SEO Services for Kitchen

SEO Services for Kitchen


    If you’re like most remodeling firms, you’re probably getting 20 emails a day promising to make your website number one on Google. If something seems to be too good to be true. It probably is in terms of SEO services for the kitchen! It can be difficult to tell reality from fiction when there are a million self-proclaimed “remodeler SEO experts”. That is never a consideration for us. At ThatWare, we provide complete transparency and data-driven services.

    SEO Services for Kitchen

    For your website to rank above the rest of the kitchen remodeling firms, you’ll need three things:

    1. Search engines must be able to find, read, index, and rate your website code.

    2. Your onsite content (copy/text) should define your company as a kitchen remodeling authority.

    3. Offsite variables (such as links from other authoritative sites) must be optimized to boost the authority of your site.

    ThatWare provides full SEO services to remodeling companies that are ready to use right away to boost the three metrics mentioned above. For several of our kitchen remodeling customers, the end result is a massive increase in website traffic, leads, and sales!

    In just one year of using our services, one of our remodeling clients saw a rise of 80% in overall monitored leads!

    3,485 – the number of keywords for which the same client actually ranks first on Google!

    Only in one year of using our services, another of our remodeling clients saw a 113 percent rise in non-branded organic traffic to their website!

    In just eight months, the same client saw a 540 percent rise in Houzz visits!

    In-Depth Look at the Kitchen Remodeler SEO Process


    You can’t optimize something you don’t calculate (accurately). Every service provided by ThatWare is built on accurate monitoring. We promote our clients’ companies as if they were our own. We promote our clients’ companies as if they were our own. Then, we must first examine your marketing in the same way that a great CFO will examine your financials in order to provide you with informed decisions regarding your ads, marketing, SEO, and website. The majority of SEO firms boast about their rankings and traffic. What’s more, guess what? If you’re not seeing growth in benefit, sales, and booked jobs from organic searches (for words other than your company name! ), none of these metrics matter.

    Since SEO is a zero-sum game, you must leapfrog websites that are currently considered to be better designed than yours in order to move higher up in the organic search results. “How much SEO do I need?” is one of the most popular questions we get from kitchen remodelers. You can’t (intelligently) respond to this question without first researching the other kitchen remodeling and renovation companies in your city.

    A client intake so that our account managers can see the business from the viewpoint of the owner.

    Analytics and SEO program implementation (we use a suite of tools that no other SEO company has).

    Keyword analysis and recognition.

    Study of competitors.

    Analyze and evaluate the code, structure, and content of your website.

    Analyze and evaluate your company’s online presence (linkscape, social media, etc.).

    Our SEO audit process produces a summary report as well as an SEO plan, which our team will bring to you (allowing time for extensive Q&A).


    The second step in the kitchen remodeler SEO process is to make any fundamental changes needed to promote your ongoing SEO performance, using the data gathered during the SEO audit process. For example, you need well-optimized onsite content to rank well on Google. However, if your website not coded and organized correctly. The search engines will never see the great content you make. If problems with code and site structure discovered during the SEO audit process. They must addressed before any content optimizations can take place.

    Although each situation is different, common foundational improvements include revising your website’s title and meta tags, renaming various web pages, giving your website files a more logical structure, improving your website speed (load speed is a known ranking factor), enhancing your local SEO by creating more geographically relevant content, and even recoding your website into a constrained platform (CMS).


    The next step in the SEO process is to update the content on your website and, if possible, build new website pages once you have the right foundation in place and the right keywords. Google, contrary to popular belief, does not rate websites; rather, it ranks web PAGES. Each page of your site’s content gives you the chance to rank for a particular collection of related keywords.

    Consider your website as a fishing boat, with each page of content acting as a baited line thrown into the vast Internet sea of fish. More fish (visits, leads, and sales!) means more lines in the water (pages on your website)! Your website’s content must not only target your top keywords. But it must also build your company as the authority for what you do in the markets where you do it.

    The majority of remodeling companies despise writing website copy! That’s fine; ThatWare has in-house copywriters (directly employed by ThatWare) who specialize in producing exclusive, original, appropriate, and authoritative content for kitchen remodelers and renovation companies.


    Starting with your Google My Business profile, the final step in the SEO process is to optimize your total online footprint.

    The majority of homeowners and property managers prefer a remodeler who is familiar with the city. When people search for things like “remodeler near me” or “home renovation in [city, state], Google and other search engines display what’s known as the local pack (also called map listings):

    You’ll need a perfect Google My Business page to rank in the local pack. We’ll take care of it for you. And make sure it’s all up to date with the most recent details with our local SEO services. Learn how ThatWare can help your kitchen remodeling business expand through SEO. Contact one of our SEO experts right away!