SEO Services Jamaica

SEO Services Jamaica


    ThatWare has been providing SEO – and Website Services – for over a decade. We are the only SEO Services Jamaica Company that integrates basic technical SEO into all our website projects at one low price. This long-term benefit empowers websites to measure targeted keywords within local industries and tourism-based sites. We firmly believe that a website without SEO is like a car without gas. Websites require Search Engine Optimization to be able to crawl, index, generate and rank appropriately by the Search Engine and especially Google.

    We are the #1 SEO Services Jamaica Company in Jamaica and in parts of the US. In that case comes a wealth of information on how to become the #1 in your industry, location, product, or service. We do this by focusing on the basics of SEO, namely Links, Content, and SEO Technologies. Thatware’s focus on User Experience – to understand User Intent after all search queries. We ensure that landing pages are able to satisfy user queries and convert users into clients.

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    SEO Services Jamaica

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    Professional SEO

    Technical SEO is the ability of your website to be easily indexed, indexed, and categorized by Search Engines. Without technical SEO, search engines will have a hard time crawling and indexing your web content. Key features of Technical SEO are Speed ​​Speed, Core Web Vitals, Site Architecture, SEF-URLs, Content Problems, Semantic Structures, Canonical and Pagination, Mobile speed, XML Sitemap, 301 Redirects, 404 pages, Robots.txt, and more

    Content Marketing

    In SEO, it is important to have quality content but in addition, it is also important to have a Content Marketing strategy that continues to help position your website. Learn how to create quality content for users who want answers about your field. We will create page content that satisfies User Questions. We will help you understand that content marketing is an excellent incoming strategy with great potential to increase revenue online.

    Connect Layout

    Another important aspect of Search Engine Optimization is Link Building, Backlink testing and Link Management. Links, Content and Technical SEO are the basics of SEO and ensuring that the internal structure of your website link makes each page accessible and crawls multiple times from different pages is the goal. External links from reliable and relevant sources are key to ensuring that Search Engines find and rank your website by the right place and category.

    SEO strategy

    Everyone’s SEO strategy is the same: raise rates and increase online income. The problem is that there is always a limit to budget and time, especially in highly competitive industries. Our SEO team will tailor your SEO strategy according to your different needs, needs and limitations. It is important to know that even if we have a budget problem we will always increase our knowledge of Technical SEO, Local Content, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO – known as the four pillars of SEO Strategy. We will also meet with you to manage expectations.

    SEO consultant

    Our SEO Link has been working in the SEO Industry for over 12 years. She started out as an SEO Specialist and worked her way up. You have enabled unprecedented online growth for many of our customers. Our website ranks with keywords and number one rankings in Jamaica and the US because of its understanding of SEO. It is also interesting that he started many online practices in many industries. Besides being an SEO Expert, you are also a Usability geek and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Expert.

    Keyword research

    Keyword research is part and parcel of the SEO Campaign. Our SEO experts will find niche keywords and find all the keywords with a long tail – those, as important as preparing keywords. Often, niche keywords with a long tail bring up high-quality conversations. Think of keywords like “window shopping” and think of niche keywords with a long tail as “ready-to-buy” signs. During your SEO campaign, we will find long keywords that provide the most conversions for your business.

    SEO recovery

    If your website has experienced a dramatic drop in visitors, it may be the latest algorithm update. Google tends to issue small and large algorithm updates and this often affects websites. Most websites are recovering but for those who are not, we are here to help! We analyze and evaluate your website and provide recommendations on how to remove penalties. We follow all the recommendations of Google and ensure that your website is able to recover in the depth of Google penalties.

    Web + SEO Packages

    ThatWare is the only SEO company to provide technical SEO at no additional cost for all our website packages. Yes, even our basic website package, starting at $ 3,500. This has not been heard in the SEO industry. If you are a New Company, a Small Business or a Non-Profit, this is the best website package available in the market. We also provide training and a Handbook to update your website. In addition to our Basic package, we also have a Visual Package and a Customized Package.

    SEO campaign

    The SEO campaign takes a year to complete. Suitable for businesses in highly competitive industries and those with more than 70 keyword problems. At the end of 12 months, you can expect your website to be listed on the first page of all the required keywords. In addition to the SEO Campaign, we will also work on your Chat Optimization Rate and ensure that your pages are converted. There is no basis for standing up if your websites are consistent so we strongly believe that SEO and CRO work together and come together.