Although tapestodigital.com is a well performed site, to improve its status was pretty challenging because if we make a one wrong move this site might get degraded from where it was before. It’s usually easy for us to work on a new site but for a site which has a decent amount of visitors also a good exposure in SERP we needed to a make better strategy for this.

Difficulties we faced:

  1. Site already has a good visibility in SERP
  2. Improving the sessions of the website
  3. Gaining more leads
  4. Improving the conversion rate to increase the sales
  5. Increase in positive audience



The amount of user they had and also the amount of sessions they are getting was already good. The conversion rate was decent too. Increasing its stats was challenging.

DATE: Jan 1, 2018-May 31, 2018

Tapestodigital Case Study 01


This site has already a good amount of visitors and good session score working on this site has risk of getting degraded from the original position.

Traffic and visibility:

From the analytics stats we can see that this site has 50% of organic reach and 22% of paid marketing reach.

Tapestodigital Case Study 02
Tapestodigital Case Study 03

Improving the sites visibility more was one of the most difficult task we came across.


As we can see after a hard effort and a well-made strategy, we made it possible to improve more from where is before, the session score is way more higher than before and also we can see that there is a drastic improvement in conversion rate.

DATE: Jan 1, 2019 -May 31, 2019

Tapestodigital Case Study 04
Tapestodigital Case Study 05

There is also a 78% increase in Organic search, before it was 50%, this will help Tapes To Digital to get a good visibility as well as high CTR value.


The sessions have 142.30% increased from previous stats.
The conversion rate has also increased by 612.12%.

Tapestodigital Case Study 06
Tapestodigital Case Study 07

End Result:

  1. Improvement in 2500+ keywords
  2. Strong Backlinks from high DA sites
  3. Improved CTR
  4. Better User Experience
  5. Results to Higher Conversion Rate
  6. Increase in website speed
  7. Increase in traffic
  8. Quality content

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