SEO Services Ukraine

SEO Services Ukraine


    SEO Services in Ukraine – what does it look like?

    While SEO for Google is probably the most popular, the Ukrainian market is approaching the topic in a completely different way and there are some things you need to know if you are thinking of entering the local industry. This significant difference stems from the fact that Yandex, whose algorithms are slightly different from those used by Google, is still one of the most popular search engines in the Ukrainian and Russian-speaking markets. ThatWare offer world-class quality SEO Services in Ukraine through a strong team of qualified and experienced professionals.
    Yandex and Google analyze different aspects of positioning in different ways. If you want to rank high on both search engines, you need to try to hit a happy site that requires the most advanced SEO method.

    SEO Services in UKRAINE


    Years ago, we could see the same trend of posting commercial websites on Google and Yandex. Many algorithms also prioritize websites larger than smaller. This is a vicious circle, because in this way large companies get more traffic, while small businesses do not have the opportunity to improve their position in search results.

    Therefore, if you want to rank high on Google and Yandex, you should do all you can to improve traffic because greater traffic to the site means more exposure to search results. To increase traffic you should:

    • Post newsletters,
      • Advertise on search engines,
      • Promote your business on social media.

    Product range

    In order to be displayed in the top 10 search results on Yandex, you will also need a large product list for your online store – stores with a wide range of products take 90-98% of the top three search results.

    It is also important to ensure that your store offers a wide selection of products. If your store only deals with one category, then your chances of being ranked are slim rather than lower. Only 5% of these stores have access to the top 30 search results on Yandex, and at Google this percentage has almost tripled.

    Category page, product page, or homepage?

    If you are focusing on the top rankings of Yandex, you need to think about categories as 80% of the search results tested by Yandex are category pages and only 15% of the homepage account. Search engines usually show category pages, even if your query contains a specific model request. You may get the desired search results only after providing a specific color or product size.

    Category page – what should it include?

    • Well-designed product names,
      • A brief technical description of the product,
      • Product images,
    • Prices,
    • Customer redirect button on the shopping cart
      • Opportunity to filter and filter products,
      • Product comparison engine.

    Backlinks are one of the most important features of Yandex. Websites that show up in the top search results on Yandex have about 3200 backlinks, and at 2850 Google. Both the number and profile of equally important backlinks. They should be evenly distributed to avoid a situation where all the backlinks lead to the homepage. As a result, your link profile will be significantly different.

    We provide services designed for search engines to improve sales, bring in new customers and improve our advertising budgets for our clients.

    SEO services

    Our team of experts conducts SEO testing that identifies technical issues for the client’s website. We also focused on creating great content for our customers.

    Directed to the Google homepage

    With our expertise, 70% of all keywords targeted to our clients are protected in the top 10 in just six months.

    Guaranteed road growth

    Our main focus is not just rankings, but also general search traffic over a wide range of keywords that are specific to our client’s business.

    A service tailored to you

    We know our clients and their goals, and work hard to achieve them.

    SEO consultation

    We develop an SEO strategy specifically for our client’s business. We offer professional consultation to our customers regarding any sales inquiries.

    Keyword research

    We diligently search for all keywords related to our client’s business. Niche analysis and competition help our team find long tail keywords.


    Our SEO testing removes any shortcomings from the organic search concept. As a result, the position of our client site and traffic will increase significantly after our survey.

    Content marketing

    We work closely with our customers to find effective content strategies. We also write and publish good content that attracts visitors.


    Proof of its effectiveness is used to remove any default Google manually. We also return customer traffic and stand behind penalties for content duplication (Panda) or low backlinks (Penguin).

    Our SEO accessibility team creates and implements high quality backlink acquisition strategies, and generates traffic from blogs, articles, and comments.

    On Page SEO

    We perform a complete on-page analysis on our customer’s website architecture page, meta tags, texts and other important SEO technical aspects. By reviewing our clients receive a comprehensive need information.

    Reporting and analysis

    We carefully read Google analytics data. In addition, our team produces reports and provides recommendations on how to improve performance.

    Our services in Ukraine

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    Compare top-performing SEO trends to see which may be the best fit for your business goals. Whether you’re seeking to improve your ranking in search engine results pages, boost website traffic, or show up in local search results, investing in SEO is important for business growth.

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