Architectural SEO and SILO Structure: The Definitive Guide

Architectural SEO and SILO Structure: The Definitive Guide

Website Architecture is how a website’s pages are linked to each and in what kind of structure. A Good Website Architecture helps users and search engine crawlers to navigate easily find what they’re looking for on a website. This makes indexing and crawling very easy for site crawlers. Maintaining a site structure will help spiders to follow your internal links to 100% of your site’s pages.


1.Create a simple URL structure:

Help search engines understand the context with a website architecture where pages are logically grouped in a standard hierarchy.Interlinking a high-priority page to every page can increase the link authority and the PageRank of a particular page. This can help improve a website’s ranking in Google.

2.Use robots.txt:

When search engines “crawl” your site, they’ll go everywhere that are not restricted. Altering the robots.txt file allows you to guide their journey if you want to block Google from indexing your private, members-only page. A sitemap is the tour guide that explains the organizational structure of your website. Crawlers look at these files to get a better sense of what’s where and then use the data to highlight a site’s key elements.


SEO Siloing is a best practice for how a website should be structured. Siloing is the act of dividing a website’s content into different categories and subcategories — groupings known as silos. Sorting and linking related pages means a website will carry more clout in search engine rankings, and index your web content. It also allows for optimizing onsite content around a wider array of keyword groups. Siloing for SEO is considered an essential SEO step when creating a new website.


If your site has many pages and even more layers, then it’s probably worthwhile to use breadcrumbs as a secondary navigation system. In simple terms, “breadcrumbs” allow visitors to see how far they are down.

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