SEO Services Kuwait

SEO Services Kuwait


    Kuwait SEO is similar and different from SEO Services Kuwait in other Arab World countries. In this guide, we will discuss many things that can help position a website well in SEO Services Kuwait. And in many cases the whole Arab world. If you want to get help with SEO in Kuwait or just want to get more traffic from rich Kuwaitis to your website this guide should be helpful.

    SEO Services in kuwait

    Why you want to rate Google on Kuwait

    Kuwait is part of a rich group of Arab countries called the GCC. In our experience, it is the third most important country in the port for a number of reasons. But the most important reason is its GDP per capita is about $ 33,500 and has no personal income tax. This makes Central Kuwait’s preferred income larger. This is higher than Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. It also has the largest number of four in the GCC with a population of just over 4.1 million. Finally, because the world is so small, many material retailers are unable to carry the selected range of products as retailers in major countries can handle it. This means that Kuwaitis often goes online to find products that local retailers have not been able to keep in stock. Google rating in Kuwait will help you attract these Kuwaiti customers who are looking for more options.

    How is Kuwait different from other Arab online countries online?

    A few things make Kuwait different from other Gulf states.

    1. It is basically one big city
    2. Not a big tourist attraction
    3. It is more segregated than other GCC countries
    4. Large international ecommerce companies often have no local availability in Kuwait.
    5. Due to the lack of diversity in the local market Kuwaitis is used to buy online more than other countries in the region.

    Listing keys in Kuwait

    Arabic language

    Arabic language is important in your SEO Services Kuwait. Kuwaitis are Arab and their first language is Arabic so marketing them on Arabic pages on the Arab website will be very effective. As in many other Arab countries, this is probably the most important thing to increase your traffic from Kuwait. There are usually very few websites in Arabic so competition in Google is much less than in English.

    Apart from the importance of Arabic, many Kuwaitians are taught in English and prefer to use English online so using English keywords is also important. About one-third of Kuwaiti residents are foreign workers so your access plan in English will also be important for your SEO.

    Unlike other countries around the world getting local links from Kuwait does not seem to be a major aspect of quality in Kuwait. We think this is due to the small number of websites based in Kuwait in general. We found that obtaining regional links from other Middle Eastern countries could help you rank better and in testing we found that international links from outside the region often work when links are naturally attracted.


    We often find that .com and other non-local domains can do well in Kuwait. However, if you have a large number of domains and want a strong presence in Kuwait it would make sense to buy a .com domain. Buying a Kwaiti domain extension requires the use of a trust service and that the company has a registered trademark. And it is more time consuming and expensive than buying .com so in most cases it is not worth the effort unless you are physically present in Kuwait.

    Regional Management

    Until recently regional hosting options at GCC were not available on smaller websites. So on most websites, we would recommend hosting your website in Europe if you are looking for Kuwait. However, recently Amazon AWS started offering hosting in Bahrain and Alibaba is now offering to host in the UAE. Both corporate server locations are close to Kuwait so for large websites doing a lot of business in the region, it would make sense to host the GCC.

    Local SEO in Kuwait

    If you’re in Kuwait setting up a Google My Business profile to appear in the local search results package would make sense. If you do not have a physical presence in Kuwait but you see many keywords you want to direct with location map effects from Google you can invest in setting up a visible office address using service companies such as Regus and set up a Google My Business account with that address. That said with many types of online businesses you don’t deserve the effort to do this.

     Kuwait Geo-focused components

    Kuwait is a small country and basically has one big city with a widespread of cities so geo-targeting for SEO purposes will not work as it does in large countries with many cities. That means you can refer to the regions in Kuwait in some cases.