Is it worth to pitch for investors if you have a SEO plan for a business?

Is it worth to pitch for investors if you have a SEO plan for a business?

Having remained a part of, easily, over 100 venture pitches, it’s difficult not to put myself in the shoes of the venture capitalist harking to entrepreneurs talk about their investments as though I intend to invest more than I could manage a seo plan.

seo plan

The marketer within me, having attended to far more pitches than I’ve given, can’t support but pattern match taking data in to optimize the representation of that with which I’m working. And thus, holding socialized this idea countless times, it appeared clear that it was time to put pen to paper and share with you what happens of a marketer listening to pitches, and an investor giving them how to give the classic fundraising pitch.

Techstars famously strengthens that the only thing that matters, in the state of ventures for their accelerator, is the team who’s concerned. And still, most utmost venture pitches stick the team near the end of the pitch. Paul was a Sales Planner at Yahoo before working as a sectional CMO for several startups in Silicon Valley.

If the team is so crucial, are you providing us their resume or are you demonstrating to us WHY these individuals are worth investment? Paul helped launch a prosperous local search technology and was starred in the book Online Marketing Heroes as a result of his work with Yahoo, and HP where he exhibited many of their search programs.

SEO Plan

In the process, he was committed to securing over $50M in venture capital as a consequence of his track record in growth and assuring that the enterprises with which he is reserved secure market share, and not just a few customers.

If this isn’t self-evident, you should move back to a day job. The most manageable way to define what you are doing is to explain it to your grandmother. AngelList promotes the Like X for Y model and that can operate but it presumes that people know X and Y. If you’re similar to WhatsApp for Cars, and your viewers don’t know what that means, you’ve lost them.

Parrot after me: No idea is a new idea. If your information is bogged down in detail because you can’t clarify the story, you haven’t done your preparation on the market (and aren’t worth an investment). There are ventures in development, ventures that have been tried, ventures from which you can discover. Drop your concern about ideas being stolen and your need for NDAs to figure out what requires to be said to get to the point and keep it simple. We’re building the technology that makes it plausible for cars to communicate with and update one another in real-time, at no cost.

Well, now. No. Why now? Tell me about the market dynamics that invest, now, ideal. Why hasn’t this been thriving before? What’s emerging today that gives you a competing advantage? What’s coming that will happen in your having a first-mover advantage?

It’s said that timing is everything but entrepreneurs regularly fail to communicate how timing, when, factors into what they’re doing.
Let’s stick with WhatsApp for Cars for a second, and though likely a disastrous idea, how does when practice?

With the regular adoption of Bluetooth in vehicles, onboard computers attached to cameras and sensors, and apps such as DASH putting all of that data in your pocket, only now can cars begin to communicate with one another. And when iBeacons begin showing up in cars, automatically controlling people into their vehicle when they sit down to drive, we’re ahead of the market that will necessarily join Twitter to Tesla.

Those of you that have gathered here know that I’m a passionate advocate of culture and industry. To wit, contemplate how the philosophies of the people around whom you exist and work, determine the culture in which you engage. In turn, that culture shapes communities. Communities plan businesses. Businesses, with shared philosophies, foster industries and industries that combine to drive economies.

Thus the economy in which you serve, wherein you are establishing capital and building your business, is the effect of the shared philosophies and culture there. While I don’t match with the sentiment, as it neglects what’s going on, it’s often complained that Austin entrepreneurs get rolled away by Silicon Valley investors and that Silicon Valley-like designs could never get financed in Texas. True? Not really, but the thought exists because more often than not, the underlying beliefs are misaligned.

Texas has one set of energies, beliefs, industries, and resources while N. California has another. Be sure you are speaking to the expectations of the society in which you are having a discussion. Your progress has just as much to do with where, both materially and in terms of the market, as does an actor trying to break into the film from Des Moines.

Good SEO is surely an investment, but it can, and should, pay for itself when done perfectly. If you manage a website to promote your business (and who doesn’t?), SEO is simply priceless. Why? Consider these SEO statistics:

  • Approximately 92% of traffic that grows to a website through Google is from the first page of search results.
  • Of that traffic, about 33% belongs to the first organic link
  • More than 50% of all website traffic arises from organic search and accounts for more than 40% of business profits. 

SEO does take time. While any SEO tactics can be implemented reasonably quickly, such as optimizing H1 tags, you’ll get the greatest benefit from a comprehensive strategy. This covers not only tuning up the website you have but preparing for the ongoing extension of optimized content.

And while it’s not improbable to experience the benefits of SEO sooner rather than later, there is no way to prove how quickly optimization will be taken into the report by Google. Spot, SEO is cumulative; it forms upon itself to make it easier for your prospective optimization attempts to be successful. A year from now, you will appreciate yourself for the SEO you finance today.

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