Blockchain SEO Services

Blockchain SEO Services


    Blockchain startups are not left out when it comes to SEO. It is one of the best ways to communicate with your target audience. As a blockchain startup, you will need customers to visit your company site, but this does not happen overnight. Here are six marketing strategies with effective ways to improve your Blockchain SEO Services.

    blockchain seo services

    Effective ways to improve your SEO

    You need to work on the SEO Services of your website – not only will it improve your online presence but it will also increase your online presence.

    Remember, there are many online competitors who work tirelessly to target the same audience, so you have to do it right – either through a blockchain marketing agency or with your internal marketing team.

    Customers are very lazy when it comes to searching or buying something online. Your website-based customers find it on the top pages of search engines. Accessing the top pages of search engines is not even possible to start; all you need to do as a smart business owner to do your SEO well.

    To get this done right, you need a premium ICO marketing agency that understands how your audience’s mental frameworks. On the other hand, if your business does not have such a budget yet, hire a knowledgeable freelancer – LinkedIn is the right place to find it.

    Ways to Improve Your Startups Blockchain SEO Services.

    1. Use keyword strategically

    If you work to grow your blockchain startup SEO without keyword research, the SEO campaign will end in failure. Why? It is the key to a successful SEO campaign. In fact, it explains what your content is about. And that is the name or phrase addressed to your crypto audience in the search engine.

    So, if you want the crypto/blockchain content of your site to be in a position where people are looking for a certain blockchain idea, you should take your keyword research seriously.

    According to MOZ, “keywords are a link between what people want and the content they provide to fill that need.” It is natural that every blockchain business owner intends to aspire to have avalanche organic traffic driving on their website. Driving traffic is not possible with just creating content. However, it is possible with the type of content that focuses on relevant keywords.

    But how do you know which type of keywords – short and long-tailed phrases search for your intended crypto/blockchain audience – empowers you to create content that will not only stand out physically but also serve the purpose of writing?

    Use the free tools to make your site more relevant to those who want it.

    Yes, in addition to the frequently visited forums to get ideas or to speak directly with your customers, you can use free tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Explorer, Keyword Tool, and so on. These tools will give you a deeper understanding of what your target audience is typing in search engines. The more keywords you have, the more your crypto content targets the right audience.

    2. Improve the upload speed of your site.

    Who waits for more than five seconds in years of intense competition? No one.

    You may have all the good content that clearly satisfies your audience’s needs regarding blockchain technology, but still, you have the problem of “lack of traffic.” Why? The speed of your website.

    According to the study, 45.4% are less likely to buy when they find a website that loads less. 12% will tell a friend when they hear a slow upload site.

    A slow website is very damaging to a business. Most Internet users or searchers expect your websites to load no more than 3 seconds and the crypto audience is no different. If you really want to increase the SEO of your crypto/blockchain website, make sure that the speed of your website is as fast as possible.

    When it comes to SEO, the way you link stories. If done right, it will improve your search results, but if not done correctly, your site may be penalized for search algorithms.

    Finding high-quality backlinks and organic links is not an easy task.

    But these links will drive significant results. Excellent links can be obtained through high-quality guest posting and infographic distribution.

    Growing relevant backlinks from the top categories within a crypto niche will physically improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Linking back to your old post when publishing new content is another way to increase the SEO of your site.

    Good content sells itself. Not only does it find a good connection to the top sites, but it also gets a link naturally. In fact, Google and other search engines attach a significant amount of good content.

    If you want your blockchain startup to fight for and be ranked on the top pages of search engines, you will pick the best content. The blockchain industry may seem complex and sophisticated, and therefore, it requires a ‘competent’ writer who not only understands the industry but is also equipped with the skills set to produce ‘good content.’

    For now here are some good crypto properties, or blockchain content:

    • It should be explained in detail.
    • Easy to read.
    • Conducting research.
    • Use of infographics.
    • Typo free.
    • Use of downloadable examples etc.

    5. Configure everything on your crypto site.

    Improving your site content such as ‘title tag’ and ‘meta description’ on your crypto website will improve its SEO. Sadly, many business owners are unaware that the way they present their title tags and meta descriptions can affect the SEO of their site.

    Your title tags and meta description should be presented neatly on each page of your site.

    For example, your “title tags” should not be too long or too short; if so, it can hurt SEO efforts. It is wise to do a thorough test on your site based on this and see where it is needed to do well.

    In the meantime, the following are some of the things on the page that require your attention to the square:

    • H1 tags.
    • How to connect internally and externally.
    • Content length.
    • Text Formatting.
    • Your characters point.
    • Pictures.
    • URLs.
    • Page titles.

    6. Make sure your site is both web and mobile-usable.

    In 2016, research shows that mobile users outperform desktop users in internet traffic. And whopping 51% of all internet users actually browse websites from their Smartphones.

    As a smart business owner, considering these statistics, it is wise to make sure that your blockchain website is designed for both the web and is easy to use. Make sure your UX guests are great on both desktops and smartphones. In fact, this approach is a strategic approach to improving SEO.