As being an ecommerce site, our main objective is to gain traffic acquisition and help in extreme brand exposure. Improve the brand presence in social platform and also to acquire a good monthly session with higher conversion rate. 


  1. Sessions in a month are very poor
  2. Conversion rate was low
  3. Less traffic
  4. No particular keyword in rank



The amount of user they had and also the amount of sessions they are getting was good in compare to most of the new sites. The sale was dropping as well as the conversion rate, most of the targeted keyword doesn’t have any visibility in SERP.

DATE: MAR 19, 2020 – JUN 30, 2020


The site already had a good amount of users but low in conversion rate and no new user registration the sale was down too. Increasing stats of the site in every aspect for the current position was challenging.  


As we can see the organic reach of this site was already good. Organic traffic is at 36.2% and Direct traffic is at 16.2%. Increasing from the current stat is really challenging.

For this site we had work our way through because most of the basic scope of improvement was already covered. There were lots of aspects to improve for this site to increase the conversion rate and also to increase the sales. The revenue they were generating before was $15k. Our main goal is to increase in sales and make the site more visible in SERP with targeted keywords.


The visitors they have now is lot more than before and also this site is performing well in SERP. The site’s social presence has increased drastically. 

DATE: JUL 1, 2020 – OCT 12, 2020

The increase in sales has been doubled in just 3 months of period.


The sessions have 272% increased from previous stats.

The growth of new users is tremendous from before. 


  1. Improvement in 2000+ keywords
  2. Strong Backlinks from high DA sites
  3. Improved CTR
  4. Better User Experience
  5. Better brand exposure
  6. Increase in traffic
  7. Good SERP visibility
  8. Increase in sales
  9. Conversion rate improved

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