2 SEO Content Analysis Segments to Apply Right Away

2 SEO Content Analysis Segments to Apply Right Away

    Rendered HTML Content Analysis

    One of the most common JavaScript issues is when search engine bots are unable to identify and crawl critical content on your pages. This can result from general coding mistakes or because the content is not made readily available for rendering and indexation.

    2 seo content analysis

    We’re evaluating differences in the raw HTML with that of the rendered HTML – and the visible content on the page.


    Configuration > Spider > Extraction and selecting the appropriate options to both “store HTML” and “store rendered HTML”.

    Start the website Crawling

    In the View Source pane, this will display the original source HTML and the rendered HTML side-by-side, allowing you to compare differences and assess whether or not critical content and links are actually interpreted in the rendered DOM. The check box to Show Differences above the original HTML window makes this comparison process even more efficient.

    Current Observation:

    Currently, there are no rendering HTML codes for selected Page

    Note: If any rendering HTML codes found, you can switch the ‘HTML’ filter to ‘Visible Content’ to identify exactly which text content is only in the rendered HTML. Then need to optimized those page content.

    Flesch Reading-Ease Score Analysis

    What Is The Flesch Reading-Ease Score?

    The Flesch reading-ease test is a widely used readability formula, which assesses the approximate reading grade level of text.

    It calculates a readability score between 0-100. Higher scores indicate the text is easier to read, while lower scores mean it’s more difficult. The Flesch reading-ease test considers –

    The average length of sentences (by number of words).

    The average number of syllables for each word.

    The formula for the Flesch reading-ease score (FRES) test is –

    How To Test Readability In the SEO Spider

    1) Crawl The Website

    Input the website in the top URL bar for readability testing and click ‘Start’ to begin the crawl and analysis.

    2) View the ‘Content’ Tab

    Click the content tab at the top to see URLs populate into the interface in real time.

    The content tab will display various details around each page – such as word count, sentence count, average words per sentence, as well as Flesch reading-ease score and readability columns.

    The readability column definitions can be seen below –

    • Flesch Reading Ease Score – The Flesch reading ease test measures the readability of text. It’s a widely used readability formula, which uses the average length of sentences, and average number of syllables per word to provide a score between 0-100. 
    • Readability – The overall readability assessment classification based upon the Flesch Reading Ease Score and documented score groups.

    3) Review Readability Filters

    Use the content tab filters to quickly identify pages with readability that is either difficult, or very difficult.

    The number of pages for each of these filters will be populated in real-time during the crawl in the right-hand Overview tab. The Issues tab will also flag them as potential opportunities for improvement.

    The readability filters include –

    • Readability Difficult – These are pages with a Flesch reading-ease score between 30-49. 
    • Readability Very Difficult – These are pages with a Flesch reading-ease score between 0-29. 

    Current Observation:

    Readability Difficult found : 17

    Readability Very Difficult found: 3

    4) Export Data

    All readability data can be exported by using the ‘Export’ button at the top.

    You can choose to export as a CSV, Excel workbook or to Google Sheets.

    Suggestion: The website Flesch reading-ease score is between the difficulty value. So, No action is needed.

    Note: If the website Flesch reading-ease score is not between the difficulty value. Then need to optimize the website Page content to get the better Readability score. 

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