LSI keywords: The Definitive Guide

LSI keywords: The Definitive Guide


LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are related terms of a specific used term that search engines use to deeply understand the content on a webpage. LSI Keywords are not synonyms. Instead, they’re terms that are closely tied to your target keyword. LSI keywords have a high degree of correlation to a particular targeted topic.

The process to find out LSI keywords:

• Free LSI Tools

• LSI Graph

• Semantic Link

• LSI Keywords

• Ultimate Keyword Hunter

• Keyword Tool

• KWFinder

Basic places to Find LSI keywords

• Google’s instant search:


• “Searches related to” results:


• Bold words in SERP results:


One of the most popular tools, Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out LSI keywords.

How to use LSI keywords for your site’s advantage:

The main areas where you can place LSI keywords to get the most out of them:

• URL address

• Page title

• META tags

• Links anchor texts

• Last paragraph of text

• Images alt text

• H1 and H2 tags

• The first paragraph of text

• Body of content

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