In-depth Google AROUND Search Operator Guide (Updated)

In-depth Google AROUND Search Operator Guide (Updated)

What is AROUND Search Operator?

Google has its own search operator called “AROUND” for finding web pages that include words or phrases which are near to each other.

google around search operator

Generally, this report will help to make the crawler understand that a campaign is dominating over a cluster of frequently keyword match modifiers. Therefore, this will enable the crawler to maximize the potential for high keyword difficulty based keywords visibility.

How We Use AROUND Search Operator for SEO:

Firstly, we find the highest possible competitive keywords which will go with the keyword combination for the campaign or which sets the campaign apart!

For example, we take AI SEO company for this niche like below format in the SERP:

“ai” around(10) “seo company”

Then, we will take note of the top 10 results excluding ours.

The most relevant output we get:

In the same way, we add one more parameter with the existing operator by choosing the second priority keyword with Around 20 like this:

“ai” around(10) “seo company” around(20) “Advanced SEO”

Most relevant Output we get:

Again choose third priority keyword Around (30) with the existing one:

The output we get:

Process to Work on AROUND Search Operator:

Now moving forward all these data that we get from the analysis, concatenate all the outputs.

Sidenote: Now take these sites as the competitor (make sure to remove duplicate entry but consider different slug to be a competitor)

From webtools, take BAG OF WORDS and enter the number of competitors that we get from the analysis all in one place together like below:


According to the output, it is recommended that you add those terms at least once. Put within your specific targeted landing page.

For instance, for this URL we can put the term at least one time. As there is no such key phrase is present on this webpage.