How To Perform A Mobile Vs Desktop Parity Audit

How To Perform A Mobile Vs Desktop Parity Audit

    Mobile Vs Desktop Parity Audit

    1) Crawl The Mobile Site:

    At first, crawl the mobile site using a mobile user-agent. Click ‘Configuration > User-agent’ to switch to Googlebot Smartphone.

    Then Crawl the website for mobile.

    2) Crawl The Desktop Site:

    Next, crawl with a desktop user-agent. Go to ‘Configuration > User-agent’ and choose Googlebot Desktop, or another desktop user-agent.

    Then Crawl again the website for desktop.

    3) Select Crawls To Compare:

    Go to ‘File > Crawls’, select the mobile and desktop and then Select to ‘Compare’.

    This will switch to “compare” mode

    4) Configure Change Detection:

    Now go to ‘Configuration > Compare’. The Change Detection configuration will then appear, which allows to identify whether specific elements are different.

    Then Compare the crawls:

    5) Analyse Crawl Overview & Change Detection Tabs:

    As we can see that there are no changes happening between mobile crawl and desktop crawl.

    So no need to take action.

    If any changes will be spotted. Then the particular URL must be exported, and then need to fix the issues.

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