BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce SEO Services


    As one of the best eCommerce platforms available, you can do much to improve the quality of your search engine and drive more traffic to your website. Getting the right BigCommerce SEO services done for your website can help in yielding the proper SERP rankings.

    SEO services for Big Commerce

    To see success with BigCommerce SEO for your online store, there are many different things you may want to make sure you get it right – from your meta descriptions to your product pages or keyword strategy.

    Customize Your Custom Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

    Your page title is the first thing search engines will crawl. Making sure you include your keyword is important to measure on one results page. Generally, Google displays the first 50-60 characters of the title tag. If you keep your articles less than 60 characters long, you can expect about 90% of your articles to be well displayed.

    While there is no one way to write your title tags, the best format may be:

    Keyword – Second Keyword | brand name

    However, this depends on the content of your webpage. For example, it is unlikely that you would post a title like this when writing a blog article. A meta description is a text displayed in search engine results and is usually a short descriptive summary that promotes click-through rates.

    It is a good practice to ensure that every page of your website has meta descriptions, as technically, any page can be a potential customer entry point. This includes your product pages, content pages, blog articles and homepage. Be sure to include your keyword in the meta description, keep it short, compelling and informative – think of it as a small ad for your page.

    Product Pages – improve your SEO on the page

    Ensuring that your BigCommerce SEO services are in place when it comes to your product pages is key to earning a good position in search engine results.


    • Includes long tail words in your product descriptions
    • Internal links are used to strengthen important pages
    • Headings and letter points are used to make things stand out
    • Search friendly URLs

    You also need to process your keyword strategy for your BigCommerce SEO services page. It is important to use keywords that are closely related to your product pages, have a high search volume and great conversion power.

    For example, if you are selling “yellow women’s pumps”, you will want to consider:

    • “yellow women pumps”
    • “yellow pumps”
    • “Women’s yellow pump shoes”

    Where possible, avoid using standard product descriptions made by the manufacturers of your products. Many store owners do not do this, and they end up with different pages of the same content, which may be searched by search engines that may penalize duplicate pages.

    Find Descriptions of your Product (ALT tags) on the Right

    As you will know, adding product images or images to your articles can be an important selling point.

    You should always remember to give your photos the correct ALT attributes. Not only does this help search engines determine what your images are and what they look like, but it also helps blind people to know what an image is.

    In the code, the ALT tag will appear as follows:

    alt = “image description” title = “image tool”>

    A bad (but easy) habit you get into simply repeating your keyword as a description of each image on the page – a process known as keyword verification. Instead, you should focus on using high quality and relevant images on your pages, where it makes sense to have a keyword in the ALT text or a related keyword.

    Product reviews can improve Big Commerce SEO

    Product reviews are a great way to socialize – but they can also raise your bar. In fact, product reviews are listed as the fifth most important factor in determining search engine rankings.

    Signals for review quantity, frequency, quality and variability of product reviews. This then goes to search engines that help rank your BigCommerce SEO services store more accurately – the more points you get, the higher your search rankings will be.

    Another advantage of using product reviews is that they provide new and relevant content for your website – something that is a highly ranked search engine. The best practice you can get is to use the schema tag to present your updates. This enables your product page results to show rich captions containing product rating, review, review date and a brief description of it.

    Make sure your Big Commerce store is fully responsive

    Both the Internet and technology are growing at an interpretive level.

    As of 2016, of the people who use the same type of device to browse the Internet, twice as many use Smartphones on desktop computers. Google has always been built with its users before the mind. As mobile devices continue to increase in popularity, the search engine will embrace this.

    Therefore, a friendly portable website is now an important factor in gaining a high level of search—another standard item on the page. Responsive Web design makes the online store much easier for potential customers to browse and navigate. In addition, responsive design is very important for a good user experience.

    In addition to this, online hardware stores are likely to load faster, leading to a better user experience and the next increase in search rankings.

    Increase site performance to enhance Big Commerce SEO

    Page functionality is everything. Not only is it convenient for SEO purposes, but when your store loads quickly, the potential customers will be less likely to leave and use the competition site.

    Loading websites faster has higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

    So, how can you improve the performance of your site?

    First, you can compress image file sizes – either using your software or free websites like CompressPNG.

    Where appropriate, keep custom code clean and to a minimum, and stop using a large number of web fonts, as these elements will bog down your site’s loading time.

    Accelerated mobile pages can also be allowed (AMP). This aids site speed on handheld computers, which could be slower than desktops. In other words, AMP enables you to improve the smartphone surfing experience by standardizing a mobile version of your website. This improves the customer experience.

    Upload your sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

    Sitemaps aid in ensuring that a website is correctly ranked in search results. It makes it easier for search engines to crawl and filter website URLs.

    BigCommerce creates a sitemap for your shop automatically.

    Edit this link: to find your sitemap.

    After that, copy and paste this link into Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

    Keep a blog of keywords that are short-tail, long-tail, and LSI

    One of the most organic ways to boost your BigCommerce SEO is to use a forum that focuses on topics related to your brands and business.

    Use a method like Ahrefs to determine the article keywords, which recognizes variables like monthly search frequency and keyword complexity. When writing your blog posts, make sure to use a combination of short-tail to long-tail keywords and prevent keyword stuffing – otherwise, search engines can penalize you.

    Another useful practice to develop is the use of LSI keywords. LSI keywords are semantically related and often found together within a single subject, and they are excellent for generating high levels of organic SEO.

    Let’s presume your article’s subject is horticulture.

    Agriculture, botany, trees, and seeds are examples of LSI keywords. This can occur naturally in your article writing and assist search engines in determining your article’s key subject.

    Improve your Big Commerce SEO

    It can be not easy to understand search engine optimization, particularly because an eCommerce website, such as BigCommerce, can only do so much for you.

    However, with time, you should slowly boost your BigCommerce SEO and increase traffic to your online store.