How to find Dead pages of your website

How to find Dead pages of your website

What are Dead pages?

Those are the pages which can’t generate any traffic for the website.  

  • According to Google Webmaster, those pages have fewer clicks and impressions.
  • According to Google Analytics, those pages have fewer views and active sessions.
how to find dead pages

How to Get the Dead pages from Analytics:

Go to Google analytics 🡪 Behavior 🡪 Site Content 🡪 All pages

Set the data time range 6 months for better results:

Add filter on page views and set the data from lowest to highest:

Select the full data according to the result count:

Export the full data from analytics:

Remove unwanted pages from this list:

List down the pages with 1 to 10 pageviews:

How to Get the Dead pages from Google Search Console:

Go to Google search console 🡪Seach Results

Select the data range: last 6 months

Export all the data and set the clicks range: 0 to 10

And the impressions range: 0 to 1000

How to optimize those Dead pages:

  1. Use those pages as hyperlinks from high-traffic pages.
  2. Need to add more click elements and relevant content on those pages.
  3. Need to work on advanced off-page for those pages.