SEO Services Greece

SEO Services Greece


    These days most Internet users use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find products or services. SEO Services Greece is necessary for all Greece. Therefore, as Web search has become one of the most popular activities, it is important for businesses to have their own website in the search engine results when users enter certain keywords.


    To achieve this, website promotion with search engines is absolutely necessary. In other words, it is necessary to use search engine optimization (SEO) and paid registration (Adwords campaigns).

    Having many years of experience in the Internet marketing domain, Thatware in Athens, Greece, offers the best SEO services. The steps we follow to optimize a search engine vary and are not only related to the structure and content of your website (on the SEO site) but also on other things (other than site SEO).

    👉Some of the SEO services Offered by Thatware are as follows:                                                                         

    A good design search engine for your website (good SEO design)

    • Research and use of keywords related to your products or services
    • Site submissions are indexes related to your niche
    • Monthly monitoring your search engine rankings for specific keywords

    At Thatware we are fully aware that website optimization with search engines is important for your business, as it can strengthen your online presence and increase your website visitors. Therefore, our SEO services aim to improve your rankings so that your website appears in the top search engine results.

    For more information about our SEO services, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can explore opportunities to improve your website’s search engine.

    👉Why Invest in Search Engine Optimization?

    Achieve high levels in search engine results and win huge numbers of new customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO enhances your company’s visibility in the digital world, adds credibility to your reputation and increases your organic capacity. At Thatware we expand your websites using a 50-factor SEO check using the most up-to-date and unique SEO techniques.

    👉Keyword Research

    We do a thorough research to find the most popular keywords in your business field. In this way, we determine which keywords are most commonly used in online search and we customize your content by including the appropriate frequency for your website. At the same time, we focus on the use of keywords while developing your link building strategy.

    👉On Page SEO

    We are expanding the website using the latest On-Page SEO methods. We pay attention to all the features that search engines and search engines make, making your websites completely SEO-friendly: title tags, URLs, keywords, titles, meta titles and descriptions, image usability, internal links, relevant content and -SEO & structure etc.

    👉User Experience

    We focus on the visitor experience of your website or e-shop, because this is one of the most critical aspects of SEO. We adjust the design of your website in a way that enhances the User Experience, while identifying features such as: mobile design, quality content, responsive layout, navigation menu and optimal page speed.

    👉SEO Tools

    We use the most up-to-date and specialized SEO tools to improve the quality of your website. Based on our valuable knowledge and experience, we use the most powerful SEO tools, such as Search Console, Google Analytics, mobile friendly tests and more. By combining advanced technologies and sophisticated techniques, we place you directly at the top of Google search results.

    👉Off-page SEO

    Lastly, our Off-Page SEO activities add a lasting touch to your Website. By perfecting Off-Page SEO for your website, you are ready to win the top results of any search engine. For example: we redefine your link structure, share your content on social media and publish your blog posts on affiliate websites (guest blogs).

    👉Our Services

    ThatWare is pleased to provide companies in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, with an extensive array of SEO services. We are committed to assisting companies around Greece in increasing their online presence, drawing in targeted visitors, and achieving their digital marketing objectives as the top SEO and marketing firm in Athens, GA.


    Being a dynamic city with a flourishing business sector, Athens, Georgia is aware of the need of maintaining a strong online presence in the current digital era. For this reason, we provide excellent SEO services that are especially suited to Athens firms. Our team of seasoned SEO experts collaborates closely with our customers to create tailored SEO strategies that meet their particular requirements and objectives.

    Businesses utilizing our Athens GA SEO services might anticipate:

    • Thorough SEO Audits: To evaluate the present condition of our customers’ websites and pinpoint areas for development, we begin with thorough SEO audits. This include examining the backlink profile, content quality, website structure, and other factors.
    • On-Page Optimization: To make sure that our customers’ websites are appropriately optimized for search engines, we optimize a variety of on-page components, including meta tags, headers, content, and pictures.
    • Off-Page SEO: In order to increase the authority and credibility of our customers’ websites, we also concentrate on off-page SEO strategies including influencer outreach, social media marketing, and link building.
    • Local SEO: We use local SEO tactics to increase exposure in local search results and draw in nearby clients for Athens companies that cater to the neighbourhood.
    • Content Creation: Successful SEO requires relevant, high-quality content. Our team of content writers creates interesting, search engine optimized material that appeals to the target demographic of our customers and raises their search engine rankings.
    • Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Search engine optimization is a continuous activity. To guarantee the best outcomes, we constantly monitor the websites of our clients, examine performance indicators, and make the required corrections.


    Another flourishing city in Greece is Thessaloniki, and companies in this area may also benefit from our SEO agency in Greece. As a top provider of SEO services in Thessaloniki, we focus on site development and design to provide companies a powerful online presence and increase clientele.

    👉Our SEO services in Thessaloniki include:

    • Customized Web Design: We build aesthetically attractive, intuitive websites that are search engine optimized and offer users a smooth surfing experience.
    • Web development: With a focus on efficiency, security, and search engine optimization, our team of talented developers creates scalable, reliable websites.
    • Mobile Optimization: To enhance user experience and search engine rankings, we make sure that our customers’ websites are properly optimized for mobile users, given the growing popularity of mobile devices.
    • E-Commerce Solutions: We provide specialized e-commerce solutions that are intended to increase sales and return on investment for companies wishing to sell goods online.
    • Website maintenance: To keep our clients’ websites safe, current, and search engine optimized, we offer continuous website maintenance and support services.

     All things considered, ThatWare has the knowledge and experience to assist your Athens or Thessaloniki-based company in reaching its SEO and digital marketing objectives. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our SEO services and how we can support the online growth of your company.