SEO Services Jordan

SEO Services Jordan


    Jordan Market grows from a variety of factors that make it difficult over time to gain online visibility, so SEO Services Jordan plays a role in putting your business ahead of its competitors, gaining a larger market share.

    Thatware office is located in the heart of Kolkata; the capital of India where our SEO experts work hard to achieve customer goals by promising to keep them at the top of the pages of search engines. This SEO agency works to develop businesses and consistently tries to grow its customer base towards bigger channels using SEO-based methods.

    If you are looking for a specialized SEO Services Jordan, contact us today.

    Google delivers many daily updates to its standard algorithm. Chain Reaction ensures a safe and white hat for SEO to its customers, as well as keeping up to date with its algorithm, such as the latest Google update, the first mobile index.

    SEO Services Jordan

    Our approach

    We start with a custom plan, including:

    • Keyword research – Finding the right objectives.
    • Content Strategy – Ensuring that content is relevant.
    • Technical application – Ensuring that all pieces on the page and backend are prepared.
    • Distribution – Connect builds and support to ensure the content gets high visibility.

    Working With Us

    Jordan Digital Marketing is a completely customized process. We start by researching your current site and gaining an understanding of the channel opportunities that improve your brand.

    We are a remote company with a robust tech stack to make that work. Both clients and staff can follow the work done by Asana, we have visible meetings with customers every week (or more often), and they are always available through Slack.

    Our strategists will help you set a goal and choose your tools, to customize your SEO program for your business.

    Audit & Keywords

    We held a short survey to understand the objectives, focus and direction of Search Engine Optimization activities.

    All we need from you is one very clear goal and a set of goals to understand how we build our local SEO strategy. Is your goal to increase sales, email subscriptions or the number of website visitors? Therefore, our face-to-face meetings will determine your business KPIs.

    After this we enrich your strategy – mark the audience you need and explain the keywords used by your customers.


    We start by designing your website as SEO-friendly as possible. We use proven SEO tools and techniques to add your links, tags, descriptions, and site mapping, to communicate with you about the progress of search engine optimization.

    Our job in this section is to analyze the content of the company, and then rewrite it to ensure that it is irresistible, business-relevant, informative and clear. We work to ensure that the content on your corporate website reaches potential customers in Jordan or elsewhere, which increases conversion and legally improves search standards.

    Content sharing

    We produce useful content and share it with relevant websites for your audience. It will attract more visitors to your site and improve website standards.

    How are you doing in the local search? As part of our active link building we ensure that you are suspended with Google Business and that your domain is sent to local catalogues, so that the next time someone searches for your product in Jordan, they will find and contact you.

    Tracking and Development

    Reporting is the key to any advertising activity. We will build monthly reports based on your initial SEO goals.

    SEO is an ongoing process, so we spend our project time creating new content; understanding the opportunities and reasons why standards have changed; developing new campaigns based on redesigned products/services; competitors for monitoring and seeking new keywords. We use modern methods to get the best quality based on selected keywords and phrases, and at the same time – always with a focus on company ROI.

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