Top Technical SEO Trends To Watch Out for!

Top Technical SEO Trends To Watch Out for!

As a result of Google algorithm and user experience improvements, the futuristic, technical SEO trends will be waiting for us next year. These algorithms are updated hundreds of times each year, the user experience changes due to new technology, and as a result, SEO requirements develop. With this in mind, it would be prudent to know which websites will be targeted for next year’s SEO efforts. As a result, you may have more successful, productive, and high-ranking SEO successes.

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Today, as ThatWare specialists, we will discuss 2023 Technical SEO trends.

SEO trends might be compared to fashion trends that fluctuate yearly. The components necessary to provide richer and higher-quality content to internet visitors grow with the yearly shifting technical SEO trends. By following the 2023 SEO trends listed below, you can stay current while boosting your SEO rankings and user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Every industry, from healthcare to finance, incorporates artificial intelligence into its operations. Its expanding popularity and functionality make it inextricably linked to website-based enterprises. This is due to several factors. Artificial intelligence can automatically monitor your website and generate reports for you. Simultaneously, its analytical capabilities may aid in formulating term use that is appealing to your target audience. Its analytic capability allows it to study your visitors’ activity and identify chances to give you better service.

Furthermore, Google’s artificial intelligence machine RankBrain is now in the information-gathering stage. However, we do not doubt that it will evolve and become a fully integrated structure with technical SEO through self-learning. As a result, it would be prudent to plan ahead of time.

Voice Search

High-tech voice assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa have also dramatically enhanced and popularized voice search capability. As a result, some people wish to be given the ease they have obtained from these instruments. Consequently, while visiting a website, people do not want to give up the convenience of using voice search rather than typing.


It is a factor popularized by technological marvels such as Siri and Alexa, which we discussed in voice search. It is one of the fruits of artificial intelligence. Chatbots may answer inquiries from visitors to your website for any purpose, removing the need for humans nearly entirely. You can automatically give more active customer support thanks to robots that can answer consumer inquiries. Furthermore, these artificial intelligence-powered robots increase the user experience while addressing people’s thirst for knowledge. As a result, your firm wins confidence in the eyes of the public.

Videos accompany better SEO.

Video material has expanded, grown, and increased immensely in recent years. YouTube, for example, already has over a billion users. Instagram and Tiktok have billions of users combined. While these are in the bag, there is one more thing we’d like to mention. In a nutshell, people enjoy watching videos. As a result, doing more efficient SEO using networks such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok has become a need rather than a priority. If you do not have an account to publish video material, you should now.

Mobile-Friendly content

Instead of sitting at a computer, many increasingly choose to access the internet via their phone or tablet. The figure is so high that it is estimated that mobile users account for more than half of all internet usage. Furthermore, with Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing in 2019, it is clear that any site that does not support mobile is useless to Google. Given these factors, having a mobile-friendly website in 2023 is necessary to rank better in search engines.

Based on our ThatWare knowledge, we can offer the following components for creating a mobile-friendly website and content:

  • One of the most fundamental mobile optimization techniques is optimizing your website’s design to adapt automatically to any screen size. Your website should have an appropriate display that immediately integrates with every resolution, regardless of tablet, phone, or brand.
  • Additionally, if you believe a website is insufficient, you may include a download link for an iOS and Android app.
  • After you’ve completed them, you should pick a design for your website or app that allows easy mobile access and navigation.
  • Then, you can determine how mobile-friendly your website is using Google Search. As a result, you can find the mobile usability report in Google Search Console.

Google’s EAT Will Grow

Google continually emphasizes the importance of content quality in determining search engine results. What you should understand by “quality content” comprises three elements: competence, authority, and trustworthiness. These three elements are crucial and significantly influence SEO and ranking success. Google can tell the difference between a web page that contains deceptive, poor, or incorrect material and a web page that contains rich and dependable content using EAT. Because Google’s EAT strategy is so significant, every firm should be providing content that meets Google’s requirements.

The list below may assist you in reaching your objective of creating high-quality content:

  • By developing a buyer persona, you can contact your target audience, understand them, and find what they want to consume. This persona also helps you investigate your target audience’s interests and content preferences.
  • When you create your material, providing source links when you publish data helps it appear trustworthy (and it is). If your source is credible, your claim will be strengthened.

Snippets of Interest

Featured Snippets are a response box that Google presents on the search results page based on the primary query. The overall objective of these Featured Snippets is a feature developed by Google to give its consumers the most relevant and timely information in the simplest way possible. As a result, it tries to improve user experience by shortening the time consumers spend viewing different websites. Although it may affect organic traffic, it is highly beneficial in terms of SEO because it is a “helpful to the user” feature.

As ThatWare specialists, we have some advice for you if you want to get included in snippets:

  • Your material should provide detailed responses to inquiries. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get the top board.
  • Estimate the probable queries and prepare your material accordingly.
  • Your material should be well-prepared, high-quality, thorough, and entertaining to the reader.
  • Having a FAQ section is a smart approach to appear in featured snippets.

Long and high-quality content

Long content will benefit your SEO score, according to the SEO trend predictions for 2023. In truth, this is the product of observations over time rather than an estimate. Longer content (as long as it’s entertaining and high-quality) attracts greater visitors over time. As a result, while creating content, focus on creating complete, relevant, lengthy, and high-quality material.

Of course, when doing so, keep in mind that the writing should be as interesting as possible.

So, how can you ensure that the information remains as high-quality and enjoyable to read as possible? We offer a few recommendations as ThatWare specialists.

  • Use H1-H2-H3 headings to divide your information into parts. Your content will structure this way, and the reader will not be distracted.
  • Using H1-H2-H3 tags also aids Google bots in indexing and scanning your material.
  • Itemization can be used in text parts. Itemizations are simple to understand and enjoyable to read. However, before itemizing, a signal that you will do so, even if it is only one phrase. Readers will not detect a change in writing tone if this is not done.


Remember that SEO standards are continuously changing, and you must adapt because you are a part of the internet. Consequently, you may get higher SERP positions and continue to build your business in 2023. Knowing the 2023 technical SEO trends can assist your website and business in ways other than higher rankings. These advantages include keeping up with the most recent Google algorithm modifications and giving the finest customer experience. However, if you do not follow current SEO trends, you will probably be dethroned, and your competitors will surpass you.

SEO trends in 2023 will be the dominant component in SEO research to assist your website and business growth.