SEO Services Monaco

SEO Services Monaco


    ThatWare specializes in Google Search Engine Optimization.

    Given our experience and critical expertise regarding SEO, with ThatWare, it is not a question of “IF” our partner will get the right impression from Google, but rather “WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN” as we will always succeed.

    With solid 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, environmental results are imminent with our help. We always start with free research and consultation followed by an estimate of the time and cost required to ensure that your efficiency campaign ends with a positive outcome.

    SEO Services Monaco

    Two similar, and sometimes combined, strategies are available:

    1. Organic SEO site

    2. Off-Site SEO

    1 – On Site Organic SEO

    Your website is built by ThatWare or built on SeoToaster CMS, we can directly apply the best practices to your website by making all the changes with Google, Bing, etc. fields.

    • Templates and code optimization
    • Strategic and keyword research, competition analysis and potential customer behavior analysis.

    Implementation and optimization of URLs, Page Teasers, Browser titles, H1, roaming titles, Meta description,

    2 – Off-Site SEO

    We strengthen your PageRank and put a positive impact on your Netlinking profile site by strengthening your position with regard to external links, local profiles, business profiles in directions, and your presence on social media. The monthly report will monitor the emergence of your rates so that we can continue the good work.

    This program is available for all types of business profiles at a specific time and budget that will depend on the severity of your type of business competition.

    Why should you choose us as your SEO project service provider in Monaco?

    Experience with global SEO services. We are an SEO company, based in Kolkata, India. However, we can offer SEO services to almost every country in the world, including Monaco. Over the years, we have already worked with projects in various countries and have experience in Spain, the USA, Poland, UK, Slovakia, UAE, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark, and others …

    We have worked with over 200 customers and over 500 websites.

    • Professionalism – projects that regularly monitored. If necessary, we do one-on-one activities, however, focusing on common projects.
    • Experience in the e-commerce market. To date, we have worked directly with over 50 e-commerce projects. Our best-selling algorithms are used in over 800 online stores.
    • Good experience in the startup market. All the start-ups we have worked with for at least 8 months, up to the next step, called the “investment phase”, or successfully sold.

    How long does it take to see SEO results work in Monaco?

    In short – usually 6-12 months. Depending on the competition and the resources we have for the project. An SEO expert can adjust the length of time after your market research.

    How much does SEO work in Monaco cost?

    You may have already heard – IT DEPENDS ON THE MARKET. Indeed – it is possible. An SEO company needs to do research on the market that you are interested in: how powerful competitors are, how effective they are in Google Search, what website design they have, what content they use and so on.