Using CORA To Fix Different Parameters: The Definitive Guide

Using CORA To Fix Different Parameters: The Definitive Guide


A correlation between websites is a numerical measure of two entities, meaning a statistical comparison between two websites. Using this approach we can get a preview of the main site and the competitor site’s structure, content, and category. Later on, helps in identifying critical issues which may lead to bad ranking or penalty.

2.Two main types of correlation that we use are:

Pearson: Pearson correlation coefficient is a measure of the linear correlation between two variables containing data sets where 1 represents positive linear correlation 0 neutral and -1 represents the negative linear correlation.

Spearsman: Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient measures statistical dependence between the rankings of two variables. Spearman’s correlation assesses monotonic relationships. If there are no repeated data values, a perfect Spearman correlation of +1 or −1 occurs when each of the variables is a perfect monotone function of the other.

But we used correlation in a different way that really helps to analyze a site’s structure, we made a program that scrapes sites to get a view on structure and how it affects the ranking in SERP by judging factors.

Keyword input:


Number of URLs:


Checking H1:


Checking strong tag:


Checking b tag:


Checking Page Title Attribute Matches:


Checking if Page Li tag Matches:



3.Advantages in SEO:

In every search enigine correlating sites in common, this helps to uncover keywords with similar time-based (frequency options: weekly or monthly)or provided search query.

“Google Correlate uses the Pearson correlation to compare normalized query data to surface the highest correlative terms.”

Although we used our program to judge each and every keyword in meta description, title tag, alt text, i tag, p tag etc. against multiple competitors to check what kind of matches(Exact match, phrase match, search term match) are present in the content, this affect the ranking in terms of keyword and search query hit by users. We also check the Pearson value and spearman’s ranking value to analyze how the main site is performing compare to its competitor.

Our method of correlating websites gives an insight into various crucial elements which affects a site’s visibility in SERP.


Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and Spearman’s Rank-Order Correlation helps to get a complete overview of the data fetched by correlating the main site and the competitors’ site.

In SEO using correlation, we can determine what the main site is lacking and according to the results, we can implement changes which will lead to better ranking in SERP.

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