Traffic Acquisition Strategy You Should Implement For Your SEO Campaign

Traffic Acquisition Strategy You Should Implement For Your SEO Campaign

Come what may, be it is organic or direct traffic SEOs has a long-standing nightmare (traffic acquisition) on how to acquire good and quality traffic for their SEO campaign. In a nutshell, we will cover the plan of action you should consider while performing your SEO campaign.

traffic acquisition plan

First of all, you need to know about some of the factors for traffic acquisition. Here they are:

Traffic Factors to Monitor

Traffic by Source

Unique Visitors

 Domain Authority, and Search Rankings

Bounce Rate

Average Session Duration

Dwell Time

Interactions Per Visit

Conversions to contacts

Conversions to customers

Landing page performance

Plan of Action

Based on thorough research you need to concentrate on technical SEO tasks with other additional link acquisition activities.

Primarily, Google has proven that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors it uses to rank your webpage on its search engine. Backlinks are extremely important and everybody needs them.

Building backlinks from link intersect targets is one of the oldest link-building strategies in the SEO industry. The technique itself is really simple and is already available from some backlink tools like MOZ and ahrefs.

Profile Creation

Basically, you should keep posting on new profiles to maintain brand recognition for your campaign and also to enhance the traffic.


Contributing infographics to guest posting sites. And it’s an extremely effective advanced link-building strategy that we will be considering for SEO link acquisition.

Reddit Submission

By increasing post and link karma scores, we can acquire great authoritative backlinks for the SEO campaign.

Obviously, also by doing community sharing, we can have a good link profile on Reddit.

We can do it in two ways.

•Link Post

•Text Post

Article/Blog Site Submission & Promotion

You need to post on high DA Web 2.0 sites to build more dofollow links for your backlinks campaign and in this way, we can acquire more link juice for your backlink campaign and to improve traffic.

Sidenote: Produce as much content as you can.

Release Infographic

You need to post on a high DA infographic site after developing a good and lengthy infographic for your site. It drives more traffic if done correctly and submitted.

Tactical Competitive Auditing

It’s possible that your competitors are targeting keywords that you’ve never discovered. In short, you may not find those keywords when you use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Or any other keyword research tool out in the SEO industry.

You need to incorporate the by targeting competitor’s business-driven keywords and should start working on the same.

Alexa can give you some insights on your competitor’s traffic source where you can implement this on your keyword strategy.

On the other hand, Google Trends is the tool where you can discover the untapped keyword and topic opportunities in terms of your niche industry.

Long-Tail Keyword Variation To Try

If you want to drive long-term organic traffic, you’ve got to target long-tail key phrases. The long-tail keyword strategy is actually a trending SEO best practice.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Inclusion

To minimize your chances of getting penalized for stuffing keywords and manipulating search engines through long-tail keywords, use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).