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    Perhaps one of the greatest problems any website owner faces is how to push traffic to their site. A variety of strategies are available to draw new visitors to a website, but organic search traffic is probably the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to promote and expand a web property.

    This article will discuss adult search engine optimization which is niche science – Adult SEO is a field with less competition for keywords than others – by discussing the various patterns, tips, and tricks that site owners may use to improve their traffic.

    Adult SEO services are a mix of techniques an adult SEO firm uses to achieve a higher ranking of porn model terms websites on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yandex. Page one is the ultimate target for site managers, as in the first batch of results, the search engines have become experts at being able to answer the most important questions.

    To get into SEO for Adult Sites research, let‘s start with internal optimization, also called “on-site optimization,” simply inputting elements that engines can look at to determine a website’s relevance to a search query. If the engine’s algorithm finds these signals compatible with what a searcher is searching for, it will rank higher.

    External optimization is a vital part of the SEO cycle used by adult SEO marketing companies and contributes 2-35 per cent to the ranking of a free porn website. The remaining ones are attributed to factors outside the location. The key things engines look at are the content present on the web, the form, consistency, and quantity of links pointing to it, as well as the links pointing out from that web. There are a few other metrics worth looking at, but the most important ones are these. Therefore, there should be some key points to ensure that every adult SEO campaign and website SEO is successful. They are:

    A. Adult website SEO mobile optimization

    You have to go where it’s to get website traffic. One prime target is mobile search. In 2017, it was forecast that a quarter of a billion people would access adult content. All via mobile devices. Also, one in five mobile searches is on adult content viewers. Google has now made a ranking factor for mobile-friendly sites. Apply this to help your site rank high on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

    What do you do to make your site 100 per cent friendly for adults on the mobile site?

    There is no limit to what you can do technically. It‘s vital to consistently improve the mobile-friendliness of your websites. The overall performance of your website is continuously tested and any new improvements adopted. Make sure that your content is easy to navigate and quick to load on mobile devices. Mobile adult video chat is projected to have an annual growth rate of 25 per cent compound. That will make it a major component of greater online video traffic. By 2020, online video traffic will account for 82 per cent of all consumer internet traffic. So you should optimize your videos for mobile viewing.

    B. Consider what people are looking for

    When you don’t know what the people are looking for, you can’t get organic adult traffic. Analysis of the main search words is reliable. Keep posted on just what kind of content people want. Make sure that your website has this content and features the correct keywords.
    Here are some notable areas:

    1. Free Stock

    Of the 10 internet adult content viewers, 9 are involved in free content only. Feature free content for these users to bring in. The created adult traffic by adult SEO marketing company will make your pay content available to the paying users.

    2. Downloadable In halts

    24 per cent of mobile owners have a computer, and they watch adult content. Therefore, the website should provide downloadable content to satisfy this requirement.

    3. Pay-per-view

    Adult content viewers account for 69 per cent of internet content on pay-per-view. Having such a payment plan is sure to please those who are looking for that option.

    C. Study your rivals & grab your traffic

    What if you were able to get a glimpse of your competitor’s traffic inside? Their landing pages at the top? Their keywords to the top? Does it connect their best back? Well, this is entirely possible thanks to sites such as SEMrush. SEMrush lets you enter the URL of your rivals and get all the juicy details you need to get a better understanding of how they are doing exactly compared to you. This is key for dominating your niche and staying ahead in the world of escort SEO and adult SEO services.

    D. Understand the market of your goal

    Know who’s after the material. Then direct your efforts to sell your adult platform to the right people. Here are a few tips to help you given by adult SEO company:

    • Higher subscriptions to adult pages come from urban areas than rural areas
    • Many payments come from individuals who have higher than average incomes in households
    • Locations of many ages 15- to 24 have higher subscriptions
    • Most payments are from individuals with undergraduate qualifications

    You can deliver content which they like by knowing your target users. Hence, when looking for adult content, they will select your place.

    E. Adult SEO experts suggest for more adult flow, use Long Tail Keywords

    Adult SEO agencies mention that this is an SEO technique applicable to any site form, not just adult SEO. And it does work! Long-tail keywords don’t get massively big searches every month. They do have limited rivalry, however. Just imagine targeting just a handful of other websites with a keyword found. How can you consider keywords like those?

    You need to think like your average customer, to do this. What’d they be looking for when they’re hunting for adult content? What are their particular preferences? Which sorts of dreams are they looking for? Which kind of experience do they need? Each consumer has their unique perspective. And, even though they might be looking for the same thing, they are going to do it in different ways. For example, ladies might be more inclined toward romantic subjects than men.

    F. Excel at SEO Onsite

    Onsite SEO is a crucial place you can never ignore. If your platform isn’t designed for adult SEO, anything else you do outside of your web will go to waste.

    Here are the main areas for enhancement:

    1. Special material, and quality content

    There is also a lot of adult content online. Research by adult SEO marketing companies states that adult content currently accounts for 5-15 per cent of all websites. So, to stand out among them, your site must have original, quality content. Never plagiarize in plain words.

    2. Optimize keywords Goal

    Your content will include both goal keywords and LSI keywords. There should also be these keywords in the URL, meta title, and meta description. You may also use ahrefs or semrush to search for which rating your rivals are and which keywords have the least difficulty using SEMrush you can compare your content to your rivals and find out what you’re lacking, SEMrush will highlight keywords that your rivals are using that you’re lacking, and will also include a niche list of backlinks that you’re missing from them.

    3. Optimize the pictures

    You shouldn’t make your photos too heavy to load. Include goal keywords and ALT text in the picture titles as well. Better still, provide a summary that is rich in keywords for each picture or gallery. Image SEO works very well in 2018 and particularly when searching for Bing pictures.

    4. Perform a full audit of the site

    SEMrush can scan your website for SEO errors and provide improvements to ensure that all of your pages are fully optimized.

    7. Using social media to get Adult Traffic Free

    Social networking platforms like Reddit have several NSFW (Not Safe for Work) boards that encourage users to send links to their posts, this is a great source for adult free traffic. You can also use Twitter, but be careful about the type of content you are tweeting, remember to mark your account as NSFW to avoid reporting. Another big adult content social media site was Tumblr but they recently decided to shut down all blogs related to adults.

    8. Establish quality backlinks

    One nice thing about seeing a lot of adult pages online is getting backlinks. Especially because several other sites will not position links to adult sites. Reach out to webmasters in other adult niches. Offering them to write guest posts. You will be getting backlinks to your account in exchange. Upload content to larger tube websites using your website address in the video as a watermark, if the user likes the video they may visit your website. Also, this will only work if you’re targeting places with high authority. Google respects high-authority backlinks even more than spammy websites.

    Therefore, always make a prior assessment of the websites on which you plan to post guests. Using a tool like ahrefs to find out where the rivals get their ties from. To find connections, we suggest the External Backlink method, sorting them by type of connection and platform. This way you can find quick wins like blogs, directories for adults, forums for adult webmasters, etc.

    9. Ongoing content production

    Consistent development of new content will help to improve the ranking of your web. It will also lead to creating more content for users to return to your site. They’ll probably also subscribe to your blog. The contents you put together should be focused on the preferences of your target users. Above all, the content should be entertaining and captivating. This will popular the bounce rate at your platform, which will impact ranking. More material also provides an incentive for a variety of keywords to be used. It expands the ability by using search engines to extract adult web traffic.

    10. Adult Travelers Buy (Private Advertising)

    Advertising on major adult-related websites tends to be the most popular method that webmasters use to attract visitors, the trick to buying adult traffic is having frequent visitors. Many adult websites rely on AD views to generate revenue, and if you pay for visitors then it will be hard to make any hit yield some kind of profit. Making sure the visitor has a positive experience is crucial to this, fast-loading apps, no annoying pop-ups or redirects, and offering them the information they want without having to go through too many hoops are perfect. When your website has a catchy name or logo then that’s much better as most people will be visiting your website in “Personal” mode and they won’t have your website address history.

    G. Hunt Competitor Backlinks

    One of the secret tactics to survive well in an adult niche is to acquire competitor backlinks. The strategy is to find possible competitor backlinks which can be acquired for the campaign. The advanced competitive strategy involves finding high-quality backlinks from gap opportunities which can be afterwards self-acquired for the respective site.

    H. Unleash the Power of Native Ads

    Since there are many restrictions on an adult SEO campaign. Website owners of an adult niche can try native advertisement which can help in acquiring a good amount of traffic for the campaign. Native advertisements can also help and get some brand mention backlinks which will be ultimately beneficial for SEO as well. Nativ ads sites such as Revcontent, Taboola, MGID, etc can be used!

    I. Improve Technical SEO

    An adult campaign should have a high-level technical SEO score. That being said, there should be minimal rendering and crawling issues. In other words, the campaign should be free of all possible issues caused by the code properties (HTML, CSS and JS) since a structural issue might be a bigger risk for the campaign in long run. It would hold growth on backlinks and SERP visibility as a whole!

    J. Guest Post Whilst Maintaining Relevancy

    People can try out paid or organic guest posting on respective sites which has the same relevancy. In other words, the topical trust flow (defined from majestic) or relevancy should be maintained. This would eradicate any penalties.

    K. Keep Control over Spam 

    Adult campaigns can spike up with SPAM score since a lot of unwanted traffic and unwanted sites linking back to the same. Thereafter, it becomes utmost necessary to keep control over the spam. One can use Moz, to keep a check over the SPAM score. An ideal SPAM ratio should be less in three percentage. If a high SPAM score is noticed then a proper disavow should be immediately actioned!


    There are so many tweaks and tricks to get your adult platform on organic traffic. But notably, Standard SEO tactics, such as submitting a sitemap that creates impeccable material and the procedures set out in search engines such as Google. Although there are still Blackhat SEO tricks, they are no longer useful in the long haul.

    Yeah, huh? Forget about content spinning that makes no sense. Go a long way, but make the most of long the fruits of your hard work.



    Adult SEO strategy is no different from the optimization of the traditional search engine. However, because adult sites contain a lot of interactive content, you want to ensure that you also configure the keyword for the videos and photos. Make sure to always don’t make the web too private to keep search engines from crawling.


    The best tactic for adult SEO is to optimize each page the way you wish. Link to and draw from reputable pages, as well.



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