service violation.

    58. Bad Backlinks: backlinks should come from higher authority websites, also the spam score should be kept as low as possible.

    59. Mirror Sites: there should be no mirror websites of your particular website.

    60. Bad Host: one website must not be hosted within a bad server or host.


    Below mentioned are 7 simple steps that can help you to recover the penalty as found on your website:

    1. Make a list of all the toxic backlinks which exists on your website and then disavow the file from the webmaster.

    2. Make sure there is no spam happening within your website community such as comments section, links, etc.

    3. Make sure you are not indulged in any kind of link buying or selling scheme.

    4. Make sure that technical seo scores are better on SEMrush, screaming frog and etc.

    5. Make sure all the robots and sitemaps are properly configured.

    6. Make sure that all the w3c errors are resolved well

    7. Make sure your website contains a 2XX status code and try avoiding 4xx and 5xx errors



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