SEO Services Latvia

SEO Services Latvia


    Looking for SEO services in Latvia? You probably got in the right place. We are a team of SEO professionals working for Thatware agency. ThatWare is a specialized SEO company that collects information in the SEO world from 2018.

    SEO Services Latvia

    We can help, if you are interested in finding answers to the questions below:

    • Is Latvia a suitable market for my products or services with Google Search?
    • What is the best market for selling my products with the help of Google Search?
    • How big is the competition in Latvia for Google Search?
    • How much money do I need to spend on SEO to get better Latvian positions on Google?
    • Is my website well-prepared to compete for the TOP 3 rankings in Google Search?
    • What do I need to do to get the TOP results from Google search?

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    How long does it take to see the results of SEO work in Latvia?

    In short – usually 6-12 months. Depending on the competition and the resources we have for the project. An SEO expert can adjust the length of time after your market research.

    How much does SEO work in Latvia cost?

    You may have already heard – IT DEPENDS ON THE MARKET. Indeed – it is possible. An SEO company needs to do research on the market that you interested in. How powerful competitors are, how effective they are in Google Search, what website design they have, what content they use and so on.

    We can give you 2 ways to set up your budget:

    Budget method: set about an annual budget. During a meeting with SEO experts, you can ask, what can you finally get with your budget set up in SEO. They will do the math and give you an answer for that price. It’s really easy!

    Objective approach: plan meetings with several agencies before hiring them and explain the goals you want to achieve after the first year of project implementation. Service providers will offer you the best price to reach those goals and you can check if the service is cheap or expensive and not expensive at the moment.

    Why should you choose us as the SEO service provider for your project in Latvia?

    • Experience of global SEO services. We are an SEO company, based in Lithuania, Europe. However, we can offer SEO services in almost every country in the world, including Latvia. Over the years, we have already worked with projects in various countries and have experience in: Spain, USA, Poland, UK, Slovakia, UAE, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and others …

    We have worked with over 200 customers and over 500 websites.

    • Professionalism – projects that regularly monitored. If necessary, we do one-on-one activities, however, focusing on common projects.
    • Experience in the e-commerce market. To date, we have worked directly with over 50 e-commerce projects. Our best-selling algorithms used in over 800 online stores.
    • Good experience in the startup market. All the start-ups we have worked with for at least 8 months, up to the next step, called the “investment phase”, or successfully sold.