Zombie Pages: The definitive Guide

Zombie Pages: The definitive Guide


For a particular site if you check how many pages are indexed in a search engine by “site: xyz.com”, In SERP result you will found that 50% more pages are being indexed these extra pages are called “Zombie Pages”.

By eliminating these over-indexed pages can get you a lot more organic traffic. Simply speaking the less the pages you have, the less the problem you need to face.


2.Mostly seen Zombie Pages:

Pages with Thin content

Search result pages

Category and tag pages

Archive pages

3.Elimination process:

By using Google search console you can disavow those particular links.

By using Robots.txt you can disallow those particular links.


By using a sitemap, you can remove those links if those particular links are present in your site.

4.Merger Process:

Use those over-indexed pages to your benefit, find those particular zombie pages and merge to the main site which is been properly indexed and also has organic traffic.

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