SEO Services Estonia

SEO Services Estonia


    SEO (optimization search engine) covers a wide range of three key areas. First, the website should be accompanied by good user practices, security and user friendliness. Second, it’s important to have flexible and relevant content on your website. Ideally, web content should contain text, images and videos. This increases the amount of time visitors spend on the website, which is one of the most important things that today’s search engines want.

    Third, it is important to have other websites linking to your content (aka. Backlinks). Often the most valuable backlinks you have for your website are seen by search engines. The sixth rule is that quality is more important than quantity. This has been the case since the beginning of Google and other modern search engines and is likely to remain the same soon.

    We are a digital marketing company based in Estonia called ThatWare and we offer best SEO Services Estonia. We help companies of all sizes grow through digital channels. In addition to SEO Services Estonia, we create websites, run PPC campaigns and build make-up and branding.

    SEO Services Estonia

    What is included in the Search Search Optimization Service?

    Keyword research

    The SEO process usually begins with keyword research. This is where our team passes data to find and analyze different unique words. We’ll search for the best keywords and always try to find “apples hanging down” for your business. We analyze competition, search volume, social media and marketing intentions.

    Professional SEO

    Our team will look at your website code and see what can be improved quickly to get better SEO results. Often we see minor technical errors that interfere with a website’s ability to measure search engines. In addition, we will ensure that the website is secure and usable. If necessary we will install an SSL certificate on your site.

    Content creation

    Content can be generated as long as keyword analysis is performed. Usually we will create a roadmap to build more pages for a prepared keyword. We love writing and producing content. We write great content, researched and prepared the best SEO results.

    Connect Layout

    The more links you show on your website, the more successful you will be in SEO. We will do manual access and create opportunities to send visitors to your business. Additionally, we send articles to hand-selected indexes with higher domain authority.

    Video SEO

    Video is one of the best Mediums. Experts report that 80% of all online traffic will be video by 2020. First, it’s easier to rate on YouTube (the second largest search engine) than on Google. Second, having a video on your website greatly increases your time spent on the website.

    Social Media

    Modern search engines take social symbols as indicators of ranking websites. It is therefore important to be present on social media sites for your product to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. Social media is not just about SEO, it should play an important role in your marketing mix anyway.

    What kind of results can you expect from SEO?

    SEO performance is related to your website, your competition and search (search) volumes. If you are working in a very narrow niche market where you have a market that can be targeted by about 100 companies SEO may not be the best marketing strategy for you.

    There are a few exceptions – if your competition does not have a digital line yet it may be easier to rank with a modern website with a strong SEO on the site.

    It makes sense to invest in SEO Services Estonia when there is a great need for your product or service. SEO results can usually take months and years, but on the flip side, this doesn’t pay for advertising. When you turn off your advertising for your website status – stay natural search stays.

    We usually start with paid search advertising to ensure the effectiveness and quality of search traffic in that particular business. If we see good results in paid search advertising, it’s time to start thinking about investing in SEO again.