Latest Google Spam Algorithm – Things to Keep in Mind

Latest Google Spam Algorithm – Things to Keep in Mind

11 months after the last Spam update, Google released another Spam update in October of 2022. Google keeps updating its spam prevention algorithms to continue its fight against spam and search manipulating practices.

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How much time will it take for the Update to Roll out?

This year most of the major updates have taken considerable time to roll out successfully. Like the helpful content update, this update will take several days to roll out.

Particular pointers about this Update

Google rarely tells anything about its algorithm updates apart from the usual jargon of doing whatever is best to help the users and improve user experience.

However, looking at the trend of tweets and the nature of the update released this year, we have identified some pointers that can be implemented in the October update.

Avoid AI-Generated Content

With evidence of AI-generated content being deranked after a helpful content update, it is advisable to take relief from AI Content writers. Google has already mentioned automated content generation to be avoided in their guidelines against spam.

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Product Reviews

Many ecommerce sites rank by generating product reviews. This is mostly the case for affiliates and dropshipping sites. Most types of content lack genuine reviews and consist of copy content from other sources and existing product descriptions.

Make sure to avoid such practices. It is best to write reviews from credible sources, experts or first hand experience.

Make sure your plagiarism score is low while writing any content.


If your site’s score unexpectedly lowers after the October 2022 spam upgrade, you should evaluate its security and seek for evidence of a prospective attack.

When a spam update strikes a site, its material is either demoted or removed from Google’s index.

Google estimates that recovering from the negative impact of a spam update could take months, assuming the website takes the necessary improvements to comply with Google’s spam regulations.