Heavyglare Eye Wear

Heavyglare Eye Wear


The sole objective of the project is to improve the rankings of all prescription-based products. Also, the sole aim is to improve the sales funnel with various digital marketing activities. The challenge is because of the industrial competitors who were the leading sellers across the planet.


  1. Page 1 rank for extremely highly competitive prescription-based keyword
  2. Improving the sessions of the website
  3. SERP visibility
  4. Improving the conversion rate to increase the sales.
  5. Increasing positive audience to our products



From the very first day of this project, we started inspecting the previous data from analytics to see how is the site was performing earlier. We found out the stats are just average for an ecommerce site to be. The amount of user they had and also the amount of sessions they were getting was normal. The revenue they were generating was normal too. Increasing its stats was challenging for us.

DATE: JAN 1, 2015-DEC 31, 2015


Starting this project was very challenging, doing SEO in e-commerce site is tricky. Need to analyse many pages to get through bumps.


As we can see most of the traffic were generated through paid search and the organic visibility was low at 15%, our main focus was increasing the organic visibility of the site and position it by some selected query term at the top of the SERP.

Although we can say that this site has visibility in SERP through paid search but the cost for PPC is also high there is low chance that those customers that visits the site will end up buying something. The conversion rate may be low through Paid marketing.


The amount of user they have and also the amount of sessions has been increased from the previous year. The revenue they are generating now has also been increased.

DATE: JAN 1 2016 TO DEC 31 2016


The revenue has a 190% increase from the previous year.
The Page/Sessions growth has over 85% growth just on AVG sessions and over 20% growth on new user.


1. Improvement in 3000+ keywords
2. Strong link juice
3. Sales funnel over 1 million dollars
4. Results to Higher Conversion Rate
5. Better cost management
6. Increase in site speed
7. Increase in traffic
8. Content earned a position in Featured Snippet

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