SEO services for Solar Panels

SEO services for Solar Panels


    For solar companies, investing well in online search is the key to successful solar marketing. The contract website needs to appear high enough in the search engine results that prospects can easily find. As discussed in a previous article in this series of digital marketing campaigns, a great first place to make it helps to make it easy to use and complete with useful content that answers the questions of its solar customers. To dominate Google’s standards, however, solar contractors need to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

    seo services for solar panels

    SEO is about ending the front page of Google, the first page of Search Engine (SERP) results. Home page search results (i.e. unpaid) are more important than paid ads (70% of non-ad clicks). Also, Google homepage has up to 92% clicks in recent years while second-page results fall below 6%. And when the result is in the first news of the Google SERP: the first organic results see 67.6% clicks, and the remaining five just got 3.73%.

    Obviously, profits can be seen in solar companies that take the time to increase the SEO of their website to rank on the front page of Google, especially if they can get into the top four to five ranks. Search engine rankings will not increase overnight – it takes time to build site credibility with Google search algorithms, but this is a long-term marketing strategy that you should follow.

    Why Does My Solar Company Need SEO?

    Every month, Google users search for “solar company” thousands of times – meaning people want what your company offers.

    But with most solar companies in America, there is no one place for everyone.

    That’s why you need SEO.

    If you are looking for key customers to find your company online, SEO is the way to go.

    But there are more benefits to SEO than just finding it.

    1. Lots of traffic

    With SEO, your solar company will be able to take one of the top positions on Google’s results pages. As a result, you will see an increase in site traffic.

    This alone creates the domino effect of some of the best SEO benefits – traffic is just the beginning.

    2. More customers

    With the congestion of the website, you will start to convert more customers again.

    When users search for a keyword on Google as “solar companies [in your city],” your site will appear in results.

    That means that when they click on your site, you will give them exactly what they want.

    They will click more on your site, read the details, and can fill out a contact form – which is a step closer to conversion.

    3. More brand brand

    The more your website appears online with SEO, the more you can build a product. This is due to its position in the SERPs but increased site visits, which means more people will be talking about your solar company.

    When you stay focused on SEO, most people will recommend your solar company to people they know.

    How to Start an SEO Campaign

    We’ve already put together a lot of other strategies included in the SEO campaign, so let’s talk about how we can do each one.

    Step 1: Research keywords

    Keyword research is one of the most important parts of your SEO campaign.

    Keywords allow you to create content that is relevant to your target audience.

    To do keyword research, you can use many free programs like keywords everywhere or KeywordsFX.

    These programs tell you the monthly search volume of keywords, how much they cost per click, competition, queries including your keyword, and modifiers.

    Step 2: Content creation

    After you find keywords that work for your audience, you can create content next to those keywords.

    For example, some of your keywords could be “solar companies (in your province],” or “home solar panel costs.” After that, you can create a page for each of these topics as your audience wants to know about them.

    You should always write your content to your audience – not Google. Google’s main goal is to find the most relevant and useful content for any given search query. So if you use your keywords where they feel natural, appealing to Google will not work.

    Turn digital into a powerhouse for earnings and revenue.

    Step 3: Clean HTML

    Having a clean code is another important part of SEO.

    When we say “pure code,” we mean that every part of your code works for a purpose. Some of the most important pieces of your site code include meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags.

    All of these things tell Google important information about your pages so that Google understands and ranks them better.

    Backlinks are very important in SEO because they act as a vote of confidence from other authoritative sites. You should aim to find links to your content if you want them to rank well in search engines.

    For example, if you know a powerful solar blogger, having him link to your company’s website shows Google that you are a reliable source for your industry.

    In Google’s eyes, that’s why someone connects with you.

    This shows Google that you have to be an industry leader again.

    Step 5: Web design

    While some people think web design is an alternative to SEO, the design of your site directly affects how users interact with it, making it an integral part of your SEO strategy.

    The design of your site should include a navigation bar and a site map that allow users to find exactly what they want on your website. It should also have a clean and orderly appearance that looks professional.

    Google is all about the user experience, and the design of your site is part of their experience!

    Does your solar company need help starting an SEO campaign?

    If you know that SEO is what your solar company needs, but you do not have the knowledge or ability to start, ThatWare can help.

    We are a fully-fledged digital marketing agency working with SEO. We will make sure that we find all the keywords that are most beneficial and create content that attracts potential buyers to your website.

    Contact us today to talk to your doctor about the free dose!