SEO Services Czech Republic

SEO Services Czech Republic


    We provide SEO and all related services. These include link building, penalization, SEO services Czech Republic analysis, technology and content strategies, traffic analysis, effective website traffic growth activities, achieving website business goals.

    SEO Services Czech Republic

    What is SEO?

    The abbreviation SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is a set of tasks that have tangible results in achieving the goals set for a particular website. In short, an SEO expert starts by identifying the needs of a specific target group, removing the obstacles bots and users may face on the website, creating content that is relevant to your potential clients, ensuring their popularity and above all, increasing relevant traffic.

    When we do long-term SEO optimization, we often look for new opportunities for your business by analyzing keywords and other strategies, creating new content, getting backlinks and co-citations from other websites.

    Local SEO focuses on location-based search results. It can be linked to the current location of a potential visitor (real-time) or the name of the search site, for example, an SEO agency in Prague. It is widely used by mobile users.

    Mobile SEO is a special discipline to do well, focusing on the search results of Smartphones. The aim is to bring more smartphone users and tablet users to your website. Your website may and may not be positioned separately from the mobile and desktop index. More details on this issue are in our article about Mobile SEO.

    White Hat SEO is a collection of strategies and strategies that focus on user-based content with higher value and longer promotions. It is the right decision for web design that will be placed at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). White Hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO.

    What is the ultimate goal of SEO?

    It is a popular myth that the only goal of SEO is to improve rankings in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of certain keywords. However, the real intentions are very complex. In many cases, the number one goal is to increase sales from organic search (on Google,, Yandex, etc.). We achieve these goals by combining two factors – increasing traffic and improving targeting to deliver relevant traffic.

    Apart from that, it is also possible to add photos, YouTube videos, improve local SEO, product image, mobile SEO or remove Google penalties.

    What SEO services do we offer:

    • Long-term SEO
    • Getting backlinks
    • SEO analysis
    • Link construction strategy
    • Keyword analysis
    • Traffic pull analysis
    • Content strategy
    • Copy writing for SEO
    • Competition analysis
    • Technical testing
    • UX and UI analysis
    • Traffic analysis
    • Mobile SEO
    • Local SEO
    • Individual SEO training and more

    How are we doing during Search Engine Optimization?

    The cornerstones of all effective SEO strategies are:

    • Full keyword analysis
    • Technical analysis and website content
    • creation of backlinks
    • competition analysis
    • The creation of a well-executed SEO strategy
    • app implementation
    • web design
    • new page layouts for both key words and long tail and sentences
    • Content optimization
    • Technical Optimization
    • design of appropriate tags
    • the creation of internal links and more

    Why choose ThatWare SEO in the Czech Republic?

    • We understand SEO as part of a marketing mix – we connect SEO with other marketing channels and thus fully realize their business potential
    • Independence – all changes to the customer’s website are made by us without the need to involve third parties.
    • Difficulty – the entire project team consists of SEO experts, PPC, social media marketing, user information, business operations and other online marketing.
    • Initiative and experience – we incorporate our own ideas and experience into all activities.
    • Adaptability – we listen to the needs and opinions of customers and cooperate in accordance with the interests of the business.
    • User views – we focus on people, which means we use our UX, social media and business experience
    • Strategy – we think about the future, which is why we leave room for future changes.
    • Diversity – our solutions are clear and easy to understand for all stakeholders.
    • Testing – we use both manual and automatic testing
    • Expertise – our staff are senior experts in the field of online marketing with experience from projects of all sizes.

    Our Services In Czech Republic –

    SEO In Prague

    Within 6 months, we’ll get your website into TOP-10 based on the main relevant keywords, and bring thousands of customers from Prague

    SEO In Central Bohemian

    SEO in Central Bohemian is an interesting phenomenon both for the specialists in this field and for companies that consider entering the local market. Keep reading our today’s entry and find out which search engine is popular among Czech Internet users and what can affect your positions in the search results.

    SEO In South Bohemian

    ThatWare is a leading SEO services company in South Bohemia which get your business ranked NO.1 in Google. ThatWare provides an online marketing agency that employs tomorrow’s technology for today’s online success. 

    SEO In Karlovy Vary

    Every investment also deserves a profit over time, and hence the SEO optimization of websites in Karlovy Vary. We are here so that you do not have to wait any longer, but rather enjoy the traffic to the site and the purchase of products and services that your site may offer. Although our company ThatWare is not located in such a beautiful city as Karlovy Vary, our place of work is also here.

    SEO In Liberec

    A site without properly applied SEO services might as well be non-existent. Without SEO, a site is void of traffic. And without traffic, a site does not have conversions. The SEO experts at ThatWare, understand why SEO in Liberec is beneficial to companies, and that without an SEO strategy, any great website will fail.

    SEO In Pardubice

    Without good SEO services, a website could as well be non-existent. A website with no SEO will have no visitors. A website will not convert if it does not have traffic. ThatWare’s SEO professionals understand why SEO in Pardubice is essential to businesses and that any amazing website will fail without an SEO strategy.