SEO Services For Sewing

SEO Services For Sewing


    When you chose THATWARE SEO, specialists and artificial intelligence work together to refine the platform and get in more clients.

    SEO Services For Sewing

    You want people to see your sewing and seamstress website until it’s launched! THATWARE SEO operates to have the website included in search engines and databases where potential buyers are searching for similar goods or services.

    It is operated by machines and fine-tuned by humans, saving you time and money without compromising performance. THATWARE is able to deliver a versatile SEO service for only $99/month. Due to the pace at which our AI conducts keyword testing, allowing experts to concentrate on content and design. Use our advanced SEO services at the best price, it will help your website to rank faster.


    To gather some benchmark metrics and map the effect of our activities, we first assess your existing search ranking and traffic.

    Then we look into which search terms are most likely to drive traffic to your website. Our algorithms achieve this by identifying keywords that are important to your market and common enough to try, but not so popular that improving your rating would be difficult.

    Basically, common keywords for sewing and seamstress facilities. For example, don’t always imply they’re the right match for your website. We’ll do all of the legwork for you!

    More online resources to help you expand your sewing and seamstress company

    Here’s an example of what THATWARE SEO can do to help the website produce leads and push traffic.

    • Metrics monitoring

    Data on the keywords, search rankings, and traffic is gathered.

    • Report on the website every month

    You’ll never stop progressing with monthly metrics and recommendations.

    • Expert assistance

    SEO is complicated, but you can always get in touch with a THATWARE expert for guidance

    • Dedicated customer satisfaction

    Members of our client success team are leaders in their own right and eager to assist.

    • On-page improvements

    We update your site so that it follows Google’s best practices for content

    • Online listings

    Expand awareness with listings on relevant search engines and directories

    Several customizations can be added in only a few clicks so you can build a high-quality website fast.

    Pro tip: The THATWARE website editor includes expert mode, which gives you or your web expert the ability to add extra layers of customization.

    Build your sewing pattern & craft business with expert marketing help

    Do you want to grow your business? Build that email list that consistently drives traffic and sales? Develop an amazing website and maintain it easily? Learn how to be confident on live video?

    All of this is possible – and you can succeed at it!

    There has never been a better time to launch and grow a sewing pattern/online craft business than right now.

    Sign up for our FREE one-hour consulting session. We will plan as many ideas as we can generate – completely tailored to your business – in one hour!

    Marketing Acuity works with e-commerce retailers in the sewing and craft industry with • Social media strategy development • Digital marketing strategy • Facebook Group/community development, management • Social customer service • Website development • E-mail marketing consulting • Content development consulting and execution

    We are Thatware. Thatware specializes in training entrepreneurs to accelerate their marketing through expert coaching. We are a start-up coach with international experience working with lifestyle and craft brands, including sewing pattern designers. We help designers grow their businesses. From pricing strategy, product and website review to a how-to for the tricky things like lead conversions, SEO services for sewing and video. And you get a lot of coaching and support along the way to success.

    Want to know what is possible? How about 25-50% growth in your business year over year. How about 150% more revenue after just a few coaching sessions?

    Build your creative business online with expert, patient marketing help.

    You Work with Competitive Companies?

    We work with companies that, on the surface, are competitors. Believe it or not, most of the passionate community members in sewing communities cross over and love many independent pattern companies, fabric retailers and bloggers. They follow you because someone else followed you whom they like. And they’re omnivores of good sewing patterns, fabric, advice and information.

    How Focusing on the Whole Industry Benefit the Clients Who Work with Us?

    We don’t want to slice the pie (market share), we are interested in making the pie a whole lot bigger! We recognize the efforts – collectively – as an industry, rise the already growing tide of people who sew for creativity, relaxation and the profound power of sharing their ‘makes’. Let us help you see the industry in a new light – surrounded by collaborations and opportunities, not divided up into little wedges of market share. With libraries built on ‘things’ like sewing machine lending and serger and embroidery machine lending, your customers are coming into sewing from all angles. The explosion of online fabric and pattern ‘clubs’ (groups, flash sales, bundles, and stocking happy hour events) has transformed the industry. And it’s only going to continue.

    Each client has a unique offering of patterns. Very few pattern companies make the exact same pattern or have precisely the same brand ethos. And your customers want to buy from all of you. Promotional strategies, new product development – all of these fall under NDA contracts and we respect these NDAs very seriously. For some clients, we involved in assisting with projects like Facebook advertising or e-mail marketing consulting. Similarly, for others, we manage live video, customer service and e-commerce services. For others, we work on content development consulting, brand strategy consulting and assisting with speciality services such as SEO services for the sewing and craft industry.

    What Does it Cost?

    It’s affordable for the services offered, packages are tailored to each client and project-by-project consulting is available. Marketing investment is just that, an investment.